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est. june 2015
travel to a city more wonderful and whimsical than you could ever imagine. as a haven for the supernatural, some several centuries old now, mythril city is filled to the brim with witches and creatures of all kinds. they live here in secret, content to make their own lives—yet in such a menagerie of creatures, it’s no surprise that there’s drama around every corner. chaos theory focuses on casual roleplay and member-driven plots, so come, join the chaos.


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 [o] why would you even do that, open
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posted Jan 7 2018, 11:04 PM //

Normally, his patrols weren't very exciting. Tell some kids to go skateboard somewhere else, help a familiar out of a tree, stop by his favorite hot dog stand, that kind of thing. Whenever he was called out for action, it was something that got his blood pumping, like a robbery in progress or a car chase.

River could say, with confidence, that this was the first time he’d been called out for somebody stealing a snake head.

Okay, technically it was a serpent, and it was a statue, but his inner monologue didn’t need to worry about semantics. The police report he gradually scribbled into his notebook was worded properly. “Destruction of public property - Hawker’s Row fountain missing serpent head.” He shoved the pen and paper into his back pocket, and climbed out of the patrol car.

A quick glance around--there, they matched the description. The operator at the station told the caller to hold on, there would be an officer to take a report soon, and there River was, ready for duty.

”Hey,” the policeman called. He waved over the bystander. ”Officer Hudson--do you, uh, know anything about…?”

He gestured to the fountain. Water spewed from a broken pipe into the pool. He winced at the sight.

tags// open!
notes// be a bystander or the thief or something completely different, it’s up 2 u, just pls harass my woofcop

years old 4 posts PLAYED BY asiotus PM
posted Jan 9 2018, 12:57 AM //
esther didn't see the thief, no, the statue's head was stolen in the middle of the night most likely. but while standing there, looking at the neck spurting clear blood, she could sense some lingering traces of magic hovering around it. not surprising. the head was pretty darn big, made of marble, and was sliced sheer. no traces of a blade present, even.

okay, she only actually knew that last bit because she was curious enough for long haul to leave the host and get a closer look. she was lucky cam was well-behaved on his leash. the weimaraner sat obediently next to the empty body while the spirit flew up for an inspection. it was one of the higher spouts on the fountain as well. that seemed awfully silly though. there were identical heads lower down that were infinitely more accessible. probably for bragging rights or something.

now she had just bought ice cream from a nearby food stand and was giving the dog a generous taste, when she heard a nearby "hey." esther looked up to see a police officer gesturing to her. ”officer hudson--do you, uh, know anything about…?”

esther debated how much she felt like sharing with this officer hudson. she didn't have much of an opinion one way or another about authority figures. in the end she decided to comply, not seeing the harm in doing so.

"they used magic," she said before taking a lick of her half-eaten ice cream. "getting such a clean cut out of a hard stone like that would make a lot of noise if they were to use power tools. magic is a lot quicker and quieter."

river hudson
years old 3 posts PLAYED BY foxtrott PM
posted Jan 10 2018, 03:09 PM //

So maybe he misremembered the caller’s description. He couldn’t imagine a little girl being that concerned about community property that she had to call the police department. He had to remind himself that appearances could be deceiving, especially in this town.

River’s amber gaze drifted towards the ice cream the dog was enjoying. He wrinkled his nose at the slobber. Maybe it was the dog that called it in. The pause before she responded sealed his opinion for that.

”Ah.” The officer looked to the statue to avoid watching her eat the ice cream after the dog. (he was part-mutt and even he thought that was gross!) Of course it was magic. It couldn’t be anything simple like, you know, a hacksaw and a teenager with too much time on his hands. ”Well, that, uh, makes sense.”

He shut the car door, making sure it was properly locked to avoid another Incident, and took a few steps in the child’s direction. He kept an eye on the dog, just in case.

”So did you actually see it happen?” River took out his notebook and clicked his pen. There was a little pawprint sticker on the front of the station-issued book. ”I’m kind of looking for more first-hand accounts…” With a furrow of his brow, it’s apparent that something strikes him. He blinks down at the girl.

”Where’s your, uh, legal guardian…?”

tags// esther read
notes// notes

years old 4 posts PLAYED BY asiotus PM
posted Jan 17 2018, 01:58 AM //
"mmhmm," esther agreed between licks of her ice cream cone. she wondered quietly just how prepared this cop actually was if all he knew was that a fountain had been vandalized. should cops being sent to investigate a crime scene know more than just the most basic info? she didn't actually know. she didn't know much about cops aside from the fact that you should avoid them most of the time.

at his inquiry of her witnessing the crime she shook her head. "i just arrived here about twenty minutes ago." she watched the officer eyeing her dog, who was busy eyeing her ice cream. was he afraid he would bite or something. this dumb mutt wouldn't know how to do so even if you stuck your hand in his mouth. he would honestly make a horrible guard dog if put up to the task.

"they're at home. they live just outside the city." she was actually dropped off here by her parents, whom she was visiting for a few days, though technically her current legal guardians were her grandparents, but that was all too complicated to explain. "but that's no matter. i may actually be able to help you track down the culprit if i get a better sense of their magical signature."

this was all very unnecessary on her part, but perhaps it would turn out to be more interesting than watching the street performers as she had planned. if this cop allowed her to accompany him, that is.

river hudson
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