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 the kindness you showed me, ft. rory
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After the complete mess that had been his old school, Janus' family had moved elsewhere. And it was just as well for them, of course, considering thing Janus didn't quite know, but there were still some issues with his education. Namely, gym class, or physical education as the teacher so often corrected them. Whatever, it was still gym class.

It wasn't that they didn't allow him in the boy's locker room, either, and it was cool that they completely acknowledged him as a boy. As far as he knew, none of the teachers here had any strange prejudices against him.

But, back to the aforementioned issues. They wanted him to take off his binder for gym class. He refused. Simple as that. After a few weeks of this, they'd sent him over to the nurse's office for the even younger kids, which irked him slightly. Was the high school nurse not qualified enough? Why were they even a school nurse, then, if they weren't qualified enough for this?

He sighed and knocked on the door lightly, twisting the handle and opening it up. "Hello?"

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it had been, for once, a rather slow day. two kids came in that morning who lost some baby teeth in some sort of childish playground fight, and then the kids around lunch who came in for medicine or to brush their teeth because of their braces. no sicknesses, no fevers, nothing out of the unusual. it left her able to do some paperwork on the kids, mostly recording that the ones who took medicine did in fact take it while finishing up the summaries she had to write for the principle detailing the aftermath of the fight earlier so he could decide if he wanted any further action than a scolding. rory didn't think it was necessary, she didn't see any bruises, just lost teeth which had already been loose in the first place, but she did as she was told.

the knock, followed by the door opening and a 'hello?' had jerked her away from her work, looking up at the young man who appeared like he was sent down from the high school up the hill. that happened rarely, as she was a qualified doctor with a medical degree unlike the high school nurse who only had a nursing license and therefore some things the other nurse just couldn't handle or didn't know too much about.

maybe an eighth grader? but she doubted it, seemed slightly too old for that grade level. putting down her pen and turning her full attention towards him, just as she would with every student that came in, not leaving her chair though because it seemed that he wasn't injured. that made her rather curious about his visit.

"what is your name, grade, and what seems to be the issue?" she wanted to make sure her guess was right, that he was a high school student, otherwise she'd have to find his file later to mark down what he came in for and if he took any medication.

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