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travel to a city more wonderful and whimsical than you could ever imagine. as a haven for the supernatural, some several centuries old now, mythril city is filled to the brim with witches and creatures of all kinds. they live here in secret, content to make their own lives—yet in such a menagerie of creatures, it’s no surprise that there’s drama around every corner. chaos theory focuses on casual roleplay and member-driven plots, so come, join the chaos.


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 fast enough, closed » cierra
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posted Jul 10 2017, 07:45 AM //
mornings sucked. there wasn’t much else to it. artemis was awake at eight in the morning, and gods above did she want to just crawl back into bed and pass out for a few more hours. the only reason why she was up was to deal with a fence that, to her unfortunate surprise, only operated in mornings for some godforsaken reason. seven a.m. was for sleeping, not for being awake, especially when you go to bed late at night.

but here she was, finally making her not-so-merry way home, eyes narrowed against the glare of the rising sun (she should really keep a pair of sunglasses in her car for occasions like this), barely focused on the music on the radio.

she was coming up to a crossroad when it happened — a car, blazing past, and a dog that wasn’t fast enough.


her heart stopped as her foot slammed onto the brake with a haphazard steer to the right to maintain some semblance of pulling over. she was ripping her keys out of the engine when the car reversed, and quickly zipped off past the dog. her stomach flipped, staring after the car almost blankly before artemis pushed herself into motion. out of the car and to the dog’s side in barely a few seconds, artemis began shrugging off her hoodie, operating on instinct.

gods she wasn’t equipped for this in the slightest.

// cierra devereux
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posted Jul 27 2017, 11:17 PM //
Perhaps going to the store had not been the best idea, especially not this early in the morning. It was her day off, of course, and perhaps she should have tried to sleep in a little longer. However, Cierra's nearly empty fridge called for some of the basics, of which were currently in the bag hanging off her arm. Not much, just some bread and eggs, she'd still had some milk and a few other stray items; she was too tired to get more than was needed.

And then, of course, something bad happened on her way home. The screeching of tires alerted her to something having happened, and when she glanced over to see a car rushing away, a woman running to where the car had rushed away from, Cierra may have been confused. At least, she was until she saw the dog laying in the street, obviously injured.

She dropped the shopping bag - rest in peace eggs - and ran over herself, cursing her decision to just shove her feet into flip flops for ease when she'd left earlier. They weren't very easy to run in.

Breathing heavily, Cierra spared a glance to the woman - young looking, although with it being Mythril, she could easily be much older - mumbling a weak greeting as she fell to her knees to assess the damage to the poor creature.

Could she heal it?

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posted Oct 28 2017, 01:38 PM //
all her attention was fixated on the dog, checking for a pulse and scanning over its body for the worst sign of injury, so when artemis heard a soft mumble of a greeting suddenly near her, she found herself flinching away. spooked, but nonetheless grateful that she wouldn’t have to attend to the injured canine by herself, artemis returned the blonde’s greeting in a similarly fashioned mumble.

“do you know where the nearest vet is?” artemis pressed her teeth into her lower lip, letting the anxiety wash over her as she watched the girl assess the dog. clearly the girl knew a bit more about first aid and animals. artemis herself did know first aid, and animals, but never the two put together. it was always her father tending to the injuries had by their animals back when she was a child, and even then, their need for medical attention was far and few between.

artemis felt wildly out of her element here.

// cierra devereux
years old 10 posts PLAYED BY maestro PM
posted Nov 6 2017, 09:13 PM //
Cierra nodded an affirmation after a moment, both to her own wondering if she could heal the poor thing (she could, but not fully) and to the redhead's question about the nearest vet. As far as she could tell, the pup had a broken leg and most likely some broken ribs as well. And, behind that? Possible internal damage.

Lavender eyes slide to the other and the worry clear on her face. "Is she yours? I can... The nearest vet is kind of far, but I can help keep her alive until then," the witch said, voice overflowing with apprehension. She hadn't healed in front of someone else in a few years.

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posted Nov 7 2017, 06:35 PM //
artemis is watching the girl with worry on her face, focused on her hands as she checks the dog's injuries. teeth digging into her lip, it takes a moment for the redhead to register the girl's question. when it clicks, artemis quickly shakes her head. "no, i just- i was just driving. i saw her get hit," the dog wasn't hers, and there didn't look to be a collar. artemis was unwilling to check, afraid that disturbing the animal would worsen its wounds. maybe they were microchipped, but artemis wasn't sure. looking at the dog more closely, they looked to be underfed.

"whatever you can do, do it. i- gods." artemis takes a moment to collect herself, breathing in deeply. she could feel a sting in her eyes. "i can drive us there. i- i can pick her up." she had the strength to do so, but the problem was disturbing the dog's wounds. artemis bit her lip, half-gesturing for the blond to move over to the side.

// cierra devereux
i mean currently she's dying BUT SOON TM
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posted Dec 5 2017, 12:53 PM //
"Okay." It's a simple word, an act of acknowledgement to what the other woman had said. The dog wasn't hers. If she failed, it wouldn't be so bad. The dog whines softly when her hand gently soothes over its head, the sound filled with such raw pain that she almost starts crying right then and there.

Taking a deep breath, Cierra glances over at the redhead once more, before closing her eyes and focusing, hands hovering over the worst of it all. 'Please… please work,' she begs any powerful being who may be listening, who may be able to give her magic the strength she needed to perform this feat. It wasn't necromancy but with the energy draining out of her so fast, it almost felt like it was.

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posted Jan 4 2018, 05:41 PM //
half of her wants to run away, run far away and pretend this wasn't happening - but her need to help kept her rooted to the ground, eyes fixed on the collie with worried tears pricking at her eyes. deep breath in, hold it, breathe out slowly. artemis bites down on her lip, glancing at the - she assumes - witch before her, watches the way her hands hover over the worst of the wounds with a shakiness to them.

artemis holds out one of her hands, holding it in the air next to the girl's. "channel me," the words almost catch in her throat, but she forces them out. she can't tell if the girl's hands are shaking from worry or from effort, or a combination of both, but she definitely looked to be struggling conjuring enough power to heal. artemis had no clue about healing, or about magic in general beyond fire manipulation and illusions, but she had power - she has a lot of it. the witch could draw from artemis and strengthen her own magic. artemis just had to hope it wouldn't backfire on herself.

// cierra devereux
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