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est. june 2015
travel to a city more wonderful and whimsical than you could ever imagine. as a haven for the supernatural, some several centuries old now, mythril city is filled to the brim with witches and creatures of all kinds. they live here in secret, content to make their own lives—yet in such a menagerie of creatures, it’s no surprise that there’s drama around every corner. chaos theory focuses on casual roleplay and member-driven plots, so come, join the chaos.


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 Birds of a feather, kimmy
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posted Dec 15 2017, 05:00 PM //
Utterly mad. Aurelius had spent all morning work with Schuyler Haas, the illtempered griffin, and quite frankly, his mood could not be lower. The wicked, vile woman had spat insults at him all morning, refused to follow his carefully planned system and practically fed him ill emotions all morning. If his headache was not due to a lack of tea, it was certainly due to her terrible attitude.

THankfully, he could correct the former, at least. The unicorn was itching for a cup of his favourite beverage. Amidst the hustle and bustle, a green tea could do wonders to one's spirit, especially if it was prepared correctly. Aurelius usually demanded an intern make his tea for him, but in these circumstances, he wouldn't risk such a mistake. His drink had to be perfect. There was nothing for it but to make his own.

When the unicorn got to the kitchen, he found another person already making some drinks. Ignoring him, he marched forward to grab a cup. There were no cups. "Utterly ridiculous." He pulled open the dishwasher to fetch one. of course, it hadn't been on yet. Of course. "First, they make me work with a ridiculous griffin with no sense of proper behaviour, who refuses to follow the most basic organising system, who insisted on swearing every five seconds... then some idiot can't even be bothered to turn on the washer."

Still grumbling, he shoved a tablet in the machine, slammed it shut, and went to wash up his cup. What next? Was he to work with a demon this afternoon? Perhaps a dragon! Blue eyes cast a glance to his companion. It seemed that he had been tasked with getting half the office's drinks.

kimmy I hope this works for you
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posted Dec 21 2017, 07:45 PM //
so baby pull me closer
Frey muttered counts, quietly repeating to himself the way people took their coffee. He should’ve expected this honestly. Of course, if he asked ONE person how they wanted their coffee, seven more would chip in. He had only intended to get himself and his companion a cup. Well, no matter. He had been going there anyway he might as well. Just…he wished it wasn’t so many people. Frey had carefully placed all the cups on the serving tray. He was already scared of moving away with them, even if he was incredibly adept at balancing coffee. Being treated like an intern kind of made it a skill you acquired. He was just finishing preparing his own cup. Three spoonfuls of sugar and what he could only assumed was a shot of milk and cream. He barely glanced up as someone intruded on the kitchen, more interested in not spilling the milk as he set it back in the fridge.

He was familiar enough with the bad moods at headquarters. That s to say, he was usually the pissy one. He jumped slightly as he heard the washing machine slam before looking back at the man. He watched him stomp around the kitchen to wash his mug before settling back to make coffee. Frey blinked slowly as the man finally realized he had company. Though his attention was on the drink he spoke up either way. “What’s the matter? Someone ruin your coffee order?” Frey asked lightly, flashing a nervous smile as he hoped he didn’t incur the wrath of someone he assumed probably wasn’t human. He’d done well enough on his own. Most of his work was solitary unless he chose to leave his desk.

Though, not many payed him too much mind when they walked by either. Which was ok. He was definitely ok with any vampire, werewolf, or variation of man eating creature to pass him by. He let his words hang in the air and carefully lifted his cup of coffee after stirring it long enough. It wasn’t burning anymore thanks to the cold milk and cream. It tasted sweet enough. He was ok with this. While the coffee wasn’t burning hot, the warmth traveling down his esophagus and through his chest was still a bit painful. He grimaced, placing a hand on his chest before the heat faded. He finally looked back up at his colleague and asked, “What’s got you all in a tizzy?” Usually he avoided asking this question to anyone that looked angry as hell, but Pandora was the exception sometimes. All matter of random shit seemed to happen around here sometimes. Who knew, it might make a good story.
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posted Dec 27 2017, 04:59 PM //
Still grumbling, Aurelius dried up his cup and poured hot water in, along with a thermometer. Green tea, his tea, needed to be brewed at exactly 80 degrees. It was a highly precise art which, quite frankly, most employees were too dense to get. Bending down to check the temperature, he caught the second question from the other person in the room. Blue eyes squinted. He had no idea who the man was.

Aurelius gave him a quick look over, trying to place the face. Ah, yes. The human intern. Whatever its name was. What management were thinking by bringing in a mundane, of all things, he would never know. Honestly, the things were useless for most tasks and a distraction to half the beings in the building. Humans were prey for a number of the supernatural. Really, it was utterly ridiculous.

