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»  mythic, ira defaire, faerie, played by Mizo
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NAME(S) Ira Cecile Defaire GENDER female, she/her AGE 18 years old BIRTHDAY June 24th SPECIES Faerie OCCUPATION mythril college - student FACE CLAIM
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she's a moron.

but she isn't just a normal moron- Ira is a special kind of moron that comes by once per thousand years- someone so overwhelmingly gifted by the gods of Pure Stupid that even her ancestors disavowed her existence in whatever plan of afterlife they exist in.

Alive as a solitary faerie, Ira is considered extremely young and takes delight into, as she claims, "being human" and "doing human things" while simultaneously fulfilling her own personal goal of seeing how many people she can charm and date. If you're cute, Ira likes you, as she is vain and you can bet your cute booty that she's coming after your heart.

Aside from her salacious personality, Ira has a total of 18 hand mirrors ( 17 of them for emergencies ) so that she can triple check her appearance once per hour. She believes in looking like perfection incarnate, except she's not perfection and she sometimes wears too much blush.

On to her more serious traits, she's surprisingly observant and cunning. Ira is soft for cute girls and guys- but she likes playing and she likes breaking players' hearts. She can be calculative for her own personal gain, but while she's ambitious, she can be very, very selfish and short-sighted when her interests are threatened.

[ faerie ]
Ira has a small form of control over wind. This includes manipulating the wind to blow away small objects or to even hurt others with wind, but she does not have the ability to lift anything heavier than herself. She can modify her appearance for others to tailor to whatever they find aesthetically pleasing, and she can fly. However, her flight is rather clumsy, and she sometimes topples out of the air or have difficulties flying very quickly if the weather is stormy. She is quick and nimble on her feet.

It should be noted that, as Ira is quite young, she is weaker towards iron and red berries than other faeries will be. Both can kill her immediately even if accidentally consumed, and she is quite defenseless against an enchanted weapon. She does not stand much of a chance surviving against the three aforementioned things.
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"She believes in looking like perfection incarnate, except she's not perfection" HMMM sounds fake but okay

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