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 magic's serenade,, plot w/ rav
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caerus frey
» the white glove owner and operator. caerus is soft-spoken and willing to help out those in need. he'll lend a shoulder, or place to stay, when one needs something.
» has a terrible time expressing himself when not working. he struggles for even the simplest words outside of his job, and with those he cares about the most.
» he was once a world traveling, after a few decades alone and unsure of himself. found his happiness when he was making others happy, and what better way than simply to listen to their words, while complimenting them back?
» caerus is part of the rather large frey family. his grandparents ( loukas frey & @[kalliope kastaros] ), mother ( artemis frey ) and uncle, ( apollo frey ), along with quite a few other relatives.
» while normally found around the white glove, caerus is known for wandering the local parks, or finding every little nook and cranny cafe he can find.
» he's very much infatuated with a certain white-haired werewolf named fae riordan. while he doesn't actually understand the feelings he has, he plans on keeping the werewolf relatively close to him.
65 years | escort | dragon
demetrius flynn
» an escapee from hell, demetrius, or as he much prefers, flynn, fled hell after aiding the escape of a heavenly being. he's currently in hiding, as he doesn't know if those in hell will come after him.
» confused about the human world, or rather, human society, as he grew up in a tight-knit pack that weren't tied to any one demon. they were bred for their unique white coat, though his breed were not able to be contracted.
» he grew up with no name, only given a name by the one he rescued. he doesn't really know how to respond to those that call upon him while he's out and about.
» talks to machines more than people. they don't talk back, but he feels as though they may give the best advice, in a way.
» despite growing up in hell, flynn has a thing for machines. he doesn't know why, but the first time he picked up a wrench, he knew he'd found his calling.
» when not found at the auto shop, he find himself wandering, exploring, though he's always guarded, and ready to run if needed.
195 years | mechanic | hellhound
fenix ambrose
» born to a single father, fenix thrived in quite a few aspects in her life. she grew up in the club her father and his brother created, club ambrose, and went on to join the band pantheon under the stage name aphrodite.
» with her father's recent death, she's returned from tour (and the band) to take over running the club her father put his heart and soul into. she runs it along side her cousin, miron sokolov, though only part time due to her cousin's injury.
» not a quiet person by any means, she's loud and proud and will kick your ass if you harm anyone in her close circle of friends.
» as mentioned before, fenix was once part of the band, pantheon. she first went on hiatus, before taking her leave from the band, though she does have a love for music and will jam out during the last night shifts when the club's slow.
» she was once engaged to apollo frey, and broke off the engagement when she found out about her father's passing. hasn't really come to terms with the whole thing, still has the ring, and still has some intense feelings towards him. might also be in love with her former manager, @[macen st james]
» not only was she raised by her father, but she also spent a lot of time with two other men, her godfathers; fenrir grimms & seirasam grimms. she loves them both very dearly.
» best friends with reide branwen, would fight anyone who hurts him.
» when not at the club, she's normally wandering, or finds herself at the police station to bother both reide and miron, or the local auto shop to pester lian qingyu about helping her repair a motorcycle.
26 years | club owner | demigod
krystian ramsey
» a victim of pain and suffering, a life that wasn't meant to continue. yet, he's lived on.
» the last surviving member of his family's line, the ayumu name is one that has always been rather well-know among the kitsune community. kyrstian himself has always rather disliked the limelight, instead slinking through the night and keeping to the shadows.
» he works primarily for pandora, as one of their high-ranking computer specialist, along with working as a hacker for the same organization. as a side job, he works as a youtube personality, under the guise if the name kitsune. his content is mostly geared towards video games, as he play without a face cam due to safety concerns.
» he's known kaias lennart since he was young, as his uncle, katsuo, asked her to look after him if he were to pass on. since then, he'd been a thorn in her side.
» he can normally be found in his apartment, holed up till it's dark enough he can move without anyone noticing, though he does frequent the pandora hq weekly for his reports.
» if he's not doing any of that, he is getting dragged about by his boo isa hawke despite either of them being unable to figure out their feelings for one another.
573 years | hacker | kitsune
mare rhydderich
» a rather interesting character, mare is someone who absolutely thrives being around others, and will do everything in her power be around others.
» born into the faeries' winter court, mare is someone who loves the cold as well, and has a hard enough time in the summer to not want to commit to laying across her ac vent.
» has a.. tendency to find herself with bedmates of all sorts. the result of one of her forays into he bedroom landed her into a position of an alliance between her own court, and the summer court. betrothed to the summer's eldest child, for sleeping with the younger.
» an author for a living, she writes as many stories as she can, though she does take into account most of those she comes into contact with. don't be surprised if a character that sounds similar to you crops up, with some obvious changes
» she hangs around the cafes for the most part, the best sort of people watching happens there, along with the fact that she simply loves coffee more than most beings.
91 years | author | faerie
cinead maccailan
» born and raised in ireland, cinead has always been a wanderer of sorts. she always thrived for more knowledge, and to meet more people and creatures.
» while her heart always remained within her home land, her powers were a bit... too much for her coven to handle. a sister coven took her in for a time, to which she met her closest, and longest friend, felyse de reyne.
» came to mythril about ten years back, under the tutelage of her mentor. they were the on that inspired her to open up the cauldron cafe, though your mentor had once been a member of the cauldron witches, a coven of every and all types of witches.
» she was once married, to the brother of her closest friend (even if he doesn't know), and has a child. the child remained with her ex-husband while she traveled around. she does keep in contact with them, and will send them any and all things they need.
» she's always had a familiar with her, and they've always been canine in nature. her current companion happens to be a red wolf named conri, the child of her last familiar. he's always by her side, and she cares for him more than anything.
» currently, she's unattached, having felt her last marriage ended in divorce, she doesn't believe she's meant for love. despite that, she'll soon be smitten (or rather, already is smitten) with a cute ghost hunter named andre iglesias
