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 practical tactical brilliance, tactician's plotter
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fenrir grimms

403 years





partner of seirasam grimms

whom he went through a great deal of effort to resurrect with the help of loukas frey and aquila pace

generally anti-establishment and v specifically anti-hell

terrified of lorkhan and camira devlin

he used to be sei's bodyguard but now he just walks aquila's dogs

had his left arm ripped off by dimitri maccarrick

he still hasn't gotten a prosthetic because he loves to make things unnecessarily difficult for himself

mother of teo de la cruz

godfather of fenix ambrose and reide harper

generally grumpy but he's a secret goof if u catch him in a good mood

godawful sense of humor

terrible comedic timing

also extremely embarrassing pls be friends with him

gay cis man

rosalie henriksen

232 years



a Good Girl


belongs to rhett ulrich's pack

volatile, temperamental, Sad A Lot

100% a secret goof pls make her laugh

takes everything a little too literally

extremely loyal to rhett + domiziano timberlake

Violence is Fun

Church is Less Fun But She's Got Catholic Guilt Out the Wazoo

the inspiration behind both little red riding hood and the big bad wolf

the ancestor to what is probably a slew of werewolves and witches

romance open

homoflexible cis girl

lyra choi

19 years





loosely belonging to cinead maccailan's coven


has a shapeshifter familiar named garrett

lowkey criminal mastermind

genuinely sweet as pie

aggressively kind especially if she doesn't like u

likes parties and weed? and sex and friends and cute shoes

lowkey brilliant w nature magic

super cuddly, what is personal space :?

romance open

pansexual cis girl

macen st. james

1643 years


talent manager

bisexual disaster


former manager of pantheon

aka former manager of apollo frey and fenix ambrose

took their breakup harder than his own divorce

still not taking his own divorce well

two kids


yep drugs too


what's a commitment?

please give a shit about him

god please someone just give a shit about him

entirely too old for this bullshit

sleazy as hell

fun at parties tho

Actually Ripped

highkey gym rat

romance plot tentative, open for sexual partners and brief flings

bisexual cis man

dr. tyrell einarsson

4897 years





formerly part of an angelic strike team also including zephira and lorkhan

he was the tank

now he just putters around his office thinking about death a lot

Extreme Discipline and Not in the Kinky Way

volunteers at the supernatural clinic

performs autopsies for fun and pleasure

arranges funerals for fun and pleasure

generally kind, generous, thoughtful

also highkey petty as hell

selfish, obsessive tendencies

sarcastic dick

he's been Hurt a Lot pls love him

romance closed

panromantic agender (masc/neutral pronouns)

maddox "moxie" caeruleus

183 years


pit fighter

the Goodest of Boys


truly the Best Boy

hellhound to dimitri maccarrick


major crush on avalon dietri

tiny bod, big heart

100% will fuck you up in a fight

the most badass of all the caeruleus siblings

gullible tho

extremely enthusiastic about everything

and i mean EVERYTHING

romance open

heteroflexible cis boy

kiri garcia-miller

32 years



supernatural black hole


dreams about crows and wings and flying

already 100% done with ur shit


and by "fights crime" i mean does a shitton of paperwork that leads, eventually, to catching rly gnarly criminals

works out every day

literally every day, she has the stronkest thighs known to man

unamused by ur supernatural shenanigans

absolutely 0 patience for ur wobbly supernatural sense of morality

immortality does not mean u get to do whatever the fuck u want rhett ulrich

romance closed

lesbian cis woman

sigrun "runa" lennart (wip)

1150ish years


magitek r&d

smarter than u

(no) application (yet)


loves mortals. they're so innovative! so cute! they're so good at wasting time!

midgard in general is :ok_hand: it's much more fun here than on asgard

loves kaias lennart more than anything else in all the nine realms

erik sullivan & her other siblings are pretty okay too i guess

(shes less than happy with erik because he infected her with his coffee addiction)

her spiritual weapon is a pair of big punchy metal gloves

runa: hey kaias punch this
kaias: .................
kaias: throws a punch
> blasted backwards

romance open

pansexual trans girl

coded by valka for ct only.

