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 thread roulette 14, ft. tavi & emily
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Here is your thread for the event. Take as long as you want or need to complete these! All of these prompts have been set up in a way that (hopefully) allows for interpretation; it sets a scene for you to explore and manipulate as you wish. If you have a different idea for how your character responds to certain events, feel free to adjust it! Some of these prompts may take some communication on figuring out which character does what.

As always, have fun!

tavi & emily goch
Your characters decide to spend the day at the famous Candy Island. However, as they arrive they begin to notice that just about everyone else in Mythril have also decided to go to Candy Island! In the chaos of overpopulation, both characters find themselves separated from their original parties. With one character being a nine-year-old girl, it would seem that finding her parents would be in order. Not everything is as it seems, however...
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PLAYED BY thegrimlich
Echoes loudly waking, hill and valley shaking ’til the sound spreads wide around, the Saxon’s courage breaking…
The day was fun, even if her cousin Rhiannon had insisted on coming with her. Fortunately, Rhi had been easy to ditch by surreptitiously texting her boyfriend from that German dragon clan and telling him where she was. After he showed up they weren't going to pay attention to her anymore. That meant free run of the park, riding all the rides she could get on, eating all the food her allowance could buy, and seeing if any friends from school were there. Unfortunately, things were getting more and more crowded. Maybe Rhi's boyfriend had brought his friends? Or maybe it was just the best summer day... either way, the place was getting too crowded. Maybe she should find Rhi and get her to take her somewhere else... maybe Appleby Park, walk around there for a little bit... Yeah! That would work! ...But first, to find Rhi.

Meanwhile, in the crowd, a tall, pale-skinned man with red eyes was watching her. He had clear orders from his Patriarch. The old foes were to be sent into disarray, using any means necessary. And here, unattended, was the enemy's sole heir. The last threat to the sovereignty of the Orange... wait, no, the House of Orange was gone now, replaced by... what was the current monarch's house? Saxe-Coburg? No, that didn't sound right either... He shook his head. Details for later. The last threat to the sovereignty of the Monarchy over Wales was here, ripe for execution.
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