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 selkies, by hoot
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SELKIESCREATED BY hootMEMBER GROUP: fabled.NATURAL LIFE SPAN: 150-200 years.Upon further exploration of the supernatural, the Selkies of folklore were discovered to be more expansive than first thought. As creatures of the sea that wear coats that make their true form, they exist not only as seals, but sea lions, walruses, otters, and platypuses. They are famously relaxed in nature, enjoy seafood, and lounging in a big pile with their loved ones. Living in locations based on the origin of their species, Selkies are extremely family-orientated and traditionally live in closed communities of their own kind, maintaining as little contact as possible with outsiders due to poaching concerns. Dependent upon the species of the Selkie, their human form heights and weights have great variety. Within their skins, however, the smaller species (otters & platypuses) are much larger than their wild compadres, and so, easier to spot in the wild.POWERSSelkie Skin: In order to transition between marine and human forms, every selkie is born in a skin that grows with them. These come in various forms, relative to their species, and can adapt to resemble human clothing in order to aid disguise. For example, Sea lions may have a wetsuit or leather jacket, grey seals a fur coat, etc. These skins can be taken, whether carved from a dead Selkie in marine form or stolen whilst in human form, and have considerable market value in their native form for 'medicine', collectors, and fur traders.. This can only be acheived when the skin is away from its owner for a considerable amount of time, or if the owner is dead. Selkies know when clothing is a skin or made of skin from any species under their umbrella, and will do their best to return it to the sea if r/selkiesearch isn't lamenting lost skins. It's said that wearing clothing made from selkie skin has odd effects, but no-one knows for sure.Physical capabilities: In human form, their physical condition is natural, though usually that of a very fit human due to their marine activity, and very acute (low-tier supernatural) hearing. In their skins, however, their finesse is incredible in water, with speeds comparable to motorised boats. Whilst in their skin, they cannot speak any human language, and converse easily with their wild counterparts.WEAKNESSESSelkies are mortal in their vulnerabilities, including disease. They are unfortunately susceptible to poaching as they are not natural fighters (especially in human form).
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