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»  De Wievenaren van Wuyversma, by leonidas
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CREATED BY leonidas
MEMBER GROUP: Divided between de Oardeljochtige (fabled) and Scheumenaars (monsters)
NATURAL LIFE SPAN: Indefinite (immortal to a degree)

Long, long ago. In fact, centuries.. even millions if not milliards of years ago, there was an powerful natural occurance that shaped the Low Countries of Central Europe so drastically, that it became a populous, magical harbour. This occurance was the geological change that made the Low Countries become habitable. The sea that once floated carelessly above these rich grounds, took place to unearthen a piece of land that was previously hidden. It was the creation of the four main rivers and their naiads interference (Rhine, Meuse, Schelde and IJssel) that take part of this unearthing process, and it was this highly natural, thus magical process that created a union of two magical beings to control the natures of these lands. it was Oardiwéyf and Scheumejūf that united the nature of this area as one, and their ancestors were destined with those same abilities.

The Wittenaren are a immersive supernatural family that originated by a couple of Oardiwéyf and Scheumejūf, which were created by nature itself. They are all related, and as such inbreding and incest doesnt bare any issues with this family, be it political or health wise. A Wittenaar has all the related physical features of his family, which includes a pale, sometimes freckled skin, white blonde hair and during the fullest of moons, their eyes and white hair may give out a bright, white shine. They are all over the world nowadays, but their truthful origins lay in the netherlands. This is why their bodies often tend to miss their truthful homeland after some time, and have the magical need to visit it atleast annually to boost up their health. Traditionally, they all do this together during the european winters, sharing nights and meetings with fellow family.

While they have magic in a variety of ways common to every Wittenaar, all Wittenaren have unique powers or rather magical specialisations granted at birth. Those are all related to their spirit animal, be it mythically, folkloric or physically possible of your animal. If you're spirit animal is a bee, you may be a powerful prophetic fortuneteller of some sort, as bees can predict thunderstorms and are said to be soothsaying in myth. Or if you're an old Wittenaar and you've been born before bears left the netherlands, and your spirit is a bear, then you might be exceptionally strong

Its also worth to mention that since the first children of Oardiwéyf and Scheumejūf, there has been a disagreement between the family. They all eventually decided to divide themselves between two familial factions: the Oardelljochtige alongside Oardiwéyf and the Scheumenaars alongside Scheumejúf, the benevolents and malevolent to some degree.


Animalistic Magic

Each Wittenaar has an animal spirit they represent, and as such gain individual, unique powers based on this animal. This is your turn to be immensively creative, but one thing is sure: you cant turn into it! Most Wittenaren have not any physical formation of capabilities to change their physiology other than things that have a human reality base. Other than that, the species of your spirit must have lived in the netherlands the time you were around, and if a species is on the brink of dying out during the birth of your character, it is highly likely that you will get their spirit as a magical, natural occurance. Generally, these powers are very plentiful and are not just single ones. Its always more thsn three, with atleast one minor, passive and nonthreatening abillity like speaking many languages or being an exceptionally fast swimmer.

Natural Anomalies

to put it simply, due to their magical and natural nature, if they walk outside nature nay try to interact with them in every way. Animals want their attention, trees let leaves fall like tears when you are mad, or plants tend to groe much faster or wither away. This is mostly unintentional and/or based on emotion, but few powerful Wittenaren are able to take control of this.


Witspraak, or White Tongue, is their magical universal language in which they speak to eachother in private. Witspraak however, is understandable by every other being, sentient or animals, no matter their original language. Its also fun that while speaking this languages, magicallt any reaction in any language thats directed to the one speaking Witspraak is automatically beinh translated to Wittenaren. Meaning that any reaction to them in any language, is neurologically converted to Witspraak in their minds. This makes them even able to communicate with every animal.

Youth of the White

This is simple: they have an indefinite lifespan which can lead to thousands of years, if not killed off by one of their weaknesses. They cant die of age, sickness, normal injuries, or have organ disfunctionings. As long as they wouldnt be slayed off by one of their weaknesses, they remain to life indefinetely. Also, they seem to age normally untill they naturally decide to stop their aging. This is a very important decision, as you need to be sure you want to live the rest of your life as this age.

Wittenaren are largely invulnerable compared to humans, being harder to kill. instead, they have several weaknesses unique to their race, some of which are able to kill them. all are listed below.

Stinging Nettles

Stinging Nettles and their oil can cause a washlist of different affects on them based on quality, quantity, and form and method of giving them. Physically, it always burns their skin like a hot iron mark, similar to Vervain in The Vampire Diaries, but once ingested in any way, amount, or dilution may cause varying effects. To instant death, hallucinations, drunkedness, or becoming unconciouss.

Broken Neck

Broken necks will bring them unconcious.

Fire, Large Explosions and Decapitation

Fire, large explosions decapitation will instantly kill them. Howover, smaller explosions like grenades, explosive bullets, fireworks and the like will merely scrarch them for a minute.

Animal Blood Hunger

For Nature, there is balance. Thus, because of their strong natural magic, they all have a requirement to partake in, in order to survive. This one is simple: they cant eat meat physically, yet they are ordered to atleast murder one animal of their spirit animal atleast once a decade and burn them in a magical ritual to ashes, in order to remain healthy.

Regional Bond

All their magic, let alone themself, originate out of the lands known as the Netherlands. This is why they need to spend atleast once a month every year into the area they will always call their original home, no matter the decisions of settling elsewhere. Their magic would get replenished, and their health would remain to thrive. If they wont visir the netherlands, they would eventually lose their powers and would die as they begin show their true age, which is usually above 100 so they would basically become elderly and die.

True Name

Like faeries in lore, their secret true name, once documented or known by anyone else, is able to compel them to do their bidding, altrough with logic This means you cant compell them to kill.

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