» cinead is normally found in the cauldron cafe, preparing herbs to sell, or helping the fledging witches that come to her for advice. when not there, she can be found at an abandoned house that homes her herbs, along with wandering the quieter streets of mythril.
35 years | cafe owner | witch
logan morse
» grew up close to the sea, before fleeing to it. despite his love for the ocean, logan's honestly terrified of it, ad the currents it can create.
» almost immediately born as an orphan, and was picked up by the hawke family when he was young. grew up along side killian hawke, became his second in command for a time, before becoming his third. worked mostly as a navigator.
» went wandering for a long time after killian left his ship in logan's care. though, logan had a hard time sailing without his brother. he keeps the boat hidden in a cove where he pays a witch to keep a cloak over said cove
» he wears his heart on his sleeve, and has a hard time expressing his emotions well. instead, he normally keeps them to himself, despite his features expressing every little thing he does, in fact, feel
» he'll often forget to eat, since he's taken a job at the museum as their lead curator for the art department. he'll go a couple days before actually eating something. that, or he passes out for a few days.
» he's pretty much married to his job, and has actually never had any sort of relationship, though i'm very curious to see what logan gets into!
» he's normally found at the museum, though the rare times he isn't attache to the museum, he's anywhere there's water for the most part.
332 years | curator | wyvern
raigan mannix
» the man your parents warned you about, a bonafide badass. or so, he'd like to think.
» while not having a certified "gang", raigan employs quit a rag tag group of people, running guns and drugs, though he's whole-handedly against the idea of creature trafficking, whether it be human, magical being, or animals.
» a bleeding heart, if he's honest with anyone (he's not). but, he's quite good at hiding this fact.
» was once a powerful mob boss in the heart of france, though he was run out by a force coming in. he's kept to his roots, though he doesn't feel secure enough to actually gather a group once more.
» a cursed werewolf, raigan was young and stupid and decided to mess with the old woman outside his village, which resulted in the curse. he's unable to consume meat of any kind, his body rejects anything that's considered meat or fish. his favorite thing to eat, though, is watermelon.
» he's emotionally unattached at the current moment, though he was once involved with fae riordan way back when he was a mob boss in france.
» he can be found in the most shady of places, and enjoys heading into any of the bars around mythril.
2546 years | bad boy | werewolf
kasper hunt
» the handed the worst hand as she grew up, but somehow has an optimistic outlook on life. she keeps smiling even if she doesn't have anything to smile for.
» having been abandoned and tosses aside multiple times in her life, kasper has a tendency to latch onto those that allow her to get close to them. she's a leech, what can she say?
» her family pretty much tossed her out after she was bitten by a werewolf, to which her pack took her in. it wasn't much better, honestly, as she was passed around with the pack members and used as their personal punching bag.
» picked up after a full moon by felyse de reyne and slated to join rhett ulrich's pack. she's unsure about the pack aspect, but she's thankful for someone's help while she figures out life.
» she dreamed of being dancer all her life, and self-taught herself up till this point. she does favor ballet in her spare time, but her primary dance happens to be exotic at the current moment.
» kasper frequents many bars and clubs when she's not working, always preferring to come out at night and sleep during the day. she suffers strongly from insomnia, and always needs to be doing something.
» her tentative end-game is spoken for, though she'll be with tang xuling for a period of time. she's a very affectionate person, and is known for cuddling with those she's comfortable with.
26 years | dancer | werewolf
ezra suen
» a demigod born from the union between her mother and the god loki, ezra's always had more of a trickster's personality, stemming from her father's own personality.
» a professional thief, and freelancer. need someone taken out? she's your girl. need something stolen from some stuffy asshole? also your girl. as long as you pay good, she's willing to do the work.
» has a thing for getting herself into dumb situations, and then calling upon loukas to bail her out. sometimes, she's dumb, but also blames her biological father for her mischief.
» adopted daughter of loukas frey, sister to apollo frey & artemis frey. despite the fact that both people loukas has been with are younger than she, she'll consider both of them her moms tbh.
» romance is not something she's ever had the pleasure of being apart of, though i'm not opposed to anything. pirate baby needs some love tbh.
» past friends from her ships days, or her former crew, as after leaving loukas' ship, she sailed under the name the dread pirate ezra, after her mother, on the waverider.
» can be found... most anywhere, really. sometimes at pandora to bug her dear sister, or the bars to drag apollo out. toss any ideas at her honestly!
549 years | thief | demigod
zuriel shepherd
» eternally tired over her mentor being exhausting, zuriel is a girl who's doesn't remember where she came from.
» she was taken in by ketak when she was barely young enough to remember a time before them. both her mentor and parent, she'd followed him since then.
» she works as a personal secretary for ketak at the radio station, making sure she's up to date and doesn't go overboard with.... things.
» all around, a quiet person. she doesn't like being the center of attention, and has a rather demure personality compared to those she's surrounded by. unfortunately for her, she tends to become more like a wall flower than anything.
» while zuri is a homebody, and enjoys spending as much time as she can at home, she does like walking around the parks, and finding the smallest if flower shops to add to her gardens.
» zuni's never, in all her years, been interested in romance. it's an odd thing, really. none the less, she's watched it happen over the years, and honestly? it's not in her books. though, in the end, her romance endgame is closed by a certain one-eyed shapeshifter named hyas metaxas
324 years | secretary | angel
» an archdemon once well-known among hell's hierarchy, tamashii's mentor was the main reason many knew his name. he, in fact, diverted from the norm for as long as he could.
» currently in hiding, tamashii had been the target of a sealing, after which he'd been shot down and struck with a curse that resulted in his healing factor being a snail's pace. in fact, he's still healing even now.
» he works as a radio host, along side his housemate and savior from before, ketak. while ketak is the brains of the operation, tamashii tries his best.
» he tends to stick to the house, or the bars that had a darker atmosphere. he likes hiding his face in most circumstances, and honestly, the eyepatch he wears covers most of his features.
» his heart has always belonged to one person, his contracted hellhound chiha. he cares for her more than life itself, and is slowly growing till he's strong enough to seek her out once more.
1690 years|radio host|archdemon
halcyon metaxas

