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 before the storm — ❞, valka's r&d lab
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before the storm

hello! this is a development thread. there's nothing to see here. move along. it's fine. there's no gold here whatsoever.

page of contents

  1. playlist listing
  2. headcanon dump #1
  3. loukas hairstyles
  4. headcanon requests #1

to do list

  1. ffxiv au / character jobs
  2. ffxii au / character jobs
  3. rav hc req
  4. song analyses
  5. lorkhan songs

relevant development

  1. kester / loukas
  2. killian / artemis
  3. tyr / lorkhan
  4. lorkhan moodboard by mae ♥
coded by valka

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playlists marked with an asterisk need cleaning up.

cherry bomb, artemis *

primal finesse, loukas

get wicked, lorkhan

a fuckign joke, felyse *

hey there, demons, ryan

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PLAYED BY salt and vinegar

01. artemis has broken into thousands of residences in her life, and has found more than her fair share of serial killers' abodes. she swears she's found more serial killers than other infiltrators.

02. artemis is torn on whether she prefers long hair or short hair. when she does rock long hair, she sometimes puts it up into a faux bob like this.

03. loukas has a very distinct face. your chances of remembering him are pretty high. (though to be fair, the small face tattoos make it pretty easy to remember him.)

04. speaking of tattoos, loukas has all of the tattoos that his face claim, nyx ulric, has: a crow's foot on his right cheek, a line and dot under the corner of his left eye, a line on his ear, a line down the right side of his neck, a line around his right leg, a line around his left forearm, Yet Another Line down the middle finger of his left hand, and Guess What? Another Line down the forefinger of his right hand. non-fc tattoos include: something written in old norse on the side of his right thigh, and a tattoo similar to this.

05. artemis has the tattoo of an arrow on the side of her right hand, pointing at her pinky finger. she would be all about them 'white girl tattoos' because to her, they look cute and really, there's nothing wrong with them! she probably also has a watercolour tattoo somewhere, because those look cool. she's also considered getting a tiny little tattoo on her face - just like her dad - but she thinks it won't look good on her.

06. more tattoo headcanons: lorkhan has a tattoo on the side of his neck. i totally wasn't inspired by thancred from ffxiv.

(cw for abuse.)
07. loukas suffers from an amount of ptsd from his childhood. the trigger is shouting; when he hears shouting in the form of an argument, he feels a rush of anxiety and wants nothing more than to find somewhere to curl up and hide. sometimes, if the shouting is directing at him, he lashes out to defend himself, but usually he just takes it. the reason behind the ptsd is his father, who was all forms of abusive towards rhett for being "useless" and a bastard, and would get angry at loukas when loukas tried to defend rhett. eventually, when loukas was found out to be a dragon in his early twenties, he went from being idolised by the town to being seen as a monster, and his father became abusive and imprisoned him. this led to some amount of claustrophobia, but mostly it led to a fear of being alone.

08. when loukas doesn't feel good, he becomes a literal o(TヘTo) emoticon at kester and wants to be held.

09. quite often, artemis fucks up with her words. one time, she was getting pizza delivered to her house, and the delivery guy said, "enjoy your pizza!" and she responded with, "thanks, you too!" and so, after putting the pizza out of reach of her dog, she laid on the floor and contemplated her idiocy.

10. when artemis was a child, loukas would often call her "little nightingale" (if not "little bird") as a term of endearment. it's where she got her thief alias from.

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king of looking both viking and hipster ( click images for artists )

user posted image

top three

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top row: 1, 2
bottom row: 1, 3

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got requests from jet and kafka for headcanons regarding their characters, so - enjoy!! sorry it took a couple of days, i just needed to think of some Good Shit for you two c:

lorkhan & max

lorkhan's feelings towards max are very, very mixed. upon first sight of her, he assumed her just another angel. yet, after several interactons with her and learning more about her, he will realise that she is a lot like how he was before the fall. the realisation would both amuse and unnerve him simply because heaven never learns from its mistakes - not with lucifer, and not with lorkhan.

the fact that max is a lot like him would probably make lorkhan falter in response to his base desire and need to ruin everything. i feel like, after the initial encounters, lorkhan would grow distant from max, but also grow protective over her. she reminds him of herself, and his fate is not one he would wish upon anyone (not that he would ever admit it, because admitting such things is a reminder of the days when he was himself).

lorkhan & indra

lorkhan knows how addictive daeva blood be. in a sense, he's addicted to it himself, since it's just chaos in liquid form. as such, indra's addiction to daeva blood would fill lorkhan with absolute glee, because it means that indra would be easily bent to his will and can be used to carry out various tasks, ones that he doesn't want himself or avalon to be doing.

of course, that means if indra gets caught, lorkhan doesn't want to be associated with him. physical meetings would be far and few between, only to give indra his blood. mostly, lorkhan would keep in contact with indra via a psychic connection held in place by the growing chaos within indra, and the regular consumption of lorkhan's blood. this would let lorkhan visit indra whenever he wants, be it through dreams or psychic projections that only indra (and psychically attuned people) can see. invasions of privacy are likely.

(the sadist in lorkhan would make indra wait as long as possible between feedings, and even on those days that indra gets blood, lorkhan would tease indra a lot before finally giving it to him. the power dynamic would be such a turn on, if i'm honest.)

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