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 03. OPEN THREADS, post here to advertise your open thread!
years old 3 posts PM
Got an open thread that you want people to join? Post it here! Give a short description of what’s happened in your post, any ideas you have for where the thread is headed, and how many people you’re comfortable having join.

Remember to delete your post here once you’ve had someone join it! Furthermore, if you have multiple threads with the same character please post them separately so you can easily delete the post!
years old 4 posts PM
PLAYED BY thegrimlich
So Korueth is currently at the mall looking to get some shopping done and also (unbeknownst to xul) getting to meet people. Xu's currently in human guise, so if you could use "he/him/his" pronouns when referring to xul (unless xu's shown you xuv true form, so basically only Dr. Dr. Al there) that'd be great. Any number of people welcome, Korueth tries to be a people person when xu's playing Dr. Mannheim.
years old 13 posts PM
PLAYED BY dynasty
Enzo's trying to wrangle himself a unicorn.
years old 0 posts PM
chris helsson
Wanna go to church? Then come check this open thread

~ Papa Chris would be waiting~
years old 0 posts PM
PLAYED BY a sleep deprived being
iofiel can be interrupted please
years old 16 posts PM
PLAYED BY dynasty
Only YOU can prevent forest fires.
years old 2 posts PM
PLAYED BY inquisitor
Anyone need a snack or a lap dance? Lemriel's working the Carnal scene.
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