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 thread roulette 29, ft. sinagtala & parker
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Here is your thread for the event. Take as long as you want or need to complete these! All of these prompts have been set up in a way that (hopefully) allows for interpretation; it sets a scene for you to explore and manipulate as you wish. If you have a different idea for how your character responds to certain events, feel free to adjust it! Some of these prompts may take some communication on figuring out which character does what.

As always, have fun!

sinagtala pagaspas & parker kingsley
A hypnotist puts your characters in a dream state of their worst fears. What do they encounter, and how do they overcome it?
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PLAYED BY Noted451
The stars were out. Tala awoke, their face sinking deeper into the sandy shore it lay on with each coming of the tide. They cough mildly to rid the taste of salt water in their throat. It was not a vigorous cough. This was odd to them. Could it be that they weren’t tossed to and fro in the ocean’s depths for an excruciating amount of time? Or was that something they just assumed? Tala lingered awhile longer lying on the sand, listening to the diurnal beat of the waves, feeling the ocean bubbling up against them, letting their long black hair loose in the current. The stars were out. “Is this…right now?” It damn right better be. How…did this even happen? The stars were out. “I remember…” They slowly got up on their feet, the dreary rush of blood rummaging in their head, “…walking back home. A candle lit at the end of the street,” and before the smell of unbidden saltwater clogged their nostrils, they remember smelling the sharp burning charge of magic, “…and a cloaked figure waiting for me.” Well shit, that could be anyone. Tala heartily laughed aloud, “No use pondering, I guess. Better make a move on.” After a lazy attempt to wring out some saltwater from their hair – and still, water dripped generously from their black locks –Tala began to head for what appeared to be the lights of Mythirl city in the far horizon, obscured and spread by the warm summer fog.

Immediately, they knew something was off. The scenery looked more or less like distant outer shores of Mythril city, but there were a few embellishments: Palm trees not native to a temperate place like Maine, some verdant rainforest like hills in the distance, gnarled mangroves twisting through the coasts. It felt quite like their home back in the Philippines. The whole thing was inviting, but only in the same sense where predators invite unsuspecting prey to come closer. Tala sensed that the whole look and feel of the city could change at a single drop of their footfall. Dreams were always fickle that way.

And, the stars were out -- yet no moon when there should be.

“Oh and, Gamu. It—” Tala tried to summon their familiar, any part of their familiar, any one moth of the collective, any ring of their voice, any glow of their dusty wings. Yet, nothing. Nothing but their own magic sizzling at the tips of their fingers and a foggy path ahead. Tala had no reason to worry. Not yet at least. Their familiar existed in dreams and the within the spaces in-between. Eventually, it should find them in this one. How long until then, however, was the question.

Just as the city was starting to become more visible during their trek, a slight chill seized Tala’s arm. Their mind was calm, but their body felt alert, nerves and senses firing with rapid urgency to move. “This is…sadly familiar,” Tala said to themselves through gritted teeth – and a wry smile. The dissonance between mind and body had them instinctively reach for the one dagger they were thankful to have: a kalis, with a sheath filled with poison. Suddenly, distorted beast and humanoid shapes – like shadows suspended on blackened dust – surrounded them on all sides. Slowly, they approached. Tala gripped their dagger tighter, their free right hand readied mid-air. And then, the shadows lunged forward. As if on cue, signets of glowing light dispelled outward from Tala's right hand. The signets were prepped hexes for direct attack. Shadowed figures dispersed, and Tala deftly fought off what was remaining manually. The figures were small and easy to fend off. But as one wave was defeated, another came. "....." Soon, a wave became a mob. “…ok. Screw this.” With that said, instead of wasting precious energy, Tala decided to make a run towards the lights of this strange Mythril city.

Finally setting foot in Mythril's outer roads, Tala took to a wide alleyway for a quick breather. They peeked out to look at the road in-between long breaths. Yup, still a ways off from the innermost roads. Tala could feel their long black hair sticking to the sweat and saltwater on their skin. “Ugh…I need a hair tie,” they sighed. Just then, they could feel a presence creeping up on them. Noise not just down the alleyway but from all other directions reverberated off the walls. Tala felt no urgency to move just yet. They couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe they weren’t the only sane thing here. Whether they could find solace in that feeling, however, was yet to be determined. Tala gripped their dagger tighter.

((OOC: Chased by shadows...that aren't their own? parker kingsley))
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