» one half of a set of identical twins, you'd never know which was which unless you looked into their eyes.
» very close to his twin, hyas metaxas to the point he took a blow meant for him, causing him to become cursed into only being able to shape shift into a fox.
» grew up with arrakis paraskevi, mira vered & gerard hollande. he's v protective of them and quick to go after whoever bothers them too much. more so the first two rather than the latter.
» has been called sly, and has a cunning personality. perhaps why his form was required to shift into a fox versus other creatures.
» trained as a hitman after his unfortunate circumstances, and has been working from a shadow's perspective. he's plotting to come back and take his revenge against lux... eventually.
» has a thing for mirzam. absolutely adores him, but never really knew how to put it into words.
24 years | hitman | shapeshifter

» a maneki neko who got wrapped into living with an actual plant. somehow, he's kept up the charade of being a cat while her roommate has clearly... seen him.
» a soft boy, he's often mistaken for a female in his car form. frilly collar with a bell on it to match. though, he doesn't mind. actually, he enjoys the confusion on others' faces when he tells them his story.
» sleeps all day in caoimhe's house; leaves during the night to work at alejandro's as a bartender. he likes to live dangerous, tbh.
» accidentally revealed himself to caoimhe's roommate yue. somehow, the secret's still be kept.
» he sneaks food into the apartment. he keeps a stash in a sealed box in the alleyway below the apartment's balcony.
» in his cat form, caoimhe calls him zinnia. which is cute enough, he wears the collar with his name on it proudly on his wrist when he goes out.
» he's normally found at alejandro's when working, or carnal when not if he's not lounging around the apartment.
204 years | bartender | maneki neko
miron sokolov

