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est. june 2015
travel to a city more wonderful and whimsical than you could ever imagine. as a haven for the supernatural, some several centuries old now, mythril city is filled to the brim with witches and creatures of all kinds. they live here in secret, content to make their own lives—yet in such a menagerie of creatures, it’s no surprise that there’s drama around every corner. chaos theory focuses on casual roleplay and member-driven plots, so come, join the chaos.


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 earthbound [c], ft. ace
years old 2 posts PLAYED BY raaaav PM
posted Aug 26 2017, 11:03 PM ( )
this was the night. his head was lowered as he stalked though the hellish prison that he called home. well, not so much home as somewhere he was stuck. a slow breath escaped the white-haired man, though in his form, he couldn't be considered. much preferring the form on two legs versus the four legged, white-furred figure that moved on with his mission. the other didn't know that he was escaping. that they were both escaping. but this was his plan, and the brunette that had come in hadn't a chance to speak with one that had fetched him. fangs gnashing together before he shouldered his way into the closed-off hall that would lead to the room.

he'd gone over the plan in his head a million times. he'd switch back to his human form, and try to explain in rushed tones. of course, he was sure it would come out rushed and messed up beyond comprehension. he took shuddering breath before he eyed the door. the hellhound knew the routine. a guard change would happened in five minutes, a two minute interval between the change, though enough time for him to get in and get the angel out. his eyes narrowed as the time counted down, though his presence wasn't noticed. roaming hellhounds were not unusual. but, the stark white fur was something usual.

the guard moved, heading down the hallway opposite of where he stood. he remained there, just for a moment before he trotted down the hall, a peek down the opposite way, before he shifted back to his human form, biting down hard to keep himself from yelping, before opening the door. the angel was there, though the shape he was did not look good. the white-haired hellspawn moved forwards, hands raising up as if to show he was unarmed.

"you don't know me, but i'm here to get you out." the words that would change their immediate future.

ace blackburn
years old 1 posts PLAYED BY sairri PM
posted Sep 13 2017, 02:02 AM ( )
Hell was exceedingly more orderly than he had imagined. Granted, life in hell wasn’t something that often found its way into ace’s daydreams, but from what he had heard from the elders, from what he had studied, and from what he had fought, he pictured little more than a maelstrom of fire, tumultuous and self destructive. Rather, hell was the bottom of an ice capped ocean and Ace found his body shivering even as his back hissed against the red hot wall.

The guard walked away every 25210 seconds, Not always, sometimes it took him a few seconds longer, sometimes a few shorter. When he did it was silent, save the moans of the other prisoners for 116 seconds, sometimes a few seconds longer, sometimes shorter, but regularly enough that Ace bothered lifting his head, wincing as his muscles groaned at the effort, when he heard footsteps only 15 seconds in.

He pained a wry smile as the man walked in, ready to feign more moxie but found himself caught off guard, taking half a second to register just what had just been said.

”Start with the wings.” He would have shifted them for emphasis, but they were already pinned behind him, held in place by iron as if her were a dead bird on display. There wasn’t time to question, with 116 seconds, there wasn’t time rescuer’s motives. Though something seemed different in the way this one carried himself. ”Hurry.”

demetrius flynn


years old 2 posts PLAYED BY raaaav PM
posted Sep 15 2017, 10:41 PM ( )
the brunette didn't have to tell him twice, the hellhound already was working on the bonds that held the angel. he wasn't leaving without the other. and he was leaving, he'd been planning this since hearing about the green-eyed heaven dweller, trapped in the confines of hell. the white-haired man could relate, feeling trapped. but there was a certain thrill about escaping. escaping with no name and no life skills, despite being over one hundred years old.

he lowered his head behind the other, sharp canines ripping through them, though it seemed they'd been worn down. had it been the angel, or had someone been trying to help him as well? he couldn't think about that, not right now. the wings brushed against his features as he pulled back, and for a moment, he hesitated. were feathers really that soft? was his fur suppose to be that soft? maybe that was just something from the outside, he'd never understand. his teeth clenched together before he finally pulled back.

hands unusually gentle, he tugged on the other's shoulders, the bindings coming undone with a grasping pull upon the others' body. "can you stand? we don't have a lot of time. you only have to stand long enough to get out of this room, and then you can ride on my back" of course, and odd thing to say. but the hellhound's canine form was larger than average, due to his unusual coloring and heritage. the nameless hounds that were all but soul less. but, he'd been a rare one. he'd had a soul, he's strived for the affections he'd seen various humans give each other on his missions.

he moved from the other, making sure he was able to stand on his own, before walking towards the door. the creaking sound was loud, though a look out the threshold told him no one was there. he stepped through the door, still in view of the door, before his form shifted, into that of the white hellhound that stories were told about, his eyes moving towards the angel, beckoning him to walk.

ace blackburn

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