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»  AUGUST UPDATES, 8/9/2018
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"hurricane murk, a category 5 hurricane, is on a direct path to mythril city. we have been told that she is prone to making messes that she is incapable of cleaning and having far too big ideas for her skill. what shall we do, madame president?"

the president looks wistfully off to the side for a moment, deep in thought.

"send in the cavalry." who? "valka. she'll know what to do."
- a real description of events that led to the making of the skins

hey guys!! it's murk, doing some actual staff work for once and here to give you guys the run-down on some updates we have. these are all fairly important, so please give them a read!
as you all have probably noticed by now, ct has a new skin! what you guys probably have not noticed is that ct has two new skins which are collectively known as skyfall. you should be able to see a skin selector either in your user cp or below the main forum, and so long as you are logged into the site you should have the ability to toggle between the two at will. please let us know if you guys see anything buggy or off about the skins -- we did out best to iron out all of the wrinkles in them but some things could have still gotten through. considering this was coded by me and patched up and painted pretty by valka, it's probably got some issues still meandering about somewhere. |D

we've finally added pronouns to mini profiles, so we'd appreciate it if you filled that in for at least your ooc accounts so everyone's pronouns become common knowledge!

a note from valka: it was a biiig pain trying to make the cboxes look good on both skins, so unfortunately the dark skin is gonna have a light themed cbox! hopefully you're all fine with the light colours for the dark skin! if not, just let me know and i'll work on it a bit more. o7
asiotus suggested a species idea a while ago that we have decided to intertwine within reaper lore. because of this the lore will be undergoing a complete rehaul and will be called soul guides with two sub-species: reapers and keepers. the lore isn't up quite yet but should be out within the next couple of days. we will ping you guys when it is, especially those of you with active reapers, but for now just keep this in mind!

on a lore update note: if you have any headcanons about the premade site species (vampires, werewolves, angels, demons, etc.) please let us know! we're more than open to hear anything you guys are tossing around and you never know -- they could end up canon. c':
again if you see any skin bugs, don't hesitate to reach out to us. we love you guys, we're infinitely grateful for all of the love you all continue to pour into this flowered up shack of a home, and not a day goes by where val and i aren't surprised further by how much this place means to everyone. sincerely from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

valka & murk

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