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 coffee & cigarettes, ft. big boy
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posted Oct 12 2017, 01:28 AM ( )
It had taken a couple of days and more than a few fistfights, but Fenrir had gotten a name, finally. Camira. The newest Archdemon of Hell. He should've known, in hindsight - he and Seirasam were a remarkably successful team, and Sei had been eyeing the Archdemon position for as long as Fen had known him. Without his hellhound, the demon was vulnerable, and the position would be ripe for the taking if he was removed. Of course the person now in that position would be the one who killed him.

So, he had his answer. He knew where she lived. All that remained was the question: what would he do about it?

Fenrir thought of Fenix, of Teo. The spaces in the back of his heart and the back of his mind where Seirasam used to be.

He thought he wanted some coffee.

Tired feet, bloodied knuckles, a bruise blooming across his right cheekbone, Fenrir dragged himself to A Likely Story. He'd been without Bigby's coffee for six months, and if he was going to be walking to his death at Camira's hands, he wanted good fucking coffee before he did it.

They'd never spoken, outside of a grunt of a greeting and latte, please. Fenrir still found it comforting, somehow, to exist in the space of a man he'd idealized for so long. He was a legend in hellhound circles - craved, venerated, exalted, and he'd turned his back on the whole thing. Fen wished he could do the same.

The bell to the shop tinkled when he entered. He went straight to the cafe, ignoring people's sidelong looks at his battered appearance, and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Bigby's massive frame. He stepped up to the counter.

"Afternoon," he said, before he caught himself. Idly he scratched at his days-old stubble. He started to ask for a latte, then stopped. He made eye contact with Bigby for the first time, possibly ever. "I... don't know what I want."

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posted Oct 12 2017, 11:36 AM ( )
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it's been a long day. at least three customers had spilled their drinks all over the floor, and with only himself there today, it had been a mess and a half to deal with.

there were days, especially like this one, where his choices gave him pause. why had he picked such a mundane pastime? why had he turned his back on an entire lifestyle that had very well suited him, if not for the nagging little subservience that didn't quite sit right. why did the autumn season ring with it this incessant need for cinnamon, of all things?

there's a rhyme and a reason, he's certain, behind all the things he's done in his life. the weighted measure of his words, of his actions, those all made sense to him. but sometimes, when he had to wear two jackets, even despite his bulky frame, to hide from the cold of this earth, he wonders why he misses the hellfire like he does. hell's a shit place, one hell of a hell, alright. there were a few demons that had made it their business to come and mock him, his presence something to smirk at. he'd never considered the fact that he was the bigby. he was just bigby, as far as he had any reason to care for. just the barista at a likely story, just the guy that always grabbed something sweet on his way home from work.

just the hellhound with a reputation that stretched almost as far as the list of his accomplishments. just the one without a master, some seven hundred years strong now. he's mid-thought, all jumbled up and contemplative on this shitshow of a tuesday-- or was it wednesday?-- when the bell at the door twinkles to life, and searching eyes are blinking pensively up at the figure skulking their way across the divide.

this one is named fenrir. he's a habit, despite everyone's assumption that he didn't care, to memorize all the people that are regulars. especially, he might add, the ones from hell. even with muted senses and a body all laid out for the wrong processes, he can smell something far-removed on their coats, in their hair. like every time they shift they're smothered up in hellfire, reminding him of a place he hasn't visited in centuries. it's a heady smell, one the humans all insist is fire and brimstone, but it's something deep. it's almost as familiar as the smell of coffee is, now.

this one hasn't been around in months, now, time drawing out the silences that had filled their 'conversations.' there's a few hellhounds, just like the demons, but they come to stare, to whisper, to relish in his presence. he doesn't understand that, not much at all, but if it makes them happy, and if they're paying him to do it, he doesn't rightfully care at all. "afternoon." he intones, and bigby nods his greeting just as he always does. there's something different, as the moments drag into a minute and then some. it's different like the bruise or the uncomfortable stubble he sports, or the way his body language screams like something's eating him up. "i... don't know what i want." comes the reply, finally, and bigby can't help the snort that that rings out of him.

what a life he lived, to be seeing revolution and evolution in the way a man ordered his coffee. he can already feel the uncomfortable weight in his throat, mouth parting even as he steeled himself to have to speak for the first time in hours. "sweet or bitter." he more states than asks, even if it's meant as a question. and when that's not answered as quickly as he'd like, he steamrolls along, expression never betraying his own distaste at having to speak. "seasonal is in stock. cinnamon, eggnog if you ask nicely." bigby's not ashamed to admit he's already bought the eggnog that's been ever-so-kindly slipped onto the local market's shelves, and certainly not any more ashamed to admit he'd brought it in and had been making drinks for himself since his shift started. to think, all those hundreds of years ago, the angry pup would become an old man, more keen on eggnog than serving his society.

fenrir grimms

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posted Oct 14 2017, 01:29 AM ( )
Unsure of what he'd been expecting but surprised nonetheless, Fenrir blinks owlishly at the man and his not-a-question question. It takes him a moment to fumble up a response, and by the time he does, Bigby's already barreled along.

