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est. june 2015
travel to a city more wonderful and whimsical than you could ever imagine. as a haven for the supernatural, some several centuries old now, mythril city is filled to the brim with witches and creatures of all kinds. they live here in secret, content to make their own lives—yet in such a menagerie of creatures, it’s no surprise that there’s drama around every corner. chaos theory focuses on casual roleplay and member-driven plots, so come, join the chaos.


first opened as cherry city riot on june 12th 2015. reopened as chaos theory on june 11th 2016. forum conceptualised and led by valka and murk with inspiration from various tv shows and games. skinned by valka exclusively for chaos theory - do not rip or steal. banner art by swd3e2. icon macros come from fontawesome. customised code area made by nicole of shine. all characters, concepts and posts are intellectual property of their original creators and should not be stolen. theft will not be tolerated.

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 Ye Of So Little Faith [TW], Frey
years old 3 posts PLAYED BY dynasty PM
posted Dec 22 2017, 09:19 PM //

For a week, Lydia had drifted aimlessly on the edge of the world. Each night, as she curled up beneath the foreign sky, the moon crept closer to its monthly sentencing. As the darkness around her filled with light, her once bright soul grew darker. As it sunk into shadow, a plan began to form.

Then, someone told her of this place.

That was why she was here on the full moon’s eve. Her hair freshly brushed, and her bagged armor donned and polished. Beneath her freshly-refreshed appearance her heart pounded. The heart that, under any other circumstance, would find her next actions cowardly.

Her feet hesitated, poised on a rotted railroad tress. She swallowed. Bright, tear-stained eyes lifted towards the still bright sky. Can I truly leave this world behind knowing so little of it? Tongue prodded her teeth, remembering the taste of iron and gore upon them. With a distressed noise, nails dug harshly into her opposite hand. No! I shall not fall to this beast’s rage again! I will not endanger another!

The pain lent her clarity. The texture of her scar, determination.

Around her, the forest buzzed with life. Big-breasted robins hoped nimbly from branch to branch, pecking at the bareness of winter. In the distance, a stag searched desperately for any remnants of summertime’s bounty. And yet, Lydia saw none of these things. Instead, blinded all but physically, she saw nothing but the rusted remnants of a railroad bridge ahead. It is time, Lydia. You are as dangerous to this world as that of your family. Do not allow Fenrir to lead you astray!

Thunk! Greaves thudded upon the oaken and steel bridge. For a moment, she paused to wonder anew at the structure’s purpose. It is fitting that I may meet my end upon the tracks of this great beast. A muscular hand lifted to grip a dilapidated rail tightly. Slowly, she began to tiptoe her way to the bridge’s center.

Beneath her feet, unused to such intrusion, the rusted girders moaned. The cries those of industrious souls lost. < br>
But, now it was the tow-headed woman’s turn to cry. She lifted shaky hands to prey, feet teetering on the edge of the bridge. Odin guide my soul to Valhalla. For, I fight harder than you know. Dropping her hands to her side, stroking her scarf for what might be the final time, she released the railing.

Her feet teetered on the edge.

And, yet, the young werewolf hesitated.

Tagged: ashe dermott
years old 9 posts PLAYED BY Frey PM
posted Dec 24 2017, 03:28 PM //

Although he did not often have reason to venture outside of Mythril, every now and then Ashe liked to grab the dogs and head for one of the many nature trails that wove through the wilds. Give them a chance to really stretch their legs, get some fresh air, that sort of thing. Getting out there was a bit of a hassle sometimes, with how few roads there were, but the trips were always worth the effort, hands down.

Scenery wasn’t bad, either. Plenty of trees and wildlife, a couple of natural landmarks… There was even an old train track they passed a lot on the way to one of the trailheads, and the forest there thinned out for a pretty fantastic view of the valley below. The car was just coming up on it now, actually.

But as the last line of trees fell away, it wasn’t the bridge or the valley below that caught Ashe’s eye. Somebody was out there, in some kind of armor that gleamed in the sunlight. She had her back to him, and from what he could see, she was far, far too close to the edge of the track.

“Oh fuck—!”

The car ground to a sudden stop, jostling the dogs a bit from their places with their heads out the windows. Muttering an apology, the redhead practically fell out of the vehicle, just barely lingering long enough to shut the door behind him before sprinting for the bridge.

