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 02. MODERATION, ooc sorting, thread archival & more
years old 3 posts PM

For anything you need from staff, all in one centralised area. There are no forms you need to fill out, but we expect you to give us all the information we need, such as a link to the application, any in character threads, account names, etc. Services we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Sorting ooc accounts. All you need to do is post here with your player account!

  • Application update requests. Please link to the application and tell us what you want to change; if you are updating the biography / powers, we ask that you fill out a new application and post it here so we can copy and paste it into the thread. If you are just updating the basics, just tell us what you want changed.

  • Face claim changes. Please link to the character's application, give us the new icon to put in, and tell us both the old and new face claims.

  • Thread archival. For if you complete a thread, or decide to drop one. Please link to the thread(s) you need archived.

  • Deleting accounts. If deleting a character account, please link to all their ic threads as well as their application.

  • Account reactivation. If your accounts have been made inactive through not posting for six months or being spared from an activity check, post here with a list of your accounts, what group they should be in, and we'll sort them again. If the account was made inactive due to no posts in the last six months, you must also link to proof of having made a post with your character.
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