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Hello and welcome to Chaos Theory! This guide should be your first stop after reading all of the required information. We will walk you through on how to get set up on CT so that you may get to RPing as soon as possible. If you have any questions feel free to send them into the cbox, but we recommend you read through this first as our information threads will more than likely answer them. We don't mind helping you out, but it tends to become tedious having to repeat what's already nearly explicitly said.
As with most sites, we have a handful of threads that are around to be sure that you're both interested in the site and are aware of what we expect of you as a member. Although there's a lot to read, we know it's too much to ask that all of it be read. That's why we'll tell you which ones that you need to read and in what order to make the most amount of sense.


The next step, naturally, would be to register your account on the site. The first account you should register is your OOC account - keep your username in lowercase and in the username field put in the name you want us to call you. Before you can move on however, you'll need to get your OOC account sorted - head on over to the moderation thread to get this done, otherwise you won't be able to link your character accounts to your OOC account!

After this, you're free to make your character account(s)! Their username should be the name they most commonly go by in all lowercase, but apart from that, there's no differences in filling out their profile. Once you've done this, it's time to link your accounts, so log back into your OOC account (it has to be sorted via the moderation thread remember!) and head to your USER CP. Click on EDIT SUB-ACCOUNTS, enter the login information for all the accounts you want to link up, and from there on out, switching accounts should only be two clicks away.
Making a character can be really stressful and confusing unless you break it down into steps. Before beginning, please check out the ENCOURAGED AND DISCOURAGED thread to see what we have a lot of and what we are asking for more of. If you happen to be stuck on character ideas, we definitely recommend you check out our WANTED ADS. If you want to see what other people have done, the member directory includes a list of all accepted characters complete with their age and species.

For the most part, the biography portion of your application is relatively easy to fill out. It's freeform, meaning that its creative liberties are up to the creator. Most tend to write out histories, as they help to show what formed the character and how the character was formed because of it - but a personality/history/misc breakdown is also very common. Really, all we ask is that you do not include anything history-changing (an example being that you cannot be Adolph Hitler or Leonardo da Vinci; you cannot have been the inspiration for the Mona Lisa. These things are set in stone) and that your character cannot be surpass our maximum age for characters, found in the rules. We also tend to shoot down most forms of interaction with gods, NPC or otherwise.

The second section of the application is the lore, and also the most common area of being pended on. For starters, all creators of a new species are required to post their lore in the LORE SUBMISSION board. This adds it to the directory and allows for other members to create more of that species if they so choose. Characters will not be reviewed until the species lore has been accepted, so it is recommended that you submit both at the same time - if your lore is good to go, the character will be accepted fairly quickly thereafter; if the lore is pended, then we will wait for you to make the needed changes to the character. Do remember to link the species lore in your application so that it ties your character to it - we will pend on this, so be sure it's included.

For more information on how to build lore, please refer to THE LORE SUBMISSION GUIDE.

If you happen to be pended, it's not a big deal! Due to our policy of doing pends over private messages, your pend will take place between you and one other staff member. That staff member's job is to make your character be the very best it can be, because honestly we want you to be able to RP as much as you do. Try to follow through what the staff member is asking of you and it'll be over as soon and as painless as possible.

If you play a wanted ad character, then the person who created the ad is more than likely going to be asked by the staff if your character is up to par. We ask them to review it with us, to check certain details, and for the most part make sure that your character remains true to what they're asking.
Really, after your character has been accepted, your free to do whatever you please! Some good places to begin, though, would be:
- Join an open thread (a list can be found here) or if none of the current ones fit what you're looking for, create your own (and post it in the listing).
- Create a plotter or post on plotters, because of course, you can't just expect to sit there and wait for stuff to come to you.
- If you haven't joined us in the cbox yet, please do!! We love talking to new members, and we also pretty frequently discuss plots and threads in the cbox, so that's a good place to go to get set up too.
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