Shit shit shit! The woman teetered near the edge, but hadn’t jumped yet, caught by hesitation. For that, Ashe thanked whatever gods might have been listening. And despite every instinct that told him not to, he slowed down as he neared. Didn’t want to startle her into a fall, especially not before he was close enough to do anything about it.

Rotting wood and rusting metal groaned beneath him as he edged ever forward. One step, two steps… The pace was achingly slow in that moment, but he wasn’t going to do anyone any good if he tripped and ate shit.

“Hey,” he called. Just a little bit closer… Act natural. Nice and easy… “Nice, uh… nice view, huh?” It occurred to him that he really had no idea what he was doing here. He wasn’t a police officer, wasn’t a counselor… wasn’t anything, really. “Can get a look at the whole valley from up here…”

lydia magnusson
years old 3 posts PLAYED BY dynasty PM
posted Dec 30 2017, 01:18 AM //

She did not know how long she stood frozen above the ravine. When one faced Hel herself, time became a meaningless farce. Little meaningless ticks upon a god’s pocket watch. And yet, she knew more ticks passed by than she had originally intended. What had been a pause for prayer had twisted into one of prolonged hesitation.

Mother’s smile flashed inside her mind. Her father’s ever-bountiful laughter. The memories of a Valhallan sunrise brushed her cheeks. But she knew it for what it was: the beast’s trickery. She would not be swayed by magic tricks and siren song.

Refusing to die a coward’s death, eyes closed to the injustices of the world, Lydia opened her eyes and stared defiantly into the forest. The abyss stared back. The dark and unforgiving certainty of death. As the wind let out a wolfish cackle, her knees threatened to buckle beneath her. Fingers curled into petite fists, sheer stubbornness driving her arms upward and away from the handholds they so desperately sought.  No! I shall do my duty and rid the world of this unholy beast!!

With a vicious, almost wolfish smile, she allowed muscular knees to bend. Bright eyes fixed on the forest below, seeing all and none of it. May mother forgive me, All-Father. I know she would not understand. Someone responded. In her self-absorbed confusion, her lips formed a single word, a question. “Odin?” Curiosity drove her to pivot on one foot, the other sending her off balance as hands reached desperately for a pillar of steel. What does the All-Father wish to say? As she realized her mistake, her face clouded with an illegible expression. Suspicion. Embarrassment. Her face finally settled into its default: a thoughtless frown.

To subject this civilian to the sight of a broken corpse would be unbefitting of a Valkyrie. Her appointment with Hel must wait.

Voice guarded, Lydia turned towards the ginger-haired man. His question drew her gaze back to the valley below, its beauty laid bare to once-blinded eyes. It is a trick, nothing more! That beast shall do anything to live another moon! A sigh. “It is certainly not the ugliest place mine eyes have seen.” Though her voice spoke of winter’s cold, her eyes spoke of pain.  "I trust you did not come to wheedle thine time with pointless observations.”

Tagged: ashe dermott
years old 9 posts PLAYED BY Frey PM
posted Jan 2 2018, 11:24 AM //
Ashe felt his heart stop in that moment, as the woman lurched, then spun, then stumbled. He’d delayed a jump, but in his timing may very well have initiated a fall instead. His breath caught in his throat, and muscles bunched in preparation to leap after her if he had to. The landing wouldn’t be pretty, but maybe he could catch them on a tree branch or—

She caught herself. Thank gods… Half wheezing out a relieved breath, Ashe slowed his briefly frantic pace to the previous walk it had been, until he reached the railing nearby. The woman was frowning at him, probably unhappy for the interruption, but he was fine with that. He’d gotten her to stop and talk. To his eyes, that seemed like progress enough. Now he just had to keep it moving.

“If you ask me, it’s one of the best little vistas, at least around here.” This one… talked funny. Well, not funny exactly, but her language was of a sort that he hadn’t heard in a very long time. At the back of his mind, he wondered where she’d picked that up.

Ashe smiled, soft and warm. “Well, not only to waste time, anyway. I did come out to talk to you, though. Seemed like you could use the company.” A hand extended toward her, not to grab but to greet. “Name’s Ashe, by the way. Yours?”

lydia magnusson
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