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Jude Maher
NAME(S) Jude GENDER male AGE 23 BIRTHDAY May 2nd SPECIES mutant OCCUPATION Bartender at carnal FACE CLAIM
<fc>[b]my hero academia[/b], [i]hitoshi shinshou [/i] - @[jude maher]</fc>


Jude was born into a relatively large family with four other siblings. His parents were...misguided, but tried their best for all of their children. He was more or less the middle child, and even from a young age he was rather withdrawn.

Despite being withdrawn outwardly, Jude was prone to fits in high emotion situations. Even simple arguments between siblings or his parents sent him spiralling. It appeared his problem wasn’t that he felt nothing, but that he felt too much.

He fit in poorly at school, complaining of constant headaches and feeling overwhelmed. His grades often suffered because rather than actually attend class he would cut school in order to hang out at the beach, preferring to collect seashells and float on the water rather than attend school.

His parents often worried for their rather odd child, but doctors told them nothing was particularly with Jude, and that he was perhaps just...overly sensitive, and he would learn to express his emotions properly as he aged. He was placed into therapy in the hopes that it would help him open up. Jude expressed that he “felt everything” around him, and that it overwhelmed him. He told his therapist that he could feel the emotions of others, and he wasn’t sure which emotions were his own and which belonged to others. Unsurprisingly, such a statement aroused concern, but due to the fact that he was still rather young, it was decided that perhaps it was his imagination, and he would still grow out of it.

Even with therapy, Jude remained withdrawn with others, finding that the “tools” given to him with coping with his emotional overload didn’t help him much, and so he continued to frequent the beach, hanging out in the lesser travelled coves. It was...perhaps unsafe for a child as young as him to be at the beach unattended, but he had no real fear of the ocean. He found floating on his back and letting the waves carry him to be almost therapeutic. He spent hours doing just that most days until he opened his eyes to find the very far away. He was a strong swimmer but not that strong, but Jude had no other option but to try, and try he did until the waves swallowed him up.

Too young he was to die apparently, because rather than meeting his end at the bottom of the ocean he regained consciousness on the shore. How he’d gotten there he didn’t know, at least not he saw the boy that had saved him. At first he was certain the other boy was just a stronger swimmer than he was, but no, the boy that had saved him wasn’t even human. A mermaid, something Jude had heard of in fairytales but not things he really thought existed. He was rather taken with the other boy, and found that...for once he could talk to someone without a cloud of negative emotions clouding his thoughts. A friend, he had made a friend.

Jude visited the beach more and more, but not too long after their meeting found that his new friend was gone, and now matter how long he stayed at the beach he was gone for good.

It was, perhaps, a mistake to tell his therapist of the strange creature he had met. While still young, he was too old to be playing pretend, and his absolute certainty that what he had seen was real lead to concern. It was deemed that Jude was having hallucinations of varying degrees. His doctors were...unsure of just what was wrong with him, but they deemed his “emotional overload” problems as some sort of paranoia, and now he was seeing creatures that didn’t exist. They were unsure how to treat him, but decided medication would be their best bet.

It was trial and error, some made Jude’s “paranoia” worse, some brought on actual hallucinations. Soon Jude really didn’t know what was real and what wasn’t, and through his teen years he suffered from his “illness” far worse than when he was a child. Eventually a dosage was reached where he was effectively numb, it was deemed a success even if he was living with constant lethargy.

He moved out of his parents’ home at twenty, unsure of what he intended to do with his life. College, maybe, but instead he simply ended up working job after job, doing his best to keep his shit together.
EMPATH Nope not crazy, Jude is an empath, not the weird kind you see on TV but a genuine empath. He is highly sensitive to the emotions of others. Due to being completely untrained -- or even aware that empaths are a thing -- Jude cannot differentiate between his own emotions and the emotions of others. Being medicated hasn’t numbed his passive empathic abilities, but anything that requires his input won’t be consistent or as effective. Anything “passive” is always running in the background, “active” abilities require his input. I’ll mark them with A and P mostly for myself

SENSITIVE TO EMOTION (P) Like all empaths, Jude is very sensitive to the emotions of others. In large groups, he finds it difficult to pinpoint what “feelings” are coming from where, but he can still feel each individual’s emotions. Often times being in busy places for long leaves him with headaches and fatigue. This ability is much stronger when in physical contact with someone else.

EMOTIONAL MANIPULATION (A) While Jude cannot control the emotions of others entirely, he can sway them into feeling one way or another through touch. While unable to completely change a person’s mood, he can help someone who is sad feel content. He cannot make someone feel something that they aren’t feeling, but he can bring certain emotions forward. For example, someone who is angry might also be afraid, and he can force them to feel more afraid than angry.

SHARING THROUGH TOUCH (A) While sensitive to the emotions around him, through touch he can pinpoint exactly how a person is feeling, and take that emotion on himself. He is capable of seeing glimpses of memories associated with very strong emotions.

SEDATION (A) Jude is capable of sedating someone, but must remain in contact with them for it to be effective. This ability's effectiveness also depends on the person being sedated, someone actively fighting it is less likely to be sedated than someone wishing to sleep.
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PLAYED BY salt and vinegar
AHHHHHHHHH IT'S A MANTIS-ESQUE CHARACTER I LOVE THEMMM. i'm such a sucker for empaths and i love love love the backstory you gave jude WEEPS i can't wait to see how things go when he meets his mermaid saviour again 👀

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