They haven't exchanged more than a dozen words in all the time Fenrir's been coming to him. He's a little dumbfounded. It almost makes him smile. "You never have been a slouch with the seasonals," he mumbles. Sweet and creamy has always been a soft spot for him, though he isn't certain if he's always liked it or if he's just gotten so much ice cream with Teo that his taste buds have permanently adjusted. "I'll have the eggnog." He catches himself. "Please."

Peering around the rest of the cafe, he notices the ratio of customers to employees is unusually disproportionate. Bigby's expression is as stony and dispassionate as ever, but Fenrir has a sudden, visceral desire to do something productive for once in his fucking life, and before he really fully realizes that he's speaking he's asking, "Do you- want a hand?"

It's not that mopping and counting change are appealing tasks, really. He just - he's fucking tired. Gods, he's tired. He might be following Seirasam to the grave and he's having a hard time figuring out if he doesn't want to die or if he doesn't want to want to die, and a little banality in the presence of someone so solid sounds infinitely fucking appealing.

The problem, he thinks, is that he's acting on his own. The master is dead and the other soul attached to his own is gone from this world and he has no one and nothing telling him what to do. Just his own blind loyalty. Self-destructive tendencies. He implodes without direction; he chafes against command but inherently needs someone to obey.

"It's weird, I guess," he says, cursing his careening thoughts. "I can't make coffee. I could clean, though." The stubble is itchy. When he looks at his hands he notices bits of flesh stuck under his nails. "If you want."

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posted Oct 14 2017, 12:38 PM ( )
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there's a sense of familiarity drifting between them, and he's not too sure of how to deal with it. it's not as though he's never held acquaintances from hell, not quite, but there's always those that claim a piece of him whether he wants them to or not. were he a lesser man, perhaps he'd call them greedy, rebel against their wants and needs and shove the whole world away.

but he feels it, in his bones, the years catching up with him, that little whisper of you don't have much time left that wakes him with a cold sweat. there's no point in selfishness, not when he's amused at the way fenrir remembers his affection for the seasonal flavors, not when there's that ghostly look that anyone gets when they face down death masked across his usually pleasant face. no, selfishness will do him no good, nor do either of them any good.

there are fever dreams, sometimes, that he gets on rough nights, when he remembers too much of the burning embrace of a demon near him, when his subconscious betrays him and wonders what if. but looking down across the counter at the other hellhound, he's reminded once more why he chose this path, chose loneliness and resolute autonomy. they're all aware, sometimes, when a demon passes. it's not so much a heralded event, even among the number such as bigby that scorn the whole lot, but rather a solemn affair. those that tie themselves to demons know the loneliness that nips at their heels and draws their thoughts to the grave.

"i'll have the eggnog." the other man finally asks, before reminding his manners and tacking on a harried "please." that makes bigby feel all the better for it. he's moving through the motions, cracking a knuckle idly as the fridge drifts shut behind him and a cup is set out to start pouring, when fenrir speaks up again, drawing his attention back across the divide that sits between them. "do you- want a hand?" fenrir asks, almost as taken aback by his own suggestion as bigby. the only answer, for a time, is the arch of a brow, gaze sliding easily from those hunched shoulders across to the cafe. enough of the customers have stumbled off into the book store itself, and there's no line queuing up behind fenrir, but there was still the matter of the spill from earlier... his thoughts are cut off as fenrir continues, babbling.

"it's weird, i guess." he starts, causing bigby to arch his brow once more, an invitation to continue. "i can't make coffee. i could clean, though." all comes tumbling out, and he's not unaware of the twitching of the corner of his mouth, ticking upwards in an almost imperceptible attempt at a smile. there's not so much warmth there, or nostalgia, or familiarity, but it's the simple admittance that makes bigby pause. "mop's in closet." he finally adds, once fenrir's gone silent all over again, thumb jerking over his shoulder toward the closed door on the other end of the cafe. he knows all about needing something to keep you busy, when the energy and the thoughts piled up into a cacophony of sound and grief and worry. it was easy enough to relegate tasks, if only to help the other. "trade you coffee for the mop when you're done." it's the most he's said all day, this entire conversation piling up on his conscience, before his thoughts and fenrir's presence are swept away by the need to finish said drink, fingers lingering over the spices and contemplating exactly what to put into it.

fenrir grimms

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