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 siblings reunited, w/ rory
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One man caught on a barbed wire fence, one man he resist…
Matt sighed, his hand reaching in to the bag of birdseed at his side. He still had no clue what to do with "days off" — and sadly, running around the park chasing birds was out of the question without a person around to act as his "owner". He'd spent a night in the pound, and that was the single most uncomfortable night he'd had in decades. Didn't help that the other dogs in there were clearly frightened and angry; it was just as unpleasant for them as it was for him, although in their cases most of them weren't too big for their cells. He'd still lodged a complaint with the city afterwards, of course.

So instead he was feeding the birds. Or, at least, he was trying to. Birdseed was scattered in front of him, but the only bird that had approached had been a particularly fearless pigeon, which had decided to just nab a couple seeds, fly up and pull his hair, and leave. He'd let out a growl at that one and very nearly barked, which would have just made him look insane. Sighing, he reached into the interior pocket of his jacket (god, but that had been a poor choice of clothing today, he was sweating like nobody's business) and pulled out the book he'd been reading. He'd been told it was a classic of modern literature, that it was a famous story that practically everyone knew. It was one of those cultural touchstones like half a million other books he'd never even heard about, but this one was apparently "necessary reading" according to the chief of security.

But honestly? This "Animal Farm" book wasn't making a lick of sense to him. Maybe he'd have to read it with someone who actually knew what was going on for it to make sense.
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what color remained in her already pale face must have left as she felt her stomach squirm, the park was more or less out of her way considering she lived in keystone and it was located in the suburban district of meadowside but she was here for the fresh air. the grass, the voices of others who walked through the area she was in, it was refreshing considering she was cramped up in a building for a little more than eight hours tending to children each day- something she didn't mind but something that made her crave fresh air and a day at the park.

however, she saw something- no, someone she wasn't expecting to see. she wasn't sure if this was her brother or not, she thought her family was dead except for some children roaming around who could call her a great-great-great-maybeanothergreat-aunt who she wouldn't know or have heard of, but the resemblance was uncanny to the point it almost made her sick. she knew she paled as if she had seen a ghost, and she could feel her stomach squirm with nerves, but she decided to sit down on the bench besides him although kept her distance by a bit.

"animal farm, huh?" her voice came out a little too shaky for her liking, it made her sound weak- her voice probably slightly deeper since the last time he saw her if this happened to be her brother. she had her doubts, still. she would have commented more but she didn't know if talking politics was such a bad thing. the ussr wasn't so great, specifically stalin, but it was under her belief that communism and socialism weren't too bad of a thing. she saw the protests and the workers rights movements in the 20's after she got back from the first world war. if it wasn't for the communists and the socialists, everyone would still be working twelve hour shifts for little pay and children would still have to labour in those damned factories where they'd loose fingers. so while she didn't align herself in any particular way, she had a soft spot for those who did align themselves as such.

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