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hey tactician!

so for the sake of putting stuff up we've talked about for the PLOTTING EVENT, and a few things we haven't!

drew is al's final. his girlfriend. maybe wife one day. WHO KNOWS. i want him to parade her in front of the summer court and be all 'look mother i have a werewolf'. but i also want drew to discover some confidence in herself while she's with him. something they can both enjoy. al needs more confidence and drew would rather ease into it with somebody than be in a relationship with a controlling egotist. not that she won't love his nitpicking about her appearance that is.

huntington is made but not accepted (hell the lore isn't even done) and fenrir will owe her big time with her resurrecting his lover. she expects a favor to be called in any time she wants and oh boy you know she'll lord salem over fenrir's head quite a few times. i had a thought if maestro is with it. that huntington can control salem a bit. a fail safe if possible. to make sure her creations don't actually turn on her. so if salem or fenrir gets asshole-y with her, she can snap her fingers and make them obey her. of course this is ONLY if mae wants it too. ;3 i thought it'd be a fun little thing to do until salem has changed into something else.

ji-a needs to meet her fellow bodyguard fenrir. he could maybe refer people to her for jobs, they can work a gig together, etc. i just want ji-a to have more friends and a fluffy hellhound is one that she lacks. aka this gay girl needs a gay friend.

heloise is going to stop the nonsense pandora's agents have with al. like really. they sent him to get a book on making explosives. she will punish them for that. she'll make al watch so he can properly punish them in the future. but really i want these two to have friends. heloise needs a guy friend that doesn't hit on her. like... i'm not sure what al will do when he meets herliefr radilu could have him jealous as fuck. lief thinks heloise needs only him. lol ps: BOOK BUDDIES recommend some to her
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fenrir grimms and teo de la cruz
worst mom award.

i'll be coming back to plot w macen -squints-
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Let's see... hmm...


ivan czerniy is going to be kind of envious of Alva Barrine Strife (he's friends with a succubus named Siobhan, of course he's gonna know how to pronounce Ailbhe's name), simply because for ailbhe strife transitioning was easy and painless, whereas for the son of Perun it's been struggle, and not the kind he enjoys. But he's friendly enough, especially since jealousy doesn't serve drinks (even if Al visiting Marge's seems, by my reading, about as likely as a duck visiting a lion). And hey, if Al needs a guy to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, whatever, Ivan can totally be that guy.


While korueth isn't fully approved yet I don't think, I definitely know that the two scientists would get on like a house on fire. Especially since Al works for Pandora, and so Korueth could conceivably visit him and allow himself to be the 8 foot tall freaky thin fish-man he really is. "But no trying to deport me. I was born here on Earth. I'm officially a citizen of the United States both on paper and by any reasonable legal standard. So don't even try it."
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PLAYED BY deliciousness
blasts through real fast

lyra and a witch i'll be making, ezrah, dana's brother, should be tight bc he needs that weed hook up. i can go more in depth later. hmu on discord

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beaufort guillory + ailbhe knows nothing about seelies even though he's literally maven's roommate?? but also be terribly intrigued by al in general because hey he's never really had the chance to have an education and what the hell dude, this is crazy smart.

will also indulge him by calling him doctor doctor barf because hey, he's just a pleb from some invisible french town who is he to judge, right. heck, maybe beau goes to al one day like "hi can you replace my heart bc there's like pieces of a shattered bullet there and it gives me problems sometimes and the doctors can't work around this crazy regeneration and also i heard you're good with metals and robots and idk man" "hey can you start from the beginning and also what the fuck"

idk how to plot with fenrir but i love him dhjfskhd i mean i have a trashy archdemon if you want "hey you're one of those missing hellhounds aren't you" "buddy ur shit at ur job too don't come @ me with that" "oh shit fair" like aquila is the most underwhelming archdemon ever he doesn't even have a hellhound he has five adopted mutts pls tell me if any ideas come to mind bc fenrir is A++++ i love him

potential plots between eir and beau too since i vaguely recall him being involved with something related to rhett, but my memory is shit and i can't remember specifics rip. i'll update you eventually.

robin medeiros + lyra PLANT WITCHES UNITE. robin totally dotes on lyra and thinks she's A+++ and also offers to help with whatever schoolwork honestly??? even though he might not be the best rip. he has a little serval familiar named oreo who probably thinks lyra is fantastic too??? idk i can't seem to think of anything coherent rn and i blame it on not having enough coffee.