» grew up in mythril, along side fenix ambrose. her older cousin from her father's side (obviously). his mother passed away shortly after he was born.
» father was a bit of an asshole, and as such, he was handed over to his uncle, only to grow up chasing after fenix. very protective of her, and the club.
» he works at mythril police department. formerly, he was a patrolman, though an accident that involved his cluster distracted them from a hit and run. the result was few broken ribs, a blow to the head with partial blindness in his left eye, along with some pretty bad ptsd. he's currently on desk work until he's cleared by the department's physician.
» was close to his cluster mate, mi-ran before she was killed. took her loss harder than usual and has taken a step back.
» met his current roommate and love of his life lian qingyu in college, before moving back to mythril and dragging him along. introduced him to his cousin then.
» his cluster includes lian qingyu, polaris & evi bedisa. they were once a cluster of five, but the loss of mi-ran brought them down to four.
» he can normally be found at the station, or club ambrose if not bugging qingyu at the autoshop.
29 years | detective | senseate
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hi ravyn! here's some plots

roam willis & mare rhydderich
you say mare is a prankster and i have to say that roam is a bit of a prankster too. she likes to tease people and isn't opposed to stealing from children when she gets particularly bored. she might say it's for her own research, as she does like to study the behavior of people and how they react to things, but really she likes to have some lighthearted from. maybe these two could prank people together, or each other.

briar brooks & cinead maccailan
ok so this one could be a little tricky considering briar literally eats people, but i think cinead could potentially take briar under her wing? so long as she remains ignorant of that fact at least. briar is 17 and homeless as hell so i wouldn't be surprised if she sympathizes with them. briar will occasionally take advantage of those who try to help them by eating them, but they mostly feed on the local homeless so that's not quite as likely. prolonged interactions could be pretty risky for both of them and could lead to a falling out between the two of them but i think that dynamic sounds super interesting?? it might be better for both of them if cinead provides smaller things for briar rather than letting them stay the night, but yeah, just a thought
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nora goldberg & cinead maccailan

ok, so nora's been witching for over a century and a half, learned some things, been living in mythril for about 16 years now, i can very easily see her & cinead having a bit of a thing (maybe nora knew her mentor, maybe nora was her mentor, idk) but either way i see them getting along, and i see her stopping by the cafe to just sort of chat. nora's not planning on joining any covens, but she's got mom instincts for days & she's a de fontaine witch, they're social butterflies on a whole 'nother level, magically speaking. i imagine that if nothing else they can quite easily mom together.
years old 0 posts PM
ravyn hiiiii!!!!

yue & krystian
yue has been in a coma for 300 years and recently woke up to a whole different world. maybe they can get into krystian's stuff, delete his codes, wreck his systems, and generally be a pain in the ass? idk, it just seemed appropriate to pair someone technologically savvy with someone who isnt

yue & raigan
accidentally drug the plant boy maybe c8 make yue do questionable things, be the bad influence onii-chan

musa & cinead
hi witch, meet witch who doesn't know he's a witch. musa recently just learned about his heritage and he's still drowning in the nile tbh, but he'll get there. he really needs to get his precognition powers under control because right now they're fucking up his life. he's very likely to think this whole thing is one big elaborate prank and the whole world is playing a joke on him, and be super frustrating in general. if cinead doesn't end up being his mentor, maybe she can try to point him in the right direction?

hamlet & demetrius
oKAY i know he's not done yet (or even started sOB) so details might change and we could hash this out in more detail later on if you're interested but I'm just sticking this in here so I don't forget. hamlet is gonna be either an archdemon or a knight of hell, who got bored w the position and instead of doing his demonly duties, he's screwing around on earth. I'm sure hamlet will at least know of demetrius (it's not every day that a hellhound runs off with an angel after all), so if they ever cross paths, hamlet will be sure to make himself a pain in demetrius' ass; less in the way of "I'm gonna drag you back to hell and ruin your life" but more like "hey make a pact w me bc I know you'll hate it." tBH I'm not 100% sure how pacts are formed (two party consent? consent from the poor helldoggy at least?) but hamlet would gladly be the annoying third wheel between demetrius and his angel friend

years old 0 posts PM
ravyn i am here w more plotssss

krystian & simon
why does everyone have asshole or otherwise kinda scary pandora agents?? no wonder simon is so damn polite. he doesnt know how to handle people face to face in normal social settings. krys can make him uncomfortable or something. also i'm literally kinda just shoving him at all the pandora agents.

