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est. june 2015
travel to a city more wonderful and whimsical than you could ever imagine. as a haven for the supernatural, some several centuries old now, mythril city is filled to the brim with witches and creatures of all kinds. they live here in secret, content to make their own lives—yet in such a menagerie of creatures, it’s no surprise that there’s drama around every corner. chaos theory focuses on casual roleplay and member-driven plots, so come, join the chaos.


first opened as cherry city riot on june 12th 2015. reopened as chaos theory on june 11th 2016. forum conceptualised and led by valka and murk with inspiration from various tv shows and games. skinned by valka exclusively for chaos theory - do not rip or steal. banner art by swd3e2. icon macros come from fontawesome. customised code area made by nicole of shine. all characters, concepts and posts are intellectual property of their original creators and should not be stolen. theft will not be tolerated.

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 03. OPEN THREADS, post here to advertise your open thread!
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posted May 26 2016, 10:16 PM //
Got an open thread that you want people to join? Post it here! Give a short description of what’s happened in your post, any ideas you have for where the thread is headed, and how many people you’re comfortable having join.

Remember to delete your post here once you’ve had someone join it! Furthermore, if you have multiple threads with the same character please post them separately so you can easily delete the post!
years old 1 posts PLAYED BY thegrimlich PM
posted Jul 1 2017, 11:10 PM //
So Korueth is currently at the mall looking to get some shopping done and also (unbeknownst to xul) getting to meet people. Xu's currently in human guise, so if you could use "he/him/his" pronouns when referring to xul (unless xu's shown you xuv true form, so basically only Dr. Dr. Al there) that'd be great. Any number of people welcome, Korueth tries to be a people person when xu's playing Dr. Mannheim.
years old 0 posts PLAYED BY Your Goddamn Nightmares PM
posted Oct 13 2017, 08:40 PM //
day drunk, night drunk

i've been feeling old
i've been feeling cold

Hephaestus is having a drink at a seedy dive bar.
Join him?
years old 2 posts PLAYED BY thegrimlich PM
posted Nov 7 2017, 01:04 AM //
years old 0 posts PLAYED BY beck ! PM
posted Dec 6 2017, 11:01 PM //
yaboi brennan's sunbathing like the filthy fox he is. go bask with him

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