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 griffins, by zaa
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Griffins, or variants, are mentioned in lore across the world and most of these accounts hold some truth with them. Their true origins are relatively muddy, but they’ve taken to nesting all across the world, wherever there are riches to be found. Their original purpose is unknown, but it’s believed they were originally created as figures of protection due to their tendency to act as guards, whether it be for treasure or a human that has won their favor. This purpose still holds true for the most part, griffins are extremely protective of things they covet, and they defend both their expansive territories and their treasures with their lives.

Griffins are prized guardians, and while they are stubborn and ferocious by nature there are humans that have won their favor with their bravery or kindness, griffins are honorable creatures and will keep their word even if it kills them. A spoken promise to a griffin is very literally shackles they bind themselves with, and therefore they are very selective in who they promise their protection to. That being said, there are humans who have taken griffins prisoner and forced them into protective roles even against their will.

Ferocious when they need to be, griffins rarely seek to cause trouble without cause. That being said, a griffin that feels cornered, or feels that their charge is at risk -- whether it be their dwelling, treasure, or someone they’ve decided to protect -- they will attack with an almost unmatched ferocity and eliminate the threat.

While there are some noted differences between griffins depending on region -- namely size and coloration -- griffins all share a similar physique. Their hindquarters are of that of a lion with clawed paws, while their upper body is that of an eagle with razor sharp talons and a beak to boot. Almost all griffins are winged beings, though there have been sightings of “regular” griffins without wings. Whether this is an evolutionary by-product or a strange mutation is unknown. Griffins vary in size, ranging from the size of a lion to that of a clydesdale horse, the larger half having incredible wingspans. Their hearing is excellent due to their large pointed ears. Colors vary from individual to individual.

Most griffins take to nesting high in the mountains, far out of human reach. While they are solitary beings, they mate for life and once a partner is found the two will remain together until death parts them. It is very rare for a griffin to find a new mate after its partner dies, but not unheard of. Griffins lay eggs, two at most and both parents take turns guarding the nest and hunting. It isn’t uncommon for humans to steal griffin eggs, it is believed that eating the yolk with give one the strength of the griffin.

Unfortunately for griffins, they have been hunted to near extinction for the sake of sport. Among many cultures slaying a griffin is seen as a status symbol, it marks the hunter as brave beyond compare, and while griffins often keep to themselves and leave humans or other creatures be, their presence can be perceived as malevolent. With their numbers depleting, many griffins have started to take the form of humans in attempt to escape persecution. Those that have evolved to take on human forms have managed to make themselves almost indistinguishable from humans, though even in their human forms their ears remain just slightly pointed.
SHAPESHIFTING: Griffins have evolved to take the shape of humans, though the shape they take isn’t something that get to chose.

STURDY: In their bestial forms, griffins are sturdy beasts with high tier superhuman strength and durability but low speed. In their human forms, they have medium tier superhuman strength and durability but low speed.

ELEVATED SENSES: Griffins have high tier superhuman hearing and sight, relying heavily on these senses to hunt. In their human forms all of their senses rest at medium superhuman.

FLIGHT: In their true forms griffins can use their wings to fly, reaching heights that many other creatures are unable to.

HEALING FACTOR: Griffins heal four times faster than humans.
TRAUMA: Whether in their human form or bestial form, griffins can be destroyed in similar ways to humans, it just takes more effort due to their durability. The best way to kill a griffin is to chop their head off, or destroy their heart. A shifted griffin’s skull is incredibly thick, protecting the brain from most modern weapons, therefore it’s simpler to just chop the head off. Griffins in their human forms have no such protection around their skull, and they can be easily bludgeoned. Whether in their human form or bestial form, griffins can’t regenerate lost limbs and they can die from blood loss. Griffins can die to anything humans can.

ONE TRUE LOVE: Griffins mate for life forming a bond with their partner that seems to tether them together at the very soul. If one of the partners dies, the remaining griffin experiences extreme agony. Sometimes the death of a partner will kill both griffins.

KEPT PROMISES: Griffins are honorable creatures, and if they give their word to protect someone or something, they will do so with their life even when the odds are stacked against them.
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