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pie i'll get into more detail later bc i start work in like literaly FOFTEEN MINUTES but tl;dr salem's not gonna be a demon anymore after he gets resurrected which leaves fenrir technically masterless and most likely in hot water with hell so pls let aquila adopt his dumb ass (plus he aquila gets teo de la cruz as a grandson in this scenario :eyes: lapis)

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updates as of 2/14:

- added tyrell and moxie
- changed plotter template
- updated rosa and macen's summaries to reflect their respective reworks

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hi tact i was drawn in by your plotter update and the fact that i have yet to reach my desired level of Drowning in Threads™

lyra & caoimhe
i think these two would have a good but kinda hilarious relationship. caoimhe adores humans, especially witches, even more especially those who practice nature magic, so i feel like she would take an immediate liking to lyra based just on those facts. she is a bit awkward and kind-of a goody two shoes but honestly doesn't know about modern culture to be comfortable or fully understand weed or going to crazy parties. i don't think lyra could get her to smoke, not that it'd have any effect but i think it'd be funny if they became friends and lyra took her to a party so she could be super awkward the whole time. caoimhe has a youtube channel about plant care idk if lyra would think thats cool or even just the fact that shes a literal plant but yeah theres that.

tyrell & caoimhe
considering tyrell volunteers at the clinic occasionally, i wouldn't be surprised at all if he ran into caoimhe at work every once in a while. even if they never talked previously, im sure caoimhe would be curious why she sees tyrell around at her work occasionally but doesn't actually work there.

moxie & isaac
obvs since they're brothers these two need to hang out eventually bc isaac loves all his brothers. also he'll probs wanna fite moxie for his position as Best Boy because he is also a smol but good boy. he can teach moxie jiu-jitsu too if he wants.

macen & miles
i feel like these two can easily become bros just by their interactions so far in their current thread. two middle aged men who can go bowling then to the bar afterwards. miles could get him into hunting or something idk. just a couple of guys bein dudes.

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tyrell & indra

i don't really have anything solid in this category tbh except the fact that i'm hoping to plot indra with both lorkhan and zephira. maybe tyr can snatch him up for his own nefarious purposes? tbh i think these two would be fun if we just.... lump them in a thread and see where it does i'm not saying this because i'm at a loss for what to say i swear

tyrell & musa

even though tyrell deals more with the supernatural side of medicine, maybe their paths could've crossed once or twice. musa considers himself a little strange — he preferrs dead people to real people — but even to him tyrell is probably on the next level. (random fact, he eats lunch in the morgue (ignoring all the NO FOOD OR DRINK signs) and bitches about his day to the corpses) if you like your job, then it won't feel like you're dragging yourself to work, sure, but you say what? he likes working with the dead?!

tldr they could have really interesting conversations about morbid stuff and maybe tyr can take musa under his wing a bit? introduce him to supernatural stuff maybe?? (i can see musa taking it better from someone one he respects as a superior)

rosalie & indra

at first i was like awh she's so smol and cute and then i read her history and i'm like *thousand yard stare* rosalie is good and must be protected that said tho, i can see indra harrassing her in some way or another and getting way in over his head because she can definitely put him in the ground if she wanted to. depending on how much she cares, i think it would be funny if she was like "ay dude, addiction sux stop chasing the dragon already"

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asiotus HI HI HELLO

caoimhe & lyra
um HELLO lyra would LOVE HER?? because she's a PLANT and lyra LOVES PLANTS and would want to talk to her FOREVER? i'm gonna go ahead and HC that lyra's highkey obsessed with her youtube channel and is, like, an extremely devoted follower, because she loves her plant babies, and she would 100% FREAK OUT if she met caoimhe in real life. like she's meeting a superstar or something. it would be adorable and i need this ASAP.

caoimhe & tyrell
tyrell especially is one of those people who, like... doesn't operate on any kind of schedule known to man. sometimes he's not at the clinic and sometimes he is and performing major operations and everyone's just kind of okay with it, and then there's caoimhe like??? hello??? WHO IS THIS PERSON AND WHY ARE THEY ALLOWED IN SURGERY???? he's not used to people other than zephira calling him on his shit so this would be highkey hilarious

isaac & moxie
YAAAS CAERULEUS BROTHER SPARRING SESSION. mox would be absolutely baffled by jiu-jitsu because he's never actually learned a proper technique for anything in his life. he operates on pure spite and instinct. he's a creature of CHAOS. (he would seriously benefit from learning some jiu-jitsu please teach him and then, like, smoke a blunt and watch the entire die hard series with him pls and thank you)

