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 ceffyl dŵr, by bear
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the ceffyl dŵr is an odd creature, a horse spirit but also a water spirit with a trickster side. it's as if you combined a water spirit, a horse, and loki into a pot. however, first and foremost, they're horse spirits. first described in welsh lore though also mentioned in lore from other parts of the united kingdom where in historical time they originated some couple thousands of years ago, but now live almost anywhere in modern time. in these descriptions, they're described as ghostly horses often white though sometimes black and sometimes with wings, seen by waterfalls and ponds and other water sources. they appear solid as a horse, but can "evaporate into a mist". some see them as negative, from the few that took their trickster side too far and trampled travelers in attempts to scare them, others are seen as positive with a fascinating appearance.

as mentioned, they have a trickster side. they're often playful and sneaky, liking to have fun and play tricks on others. most of them usually have a playful side with few being overly dedicated hard workers, but some manage to become such if they override their inherent playful traits. this often results in a personality change in death; if known as being a strict person, they may be seen as a bit "out of themselves" personality wise for becoming playful after they become resurrected.

now people? resurrection? so in most cases, horses who have been blessed by a witch during life or on the grave become ceffyl dwr after they die; spirits being given "life" in a sense instead of going to heaven, hell, or being reincarnated. however, humans can also become these horse spirits. "melltith y môr" or "curse from the sea" is a curse from witches, typically known by necromancers and those who practice in more chaotic magic. when a human has been cursed, given this curse, they will have their spirit painfully transformed into a horse upon death therefore becoming a "ceffyl dwr" in death. regardless of how they died, they will always be able to shape shift.

if a human died, their body will decay rapidly after the soul leaves the body and transforms, however their human form will look the same as they did in their human body although "ghostly" [pale and cold]. depending on the situations of death, they'll probably take their human form very shortly after transformation.

all of these forms are weak, they can become solid, but poison or a knife can force them into their horse form as they can't stand much physical damage. however, as a spirit, they're able to make themselves visible to others if they decide.

shapeshift while their base form is essentially a "horse spirit", they can shift into pretty much any animal. in welsh lore, it wasn't uncommon for them to take on a human form and there are a few versions of the legend where they're spotted becoming a bird or a squirrel.

flight when they have the original spirit form, some say they can fly with their wings while others believe them to have flight through floating. either are valid ways of flight, though they can't go too far off the ground if they're visible or are carrying a human.

manifestation and solidification, they're able to manifest themselves to people who cannot see ghosts by choice, and they're also able to solidify their form; making it solid and able to interact with objects or people.

immortality is probably the most important power they have. they can't die from illness, poison, age. they can "poof" back to their horse form under damage, but they can't "die" like a human can.

water mimicry is a weird one because this is what sets them a part of other spirits, and is potentially the reason why the soul transformation humans undergo is so painful. their souls are essentially water, and composed of water. if you poke them, they won't bleed water, but they can transform/become water as it is what their spirit essentially is. this goes away, and they become a normal spirit/soul when they are sent to the otherworld.

water-magic immunity, no water magic can work on them because they're basically water. it will not effect them, though they can get splashed by water and play in it like a normal person or horse.

walk on water is something you don't see everyday, but they have the ability to solidify water underneath their feet or hooves and walk on it as if it was solid land.


ceffyl dwr are odd because they're spirits. when manifested, having a physical form, they're about the same durability of a human in all aspects. however, their spirit form is pretty hard to kill.

bridles are a bit of a weird start to a list of weaknesses. if someone manages to bridle them while in their original spirit form [horse], they will become a regular horse who is owned by the person with the bridle. they can still shapeshift, but they'll still be under the ownership of the person who essentially muzzled them. they won't be able to fly, and they'll loose their powers; becoming a regular whatever-form-they-have. they don't get freedom back until the bridle comes undone from outside forces [they cannot undo it themselves]. while bridled, they can be killed like a regular horse; effectively dying.

soul guides or anyone really who can take souls to the otherworld, guiding them there. from here, they're trapped just like any other soul and cannot leave the otherworld. but some will move onto another life, ressurection, but they will not be born as a ceffyl dwr in their new life.

weapons and poison, when they have solidified forms, they tend to be a bit weaker than humans. if say, stabbed in a solidified human manifestation, they'll be forced to revert back to being a horse. they can take a human form again after a day or two, but they just can't maintain other forms or solidified forms when they experience an intense injury like a stab wound or a gunshot wound.

soul destruction, if their spirit or soul is ultimately destroyed or consumed they will cease to exist.

soul weapons, weapons born from soul energy can kill them regardless of the form they're in. simply put, if they get stabbed with one of these things while they're a human, it's "poof" to the otherworld, not "poof" back to being a horse.

exorcisms can ward them away and act like restraining orders for them, but the stronger the exorcism the more likely it'll kill them. which falls into soul destruction, essentially.

heat, if they're out in burning sun for 9 or more hours a day at once with no shade or drinking water their soul will evaporate and they will die; a source of soul destruction.

burned alive or consumed by fire, their soul will evaporate and thus be destroyed.

drinking water, they don't need to drink but if they don't go into the water a lot, they should have a bottle of water on them or access to a drinking water, especially if they exercise. it is to keep their spirit quite literally hydrated so they don't die.

water isn't really a fatal thing, more so a flaw in their design. they have connections to bodies of waters, feel draws towards it, which is how they get labeled as a type of water spirit by some humans. it's a source of comfort. they'll get restless if they can't access a body of water, even a pool, after too long which will make it hard for them to shapeshift or maintain form and makes it easier for them to be given away/figured out who they actually are. they don't have to always be in water, they can go without being in water for weeks, but they still need to know they have access to it [and physically can get to it] otherwise they get restless and eventually be forced back to being a horse.

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