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years old 3 posts

here’s to three years of fuckery, hijinks, and a whole lotta love.

wow! can you believe it has been three years? some of you have been around since the very beginning and some of you have joined within the last month and we just gotta say: thank you! from the very bottom of our hearts. we love each and every one of you and without the lot of you guys this site wouldn’t even be half of what it was meant to be from the beginning.

which is to say, we will always be amazed at the longevity of this site. as always we appreciate any and all feedback you guys have to give no matter how large it would include. when we opened this site it never really existed outside of google docs and hypotheticals -- then val approached me asking if i’d be willing to do this crazy idea of hers surrounding ideas that we’ve privately rped before. when we opened this site we decided right then and there that no matter what we’d keep the site open so long as her and i were rping on it. if it was crazy unpopular then so be it- we wanted a place to make our plots and ships come to life and so far ct has fulfilled that dream and so much more. we’d never thought we would find so many kindred spirits, old friendships and new friendships alike. more importantly we never thought we’d be able to help create such a loving community between all of you. i’ve never been more proud of a site before and it makes me real emo to see how far we’ve come.

with all of that said we’d like to segue into an event for the anniversary.
for our third birthday we were thinking about doing a thread roulette except with a different spin than the usual. reply to this thread with the following code to sign up and you’ll be added to the pool. at 11:59 june 16th, which is when we will close the roulette sign-ups and start pairing members together semi-randomly. once you are paired together you will be given a prompt in any of the current on-site boards and you guys can proceed!

one thing that this event is specifically aimed at is to expanding our horizons. that being said: we’re going to be ensuring that most if not all of these threads will be with people you are not overly familiar with. for example, murk/valka threads are not going to be seen for this event. we’re encouraging for new relationships to be built with people and characters that otherwise would not know each other -- so think of this as a good chance to use random events to inspire long lasting plots!

these threads can last for as long as needed. the staff will not be force-closing any unless for activity reasons for clean-up.

the code

[blockquote][b]alias:[/b] username here. [b]characters:[/b] characters you’d like involved, tag them please! [b]highest amount of people in a thread:[/b] including yourself; 2 person threads would be you and another person, 3 person threads would be you and two other people; so on and so forth. remember: the more people involved, the longer it’ll go on for. [b]favorite thread cliche:[/b] be as creative or unoriginal as you want. n/a is an option.[/blockquote]

ct staff
PLAYED BY deliciousness
years old 1 posts
alias: murk
characters: zephira, ezrah mirzaei

highest amount of people in a thread: no more than 3.
favorite thread cliche: really love those random crime events where the characters gotta try to help out or being tasked to do a random favor for someone.

years old 0 posts
alias: jet
characters: honora zaghloul, jia bo ran

highest amount of people in a thread: 2/3 person threads (2 preferred, 3 also acceptable)
favorite thread cliche: coffee shop AU; I haven't had one on CT yet give it to me you cowards

years old 0 posts
alias: bear
characters: angel melo, rory robinson, lysander marlowe, alaska woods

highest amount of people in a thread: 2 preferred, 3 if posting order can be followed
favorite thread cliche: n/a
years old 1 posts
alias: ravyn
characters: kasper hunt, caerus frey, cinead maccailan
ezra suen
highest amount of people in a thread: 2 preferred! more than that and i'll get overwhelmed tbh
favorite thread cliche: corny blind dates please. i love them
years old 2 posts
alias: kimmy
characters: parker kingsley, thomas twain, frey mcconnell, graham coriander

highest amount of people in a thread: 3
favorite thread cliche: catch my ocs dramatically as they slip and fall. accidentally take each others phones and try to figure out who each person is. blind date where they think they gonna fuck but neither party actually wants to and have no idea how to explain this. buying a popsicle stick but its the last one so they split the thing in half.

art by nkim-doodles on tumblr <3
years old 0 posts
alias: grimsby
characters: adam von steinhof, emily goch, john ashenbrook, nadia jonas

highest amount of people in a thread: 3, probably, but 2 preferred
favorite thread cliche: "You picked the wrong hombre, partner."
years old 0 posts
alias: TACT
characters: kiri, lyra choi, maddox caeruleus

highest amount of people in a thread: 2 preferred, 3 at most!
favorite thread cliche: "i got super drunk and lost my keys so i had to break into my apartment, but i definitely broke into the wrong apartment and now you have a hungover stranger passed out on your couch"

years old 0 posts
alias: asiotus
characters: lola rivera, kiana meadows, miles van herten, esther read whoops thats a lot. dont gotta use all of them if you dont want

highest amount of people in a thread: 2-3
favorite thread cliche: idfk just put em between a rock and a hard place. doesnt matter what. awkward conversation? monsters trying to eat them? hit me with anything.
PLAYED BY myself
years old 0 posts
alias: vero
characters: azusa yumi

highest amount of people in a thread: 2 people; the highest i can go is up to four
favorite thread cliche: anything to do during late nights; sneaking at libraries, museums, late-night drives and 24/7 cafes. come at me
years old 1 posts
alias: shrek pie
characters: kalliope katsaros

highest amount of people in a thread: 2 or 3!
favorite thread cliche: "you're not supposed to be here!" "you're not supposed to be here either!"
PLAYED BY a meme
years old 3 posts
alias: mae
characters: jesus gomez charlotte glenn

highest amount of people in a thread: 2/3 (2 preferred)
favorite thread cliche: uHHHHh idk i like more lighthearted stuff instead of Harsh Dark (like literally everything else i have on site ngl) pls let me write jokes
PLAYED BY still Frey
years old 0 posts
alias: Frey
characters: suibhne schuyler haas ashe dermott voltaire mckenna kai solberg zhou xun (we're going all in, pray for me)

highest amount of people in a thread: 2 to 3
favorite thread cliche: honestly i have no idea oops (n/a)
PLAYED BY cosmo the spacedog
years old 0 posts
alias: kuroya.
characters: durandal roland + rima princeton + xeena rivaldi

highest amount of people in a thread: 2 preferred, 3 max.
favorite thread cliche: .... *sweats nervously at all my family reunion threads*

also as a note to staff, please feel free to nudge that rng away from super fast / new peeps (or flat out toss some of mine flat out on their asses tbeh) because uh. i'd hate to hold someone up over my slowness. my muse is garbage, i'm trying.

user posted image
years old 0 posts
alias: kafka
characters: meili, tang xinglong, andre iglesias

highest amount of people in a thread: 2 - 3
favorite thread cliche: some combination of cute and harrowing. go ahead and traumatize them \o/

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