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 Succubi, by Rise
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The original daughters of Lilith, succubi come into existence in ways which closely echo their demonic kin. More often than not they are the corrupted and twisted mockeries of the souls of bereaved lovers, jilted paramours, adulterous monsters, the sort which died in great tragedy or great sin of love. But unlike other demons, succubi (and their male counterparts, incubi) are tightly tied with the souls of the mortal realm. In truth, succubi are parasites, ones which feed off the latent and very real physical energy of those who dwell beyond hell.

Despite popular conception, succubi do not require sexual contact to harvest nourishment, nor may a succubus prey upon males alone. Indeed, a 'sufficient' enough energy can be gleaned by simply living among a dense group of people and engage in a glancing touch here and there but that isn't to say that lust and want are not the most delectable of emotions. They feed exclusively through physical contact, supping from the very life force of an individual and being quite capable of leaving behind little more than a withered corpse in their stead if they so choose. To be fed from by a Sucubus leaves one increasingly weak and in a state of decreased mental faculties for hours depending on the length of contact.

Succubi have the ability to 'store' this gained power and feed off it slowly at time, one could crudely approximate it towards a battery storing and discharging, but with particularly more insidious result. This stored energy can also be discharged in certain ways for either defense or offense, but most are loath to express these powers for fear of the potentially fatal result. There is also the tendency for succubi who draw in too much power to go rampant with their gluttonous appetites, wherein they draw more power but quicker lose the grip on which they have when it comes to controlling themselves until they drop all pretense of their prized subterfuge. While a rampant succubus is a dangerous threat indeed, it is only ever a matter of time until they are put down like a rabid dog by the powers that be. Be it angelic forces, the church or any other varied number of demon hunters. A Sucubi's existence is defined by that delicate balancing act between gnawing hunger and the inescapable urge to feed more and more.

History is full of examples of these twisted souls, ones which consider themselves the apex predators of humanity, perfectly designed to prey upon their masses, yet still entirely dependent upon them despite such lofty opinions of the self. Tainted nuns, ethereal walkers of the streets, consorts of even the loftiest kings and the hidden power holders sequestered in their lofty penthouses of the modern age. The man eater has always been an ever present threat, but one which has cloaked itself in shadows and bold faced anonymity.
Power drain:

Shape shifting:

Thrall taking:

Lilith's Gift:

pick one of the two paragraphs, and edit as appropriate. for the second paragraph, we require at least three ways to kill them, and the methods should be easily accessible. you are welcome to rewrite the paragraphs as you see fit, so long as they get across the same point. (race name) are vulnerable to all the methods that can be used to kill a living organism such as a human (though it takes more to kill them than it does a human). such methods include blood loss, starvation, destruction of the organs, etc. (they also have several weaknesses unique to their race, listed below.) OR (race name) are largely invulnerable compared to humans, being harder to kill. instead, they have several weaknesses unique to their race, some of which are able to kill them. all are listed below.
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