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Within the world of the supernatural, it is not uncommon for each species to find themselves unlike one another in more than a few ways. From their physiology down to other abilities such as magic and more - below is a list of how we break down the physical capabilities of creatures and how to make any other power to site standards.
When thinking about a species, you need to think of how that species fits with the species around them. There are three major categories to keep in mind when thinking of this: STRENGTH, SPEED AND DURABILITY. It's recommended, though not required, to talk about senses.

We have broken up capabilities into three tiers (human, enhanced and superhuman) so that you can simply pick a tier that fits the area without having to explain in-depth what they mean. For senses, however, we would prefer it if you were to explain how their senses are better to a human's rather than use a tier.

Please note that physical capabilities are, for the most part, for human forms, so we will allow some leeway for beastial forms. It would be entirely realistic for a beast larger than a semitruck to be unable to shove one out of the way, for example.


This means that your character has the same physical condition as any human. They cannot do any extraordinary feats such as lifting a car, but perhaps they can open a jar of pickles without much difficulty.

A sub-level of human is peak human condition, meaning that they will operate at the peak of human physical potential. Think Olympic athletes, soldiers, and TV vigilantes such as the characters of Arrow. If someone has natural peak human condition, they won’t have to maintain themselves by training daily, but if their natural physical condition is just ‘human’, then to reach and maintain peak human, they’d have to train themselves almost daily and keep themselves in shape.


An enhanced condition is one that goes beyond that of a human condition yet does not reach superhuman, instead being in the middle. Therefore, they will not reach the ranges depicted in superhuman low-tier, but can still perform better than a human.


To have a superhuman condition is to be glaringly obviously superior to humans, as their abilities are pushed far beyond human level, making them immensely stronger, faster, durable and have sharper senses.

Because the superhuman condition can vary so much, it has been further broken down into three tiers - low, mid and high. If your character has superhuman capabilities, we'd like you to note which tier they fall in.


To operate at a low-tier supernatural condition would mean that they can lift 700 pounds with ease. They can run at a speed of 75 mph (just above the highway speed limit), or 34 metres per second. If thrown from a three-storey window they would be able to stand back up again, just be a bit winded.


A mid-tier supernatural condition would mean that a character can lift 1000 pounds (a heavy motorcycle). Instead of bending steel, they would be able to punch through it. They’re fast enough to run at about 100 miles per hour (45 metres per second). They’re moderately durable meaning that they could withstand bullets or small explosives.


High-tier superhuman condition is the ability to pick up a weight of 2000 pounds, or 900 kg, both rounded to nearest hundred with relative ease (equivalent to half the weight of the average car). In terms of speed they’d be able to run at around 150 miles per hour (67 metres per second), and are durable enough to withstand medium-sized explosions.

We will not allow species to have more than one high-tier superhuman physical capabilities in their human form. Everything else must be mid-tier or lower.


Only for large, bestial/non-human forms. Think of it this way: it's a bit unrealistic for a leviathan to not be able to shove a car out of the way. Therefore, we will allow leeway for bestial forms and their physical capabilities, but we will not allow people to go beyond superhuman high-tier in human forms. The human body is not built for it, and magical/biological/physical enhancements can only take you so far.
There are more to the supernatural world than just their physical capabilities, however they are far too varied to touch on every area individually. When crafting these abilities some things to keep in mind is that powers are not absolute; there will be drawbacks to everything, and in a lot of cases they are not privy to affecting every creature. Some creatures may have natural resistances to certain powers such as magic or some may have trained resistances to mental-based powers.
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