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Here on Chaos Theory, we aim to create an inclusive, welcoming and fun community that acts as a safe space for everyone. To do that, we have regulations in place that must be read and upheld by everyone; though we’re laid back, we won’t hesitate to be strict if need be. Please note that we will know if you haven’t read our rules, so make sure you read.

  • Chaos Theory’s golden rule is respect. No bullying, no harassment, no hate, no drama, no stealing. Please be patient if staff or thread partners take a while to respond. If you are having problems with a member or have evidence of theft, please contact a member of staff. We’re willing to listen, we want to help but we aren’t mind readers.

  • Please register in all lowercase with your character’s preferred name ( first last for those from Western cultures, last first for those from Eastern cultures ). For example, if their full name is Montgomery Python but they prefer Monty, then register them as “monty python”.

  • We are one account per character and ooc accounts are required. Your ooc account needs to be sorted before you can link your character accounts to it. To prevent confusion, your ooc alias should not be the name of your character. For characters, please avoid duplicating names ( unless characters are related ) as same first names will get confusing. To check if a name is in use, please refer to the member directory. Register with the character's first and last name (you may do last first if you wish) - do not put their middle name(s) in their account name. Keep it to first name and last name. You may register them with just the first name if they only use that.

  • Role call activity checks are held every two months from the 1st to the 8th, just so we know who’s still around. Not posting in an activity check will lead to your deletion. Posting in a multiple activity checks without contributing anything to the site (such as posts) will net you a warning before deletion. We do not have post-based activity checks, however we do periodically check characters to make sure they have posted in the last six months. If not, they will be moved into the inactive member group.

  • If you will be absent for a while, please post in the absence board. We understand real life comes first, we just want to know so we don’t accidently delete you in an activity check. When posting, tag all your accounts, so we know which ones will be affected.
  • There is no character limit, but you must have five (5) in-character posts on your last character before making a new one. This does not apply to your first five characters, which are free, however we reserve the right to pend your sixth character if there are no posts on any of your first five characters.

  • We are an original site and ask for original characters. They can be inspired by canons, you may have fairy tale inspired characters, however we do not want a Cloud Strife, Izaya Orihara or Harry Potter. We’re not a canon/panfandom site.

  • We are open lore. You may submit new species, either inspired by real myths or completely made up by you, but you must follow canon already established by other members. Consult the species directory to see what lore has already been established. If you are making a character from a previously created species, please follow that lore (we will be checking).

  • We do not allow gods or other all powerful beings, nor will we allow characters to have directly interacted with gods. Furthermore, no character may know the Michael, Lucifer, Lilith, or any of the original archangels, archdemons, virtues and vices.

  • Our maximum character age is 6000 years old, though we prefer the majority be under 2000 years old. The maximum age includes reincarnation cycles and other possible loopholes. Please avoid making characters 6000 years or very close to it.

  • We understand this is fantasy but there should be some grounding of reality. No character is perfect, a teenager would not make a respectable surgeon, childhood prodigies are extremely rare, etc.

  • You cannot use real people for characters. Please don’t try to app Caesar, Churchill, Lady Gaga or any other person in real life, deceased or otherwise. Your characters could know these figures, so long as they are deceased (your character can’t be bff’s with Lady Gaga). However they should not have had an explicit effect on their life or on history in general. Your character did not inspire Shakespeare’s sonnet, they did not shoot Archduke Ferdinand. Such things should be no more than a rumor.

  • Face claims are mandatory, and must be illustrated in nature, such as anime/manga, comics and video games. Note that we do not accept original art, even if you drew the art yourself. Face claims must be from named and published sources.

    • Unless you are apping twins, triplets, etc, face claims cannot be used multiple times.

    • One face claim per character, no exceptions. If your character has alternate forms, then you may describe that form in their personal lore. Their face claim should be their most common/their main appearance.
  • No powerplay, metagaming or godmoding. You cannot kill another character without permission. You cannot control another character’s actions. Your character does not know everything you know. You cannot dodge every single bullet.

  • You are not allowed to roleplay until your character has been accepted. This includes IC threads, IC communication threads and IC game threads.

  • We are open to all levels of writers and have no word count, all we ask is somewhat coherent writing and something your partner can reply to.

  • You are free to make big, city-affecting plots. Go crazy, but please run them by staff first!

  • We do not have a battle system, but please be reasonable with your partner. Plotting is always good!

  • We operate in a time bubble; time passes and seasons change, but characters will not officially age (unless you want them to). We have a similar timeline to that of the real world, being technologically, culturally and politically somewhere in the mid-to-late 2010s. to avoid putting a number on it, we'll just say 201X. Liquid time is enabled.

  • CT is not premium, meaning we cannot allow 18+ content on site. Fade to black and timeskip when things start going that way, please.
  • Hover images are 200x300 and can be set in the profile area. If you can’t get ahold of one, feel free to ask in the cbox or post a request in a graphics shop. If you want to make it yourself, Pixlr is totally free and completely online.

  • Avatars are 100x100px and can be changed under the avatar page.

  • Signatures should be no larger than 650x250.

  • Do not use gifs for either your avatar or 200x300 pictures.

  • Please do not use imgur for your graphics as using their direct links goes against their terms of service. Alternatives include imgbox, nickpic, imgbb, and someimage.
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