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»  FEBRUARY UPDATES, new skin, staff retirement & premium?!
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you walk into castle chaos theory. it's been redecorated: gothic and flowery and purple. the throne - a deskchair - swings around to face you, rolling a few inches to the side. valka gives you double finger guns and a wink - "do you like what i've done with the place?"
-- excerpt from: the ct adventures, volume 69.

anyway, now that my dramatic moment is over with - hello chaos theory! we have a few small updates for you, as evidenced by this announcement thread, but they are pretty important so be sure to read this!
as you may have guessed, we have a new skin! our fifth skin for chaos theory is called all my love (shameless song plug) and it is, once again, a dark skin and purple. place your bets on whether we'll ever get a light skin.

if you spot any bugs with the skin, please let me know as soon as you can, either here or on discord. i actually coded half of this back in june, so there may be things that look off or don't quite work properly, but hopefully i've caught everything! on a similar note, if you need colours to be adjusted so you can see them better, please let me know!
unfortunately, ravyn will be retiring from staff in order to better focus on being a member of chaos theory - so yes, she will still be a member of the site! so please, continue to give her your love. she needs it like she needs air. but really, thanks for all the staff work you've done for ct, rav! <3
we now have premium jcink! this was actually brought up way back when we first moved to jcink, and was recently brought up again among staff, so - we went ahead with it! our jcink premium actually comes as a gift from kuroya, who bought it for her own site and has slots to spare, so she kindly offered premium to us! send all your thanks her way. <3

for those of you that don't know, jcink premium offers additional features that can be read about here! the feature you will be most interested in, however, is our newfound content freedom, which allows us to have mature content on the forum.

however, while we are allowed to have mature content, we want y'all to keep things tasteful and keep it at R or M as opposed to Adults Only. In short, if your thread has content beyond PG-13 or T, mark your thread with an [M] and surround any post detailing such content with a [restricted*] tag. Please keep things from going past R or M.

(some examples to illustrate the difference between the different content ratings are: league of legends, overwatch, halo, and final fantasy are T-rated, while dragon age, assassin's creed, dead by daylight, dishonored and the witcher 3 are M-rated. JCINK's faq further details what is considered mature.)

this explanation of what we will and won't allow has been added to the rules, so if you need a refresher, just head there!

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