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 you rise as pure as the night sky, kasper, c
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sunshine warmth splayed across his exposed flesh, casting a lulling sleepiness throughout his limbs. fáelán wandered into the park, ambling through the flora with the sedate ambulant of an ancient fossil, for he desired to thrive underneath the heft of nature, needing the sensory overload from the flowers instead of the clamor of city streets and raised voices. his entire body resembled an overexposed nerve, wired to the point of being painfully alert. a break from the hubbub sounded like a pristine vacation from the world. appleby park seemed the logical place to frolic underneath the sunlight, chasing shadows as a child hunted for the clouds overhead. he comforted himself with the certainty of respite, relaxing in increments with each passing second.

spindly fingers brushed against the blades of grass underneath his reclining figure, back pressed into the bark of a tree and head tilted toward the sun peeking through the branches. toying with the flora acted as his instrument of choice, a hum rumbling in his throat and fingers weaving through the accessible pieces of nature. he orchestrated a lullaby for himself, searching for solace amidst the lilting notes and sweet harmony from the songs heard in passing, never sung to him to chase away nightmarish fiends.

a crackle of twigs breaking roused him from his musings, though he continued his melody. blank eyes moved toward the sound, but they did not focus, roving across the scenery without purpose. it eased the pang of oddity whenever he acted as if darkness did not encroach upon his vantage, as if he saw beyond the blackness of nothingness. footsteps drew closer, plodding through the grass, and fáelán debated speaking aloud, grabbing the attention of the stranger or continuing with his wallowing like the flowers that decorated the park. both sounded appeasing to him.

eventually, he blinked, settling his gaze on his best estimate for the interloper. pale lips curved into a gentle grin while he crooned, “welcome to the sunshine land. where flowers bloom and blue moods fade. welcome to the sunshine land. where you and me equals joy at hand.”

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the woods and parks were where she always flocked to. despite her life both ending and beginning within the enclosed woods and parks. it was easy for her to forget her worries, and go about her days. of course, it hadn't been here that her life had somewhat changed, that a werewolf had found her (or rather, her bag) and had brought her to a big house full of others like her. they didn't hand her around like a rag doll, doing what they pleased with her. but they also didn't.... care too much for a newcomer. and that was okay. she was fine, regardless. as long as no one used as she had before.

her bag was slung over her shoulder, filled with a music player, headphones. a sweater was in as well, though a change of clothes was shoved at the bottom. normally good at keeping track of the full moon, she always came prepared, the shifts still taking her off guard despite the fact that she had them down to only happening when the moon was full. despite that, she liked to be prepared.

she was heading for a specific spot when she heard a noise, head tilting to the side as a melody seemed to bring her to a small clearing surrounded by a tree. a figure leaning against a tree has kasper tilting her head. curious, very curious. her feet seemed to find a twig, snapping underfoot, and garnering the attention from the one making a sweet sound. she pouted when it stopped, though paused as well as she realized he'd spotted her. well... busted.

"absolutely beautiful melody you had going, i'm sorry to have interrupted!" the young wolf says as she moved forwards, feet careful not to hit any other twigs or branches. "please, continue! it sounds too pretty to have been left off" kasper waved her arms about as she moved to sit beside him, head still tilted to the side.

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