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 Corsairs, w/Artemis
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Some species found the bobbing of Pandora's oceanic vessels to be disorientating, a factor which when combined with the various limitations imposed on terrestrial operatives of Pandora meant that amphibious operations such as this were something only a few would repeatedly be attached too. Diondre however, was entirely at home on the ocean's waves. He rarely had consistent partners due to his tendency to be sent out on the water, but that was fine. As someone whose physiology was dependent on exposure to water, such minor inconveniences could be easily overlooked as dismissable given the more significant benefits. Boat jacking were a common enough occurrence for him, but something to the size and scale of the luxury yacht.

Fastening the last of the harnesses for the wet-suit, he was bearing in the place of his usual more formal attire, Diondre grabbed his choice of weaponry for the endeavor. Less impressive than what others would field, but more durable and reliable for the likely chance of exposure to seawater. Gear gathered he adjusted the settings, placement of the equipment, and set off towards the upper deck that he was to be disembarking from when they reached their target destination. There was no denying that his current partner for the operation was a capable operative for Pandora, but he lacked any knowledge if she had any extensive terms of service in unique operation situations like this. Seasickness was common enough ailment among land strides and a more than slightly hampering set of conditions to have to endure during an operation with as many armed individuals as this one. Nevertheless, such considerations would be found out all the same. In any means time was of the essence, the stolen vessel was likely to break to open sea where losing it would be all the more likely.

Entering the command bridge, he nodded politely to the other field agent assigned to this operation. "How are you handling Nightingale?" Professionalism was the fuel for the formality, though he would drop it if that were her preference. A lame attempt at humor, but it was by his own habit when going into the field. "The fish in me wishes there was rain but looks like there won't be any unforeseen variables springing in on us." The calm seas was ideal, and the crew of their own vessel could radio in if any unidentifiable ships came into view with these conditions.

The radio clicked on with a status report; the pirated vessel would be within launching range soon. The mission was simple enough, but still ironing out everything before it being enacted was ideal. "Anything we need to run over before I need to take the dive?"

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