raigan & the mutt
i can imagine the mutt being acquainted with raigan for the sole purpose of buying the occasional gun from him for some of his gang's less well-equipped gang members. luckily their turfs overlap quite a bit. they should find it pretty easy to stay in contact with each other.

years old 1 posts PM
yo i'm straight trash for taking 6 months to reply to this, but here goes!


roam w/ mare: dude i would love for mare to have prankster friends. like, please fuel her addiction to pranks and causing trouble for EVERYONE. maybe they end up pranking the same person, and like... come to a mutual agreement to make an even better prank???

briar w/ cinead: cinead would take anyone in no questions asked. her family is made up of people way too nice for their own good, and that was sorta mushed into her? i can def see them being a super interesting dynamic! esp if briar stays with cin for a long period of time, and cin becomes conflicted on how to do about it!

simon w/ krystian: ok but krys isn't that big of an asshole as much as he is a troublemaker. but he does get the work done despite goofing off. krys might make him uncomfortable at first, but he'd also adjust and make sure simon was okay!

the mutt w/ raigan: yes plz. raigan would def be interested in skull head here, but i can also see a good business agreement between them!


nora w/ cinead: can def seeing them interact before! i'm p sure i have it that her mentor passed away, but i also see them getting along!


yue w/ krystian: OH MY GOD THIS WOULD BE HILARIOUS. like, krys would be v upset about his machines being fucked with and i would love to see that happen honestly.

yue w/ raigan: ..... raigan would never do that honestly. he runs drugs, doesn't use them. though, maybe due got into some and raigan happened to come across them? because he's a bleeding heart that doesn't know how to say no.

musa w/ cinead: okay but musa is someone that cin would take in without a second thought. she grew up in various covens and has a ton more knowledge than she knows what to do with. let cin mother everyone tbh.

hamlet w/ flynn: alright we already discussed them, so just to run down: ham loves torturing flynn by being around him, tho if it helps keep him from being dragged to hell, he'll probably go for it

years old 1 posts PM

added in a couple new characters, along with updated everyone's information!
years old 3 posts PM
pak ma-ri & cinead maccailan : Hello! So I'm not very good at plotting as we all know but! Ma-ri is a lil witch that rolled into Mythril like a year and some change ago. She is cursed by her mother not to be able to utter anything really about her family or who her real identity is, and was given a new name by her mother before she booted her for being the ULTIMATE DISAPPOINTMENT and stain on the family only through her mother's own mistakes. Stings a fuck ton and her mother kind of...treated her like shit and belittled her a lot growing up so it's made Ma-ri a bit of a bundle of awkward nerves. I imagine she has gotten better having since made some friends in the coven.

So! Let's talk about that. Maybe Ma-ri came around to the cafe looking for a job and when Cinead got her talking and realized Ma-ri was an actual gifted witch she extended invitation to the coven? Ma-ri might have been a little...worried about accepting because she probably and honestly didn't think she could offer up much to them but maybe Cinaed convinced her and that is how she came to be apart of it? And now that she is she is very thankful, always helps in anything she can and probably likes to work hard on her skills to prove to Cinaed she hadn't made a mistake in paying her kindness...even if Cinead doesn't think she needs to, that is simply who Ma-ri is and how broken she is a bit. She'd probably look up to her a lot.

years old 1 posts PM
michi !
cin & ma-ri: cinead's very motherly, so i have no doubts that she'd take ma-ri under he wing, though she'd also give ma-ri enough space so as to not overwhelm her! she's naturally a nurturer, and always loves helping others! she tries to meet every new member of the coven, as her mentor was one of the founding members! she does specialize in earth and herb magics, so she'd for sure be game for helping ma-ri learn in that aspect! ma-ri definitely wouldn't need to repay cinead, though she would make sure ma-ri was comfortable as she can be!

also, another quick update for HALCYON, ASLAN and MIRON. they're wips, but i love pre-plotting things!!
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