(mox loves his brothers but he's extremely competitive so he would, like, actually die before he gave up his position of Best Boy)

miles & macen
JUST GUYS BEIN DUDES. miles trying to teach macen how to hunt sounds genuinely fucking hilarious to me; macen's a gym rat but it's purely for aesthetics. he's useless in a fight and even more useless in the wild. he'd show up in designer jeans and $300 sneakers and get mad when miles called him on his shit. he'd try to get miles out to clubs and parties like you need to live a little, man, and miles is 100% done w his nonsense. i love it. pls more healthy male friendships in his life.

kafka YEEEEE

indra & tyrell
okAY so here's the thing: tyrell's Big Fuckup in life is that he wasn't able to save lorkhan from being corrupted. he's still trying to find a cure for daeva corruption, except he doesn't even know what a daeva really is, and 3000 years later he's made pretty much 0 progress and he mostly just tries to keep zephira and lorkhan from murdering each other. indra showing up would be massive, partially because having a daeva-sniffer would let him keep better track of lorkhan, and partially because being able to save indra would maybe mean being able to save lorkhan. tyrell would aggressively try to take indra under his wing. he would reach next-tier levels of obsession. im so fucking ready for this.

musa & tyrell
i'm really excited for this??? tyrell needs morbid friends. tyr gets brought in for weird supernatural autopsies and i think after realizing that musa isn't just a Regular Mundane Person he'd probably try to gently introduce him to the concept of the supernatural via requesting his assistance on weird supernatural bodies with fucked-up anatomy and impossible injuries and letting him come to his own conclusions?? they have lunch with the corpses every week?? i love this so much

indra & rosalie
rosalie's still learning how to care about people outside of her pack, so this would be a fun experiment in empathy and self-control - if a dude is annoying the crap out of you, can you still manage to give a shit about him? i wanna throw these two in a thread together and just see what happens because truly rosa could go in six different directions depending on the scenario.

rosa when she finds out abt indra's addiction: okay but have u tried maybe, not doing that,

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man everyone has such nice formatting. i feel pressured to format properly.

tyrell & indra

I'M WHEEZING WITH LAUGHTER BECAUSE I SUDDENLY GOT THE IMAGE OF DAD TYRELL LIKE "Indra no. Don't do that. Stop being Bad." and indra like "FUCK U POPS I DO WHAT I WANT." i can see indra equally aggressively trying to run away because he doesn't see anything in this relationship for him and honestly? he doesn't care about being cured, he can't imagine his life without chaos in it. poor tyr is going to have his hands full because an uncooperative guinea pig patient is the worst patient.

tyrell & musa

i love the idea of musa thinking it's just all one big prank and tyrell is orchestrating it and being so betrayed. maybe some day he'll appreciate it but in the meantime he's just

tyrell: look at this weird monster
musa: haLlUcInAtiOnS aFtEr BeIng AwAkE fOr 48 hOuRss aRe NoRmAL, stOp mAKinG f Un of mE

also his soul would leave his body if tyrell ate lunch in the morgue with him because that's against protocol why is he so cHILL

rosalie & indra
hello i'm here for this i'm here for this

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tyrell & maximilienne chevalier
as he volunteers at the clinic/hospital, it's very likely he would have crossed paths with max, as she's one of the few consistent staff members and oftentimes fills in as necessary due to staff shortages. i'm not sure if max would know of him, as she hasn't heard of lorkhan and has only barely heard of zephira, but the idea of a fellow angel calms her; i can see her tension visibly leaving when she sees him/senses him nearby.

where this goes is anyone's guess; perhaps they sense kindred spirits in one another, perhaps he knows lorkhan's been lurking about and wants to keep an eye on the younger seraph and definitely doesn't catch feelings no way no how.

but i'm open as far as ideas go; i figured we could simply hammer out introductions and go from there, but if you have specifics, i'm open!

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max & tyrell
hoooooooooo boi just fuck me up fam FUCK ME RIGHT THE FUCK UP

ahem. he's one of the seven archangels, so i'm like... willing to bet she's heard of him? lorkhan is heaven's nasty ass secret and zephira's spent the past 3k years out doing wetwork, so tyr's the only one of the trio who actively stayed in & worked with heaven in the aftermath of the Incident™.

he's also, just, like, a genuinely terrible doctor. oh, u lost a limb? take two motrin and sleep it off. lorkhan was the healer, so while tyr's had to learn to compensate and he's not, like, awful with healing magic these days, he's also not professionally trained or even remotely talented. pls max show him how to not suck at doctoring so tyr can keep an eye on you bc he knows lorkhan's been lurkhaning about and he definitely won't catch feelings no way no how.


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