"In a tizzy? I am not in a tizzy," he snapped irritably. Aurelius gave the human a quick glance again. It would not understand. But the unicorn did fancy a vent. He supposed that of all things, he might as well complain to a human. What was it going to do? Stab him to death? The thought made his spine quiver. No, actually, he would prefer that the human did not do that. Re-regardless, there was certainly no harm in it.

Aurelius let out a sigh, leaning against the cabinet. "I have had the most dreadful morning," he declared, "First, I am put on an intelligence mission with a griffin of all things." Aurelius gave the man a side glance. "Have you ever worked with a griffin? They are gruff, rude, aggressive and lacking any sense of basic organisation or intelligence. Vile creatures." Shaking his head, he peered again at the thermometer. Eighy four degrees. Not quite enough yet.

"First she turns up late with the wrong drink, losing her temper when I point out her lateness. Then when we go through the material, she ignores the methodical filing system to fling the papers into two messy piles, barely making any notes on what is useful and what isn't, while continuing to threaten me and trample all over my organised notes." He growled, crossing his arms. "And then she suggests I called her incompetent to her face. That awful woman."

Yes, Aurelius certainly had no desire to work with her in the near future. The unicorn cast a glance at the human. "I am certain from listening that you can understand how dreadful it has been." Or perhaps he couldn't. What did interns do anyway? Make tea hourly?

frey mcconnellkimmy
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posted Jan 8 2018, 07:34 PM //
so baby pull me closer
The snap back elicited a small, bemused smile from Frey but he refrained from commenting that Aurelius was, totally, in a tizzy. He quietly drank from his cup as the blonde proceeded to tell him about his day and the events leading up to this unsightly tizzy he was currently in. The young man shook his head. “No, I usually work alone.” He interjected before letting the unicorn continue. He followed along well enough. Frey grimaced at the mention of some griffin just tossing papers on a desk despite the set order. It just reminded him of how much of a bitch starting a new filing system could be. “Was this an actual communications agent?” he asked in disbelief at the thought of someone handling so carelessly brief documents. They couldn’t be communications agents, could they? He kind of wanted to believe this was some operation agent being punished with a brief.

“Sounds terrible.” He said with a nod. “I don’t usually deal with griffins, I’m pretty sure. It’s been mainly vampires I think. Or uh, renevants.” The younger agent added with a shrug. “But it’s over and done with by now isn’t it? Or do you have to go back and work with the same woman?” he asked, eyes moving to Aurelius’ face. For a moment, he wanted to see if the blonde’s face would turn red at the thought. “Regardless, I tend to avoid working with others if I can help it, but secretarial work pretty much insulates me from many collaborative projects.” He paused making a face before adding. “You know, unless I’m tasked out as an attachment.” It didn’t happen often, and usually when he was ‘tasked out’ to do something it was physical training.

Sparring with beings above his level and while sometimes he learned something about himself and about fighting in real time, most of the time he just ended batter and bruised. Sometimes people doubted he was human and ended up breaking his ribs. “Be thankful you’re not forced into sparring practices…” he growled, the train of thought souring his mood. “Anyway, how’s your…tea?”
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posted Jan 13 2018, 01:09 PM //
The signs of sympathy, rarely offered, drew a curious glance to the human drinking at the sink. It seemed he was a good listener. It tempted Aurelius to take full advantage and clear everything of his chest. He checked the thermometer of his cup again, looking up as Frey mentioned working alone. A rarity in this department. "I am utterly envious," Aurelius grumbled back. "I am forced to work with the most tiresome, difficult people on a daily basis." He growled, giving the cup a stir. "And yes, it was a communications agent. A vile, violent, terrible communications agent."

Wrinkling his nose, he continued, glaring at the cup. "Griffins are violent, vicious creatures. They eat most people and they never fail to throw their weight around." The unicorn quivered at the mention of vampires, and the thought of his blood being sucked by one of those creatures. "I would certainly take one over a vampire, however. I am surprised you're not dead." A human surely had no defence against those fiends. All it took was for one to want a snack and the human was gone. This person must be quite brave,

"Anyway, I certainly do not intend to work with her again. I have demanded that we be kept on different jobs," he declared, crossing his arms, "I am not going to be bullied or threatened in pursuing my work, especially not by a predator species. Absolutely not." The unicorn shook his head firmly, checking the temperature one last time. It appeared to be perfect. Beaming, he popped in the tea bag. "It is green tea. Green tea must be prepared at 80 degrees to ensure the correct flavour. ANything else is to vandalise the tea bag."

Which was why he'd given up asking a colleague to do it. They never got it right and no one, especially not Aurelius, wanted a ruined green tea. "What do you have to do for an attachment? I've never heard of such a thing. Sparring sounds dreadful." The unicorn had no desire to participate in sparring, of all things. Far too violent.

frey mcconnell
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