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 for your haunted life,, ft. avalon
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it was hard for him to admit that his housemates got under his skin, but there was only so much angelic presence he could stand at once. especially when ketak got into one of her moods. his teeth clenched together as he'd heard the archangel strike through the house, a sigh having been heard from the younger angel as she followed after her "mother". he couldn't see it any other way. zuriel was clearly ketak's child, despite there being not blood relation between them.

but it was then he knew it was time for him to make himself scarce.

tamashii had come to carnal a few times over the years. the drinks were good, and the company better, for the most part. single vision found himself glancing around the bar, a lazy look in his features. despite being in hiding, he made himself known. but it was easy to do when your presence wasn't the strongest. centuries later, and he was still low tier. it was surprising he'd kept his rank. but, what did one do when everyone important believed you were dead?

taking a sip from his drink, he felt someone sit beside him, turning his head just enough to spot a familiar head on honey colored hair. a brow raised slowly. "hey, ava" he hums, the glass still against his lips before he lowered it down. "what brings you here?"

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