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When is the right moment that a fairy godmother should come? There had been many times where droplets of tears had hit the floor, where blood had agonizingly dripped down his arms into a puddle. Pain means less when it comes from a boy who is blind. To never venture beyond a fence of foggy horizons and blurred signs, at least there was no chance that Tai would ever experience greater pain than a few lectures and accidental scrapes.

But he still recognized the shining light of hope in front of him, both literal and metaphorical. Even if it were until 12 it didn’t matter. The only limit would be the echoing yell of the grand bell, somewhere off where Tai could not see. The rats who had skipped across his feet now grasped his hands in theirs to lead them in front of what seemed to be a carriage. The figures were always very similar, no matter what grand decorations there could be. Slowly his steps lifted from the dirt path into glittering glass slippers.

And the ball, though indistinct and blurry, was absolutely amazing. He could catch rays of light from other people’s dresses, though none could be as magical as his(literally). A blooming white dress that dragged across marble floors and steps up and down into the ballroom, where he could hardly navigate. Tulle petals that sprung downwards from his waist, and a lace ribbon that swung over his shoulders to cover the nape of his neck. His hair had been tied into braids leading into an elaborate bun before more of his hair fell onto his back. There were so many people, most of whom women, that he had to flee the crowd in the ballroom to a terrace.

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they were filthy. most, if not all of them. but cyrus knew just what his father was scheming. the best way to compliment a rose was to arrange it among weeds. how better to tempt his philandering heir into a lawful marriage than by baring him to the standards of true nobility. any one of these powder cakes and hoop skirts could carry his children and cover their mouths at his less than political commentary. what did it matter? the kingdom wanted a new queen. cyrus did not. he wanted calluses on small hands and muddy knickers that carried the lingering odor of manure.

"why must you insist on dabbling among common whores? have i not surrounded you with the best of your breed?"

cyrus understood but his father did not. cyrus wanted to be the rose. and this little scheme, this 'open ballroom invitation', was achieving quite the opposite of its intended effect. for every lady traipsing about in her satin and lace, there was another floundering in poorly knit costume, and cyrus delighted more in the ruckus of their shameless folk dancing than in the graceful languor of the shuffling elite.

and yet he could approach none of them, for despite his brazen intrusions into the bedrooms of many a peasant woman, he was a prince, and the chandeliers glittered brilliantly, and night could not cover his movements inside the walls of a palace.

he watched for a while longer. then his eyes grew bored and his limbs restless, and he left his post by his father's side to seek some shadow in which he might better explore the blades of grass protruding in their so called garden of eden.

but as he stepped out onto the balcony, hoping to catch some doe-eyed farmer's daughter escaping the dazzle of her ruler's fantastical accommodations, he was disappointed to find a glittering picture of crystal and white. still, not one to give himself away so easily, the prince smiled and, with a short bow, introduced himself.

"excuse me, my lady. i did not mean to intrude. i thought i was the only one who found the music rather contrary to sensible taste." as he spoke, he kept his gaze soft and his tone humored, but there was no particular invitation in his language. the woman was a beauty, but his entire life he had been surrounded by nothing but. beauty was nothing to gawk at. "or perhaps the refreshments were not to your liking?"

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There was an inconceivable amount of words to describe this night that could be beautiful, and beautiful was the only one Tai could think of as he gazed into the vague murky outline of the moon and stars overcast what he only assumed was trees. Reaching into that black mass he could see more clearly the textures along his pale hand, the smooth pristine glove that covered his calluses and scars, his wear and tear.

What a miracle. Yes, miracle, that was a second word for what this was.

Just like the night before him, the noise behind him was murky, masking the gliding steps of a stranger that Tai only noticed when his gruff, low, beckoning voice rise above the melodies and murmur within. When he turned his eyes nearly looked past the Prince even in his sparkling splendor, still amazed but unsure where to focus. His gaze turned up to his face, but could never lock onto his eyes. “Of course not,” he muttered with a smile, he would not criticize a miracle,”I am but a humble guest just as anyone else, you could not intrude. Everyone inside appears to be so beautiful, were you also overwhelmed by the splendor?” he clasped his hands together to hold a content sigh for a few seconds longer, with a night breeze filling his poor lungs strapped in by fabric worth more than his life.

cyrus remes
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to his credit, he did not gawk. nor did the lady, though the latter nearly rendered the former untrue. he was surprised at her lack thereof. there was no flirting, no flouncing. eyelashes remained perched in their fanned out nests and fingers did not leap and wriggle about like worms torn from the earth. a prince stood before her and yet he may as well have been made of the cool night air that enveloped them. but that wasn't quite it. no, it was as if the woman herself was the one not truly there.

"then i have been mistaken, my lady." he asserted, tilting his head and evading those mist-glass eyes to stare out across the gardens below. "forgive my insolent address, and accept with grace both my apology and my compliments, for i am tickled to find a creature of such remarkable beauty yet canonizing humility. it is quite becoming."

she was "just a humble guest... overwhelmed by the splendor". so she spoke like a commoner, her parents having raised a lowborn mind in a highborn house, he had seen this type, those whose family had favored beauty over brains. but she looked like a woman who bathed in sapphires. the blinding brocade that draped her subtle figure in an ethereal glow told him she was a liar. so why didn't she act like one?

cyrus pondered this suspicious paradox. then the lady surprised him further when she asked if he too was in awe. it hit just shy of his pride, yet deep enough to tickle.

she doesn't know who i am.

this evening was going to be delightful.

"overwhelmed, my dear? i fear not by this rigid contour of stone. alas! we are already in nature's theater. air is my refreshment, the moon my chandelier, the lady my muse..."

with his left arm behind his back and the right extending out with open palm, the prince bowed deeply.

"but how boorish i've been, assuming your company without the slightest introduction or discretion. if you would pardon any affront i have delivered upon you, i would endeavor so truly to remedy this err."

he rose, hand still extended.

"suffice to say, might i beg my lady's society as this well-intentioned brute gallivants about his majesty's palace?"

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