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 so give me all your poison, enzo
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it had been so long. he couldn't say for sure how long it had been, he just knew it had been a really long time and he was starving. he was dying. his body burned and he felt like he was melting into a formless being of nothing but pure desire.

but that's okay. for once he knew where to go. the chaos always called to him but never this strongly. in a rare moment of clarity, indra strided with purpose. his next hit was going to be good, he could taste a phantom of it in his mouth aleady. the anticipation made his blood sing; pain and heat slowly spread its way across his veins.

stopping for a moment, indra closed his eyes and took a deep breath. he willed a sense control over it wasn't enough (it was never going to be) but he could breathe easier now.

his quest led him to a warehouse. large double doors stood between him and his query. predictably locked, indra also found after body slamming them a few times that they were infuriatingly sturdy. he growled under his breath. like he would let this small obstacle stand in his way.

biting the pad of his thumb, his lips stung as blood came into contact with them. he always enjoyed watching his magic at work. strands of blood animated and twisted; he watched the projectile grow out of his very flesh. hovering just above his hand, indra sent the bright red arrow crashing into the doors, knocking them open. his left hand hurt, but it was a small price to pay for the treasure that lay inside.

enzo de costa
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