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 feeding the fishes, ft john doe
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posted Oct 12 2017, 11:26 PM ( )
This week had fucking sucked. It’d been the worst kind of suck and Ricky was ready for it to be over, and luckily it was because his weekend was here and he was going to just forget that this entire week had fucking happened. He was quickly coming to discover that drunk kids were the worst kind of drunk people. They were so full of themselves, haughty and absolute menaces when there was a nice pair of boobs hanging in front of their faces. It was like they’d laced their own booze with pure testosterone. It was mind boggling to see some of the kids at Carnal who came in just got absolutely annihilated. Sure, some of the younger ones that came in were tolerable. They were usually there for a birthday or something, thinking they could get sloshed and watch some of the dancers. Sometimes they tried to get lucky and kudos to them if they succeeded.

It was the ones that didn’t succeed and didn’t fucking let it go that Ricky had to deal with and every time it was a shitshow. How often some poor girl wandered over to him to whisper that there was some guy grinding up on her and making her feel weird, he lost count. At least once a night it seemed, and it always got under his skin when sleazebags were stupidly persistent. No was no man, step the fuck off. Even with the anger that boiled in him whenever someone came over to him to ask for his help, he tried his best to handle it civilly. You know, the whole, “buddy chill out,” routine. Some guys were quick to step off, some didn’t even realize they were being creepily pushy and they were usually quick to dip the fuck out of the club. It was the guys that got in his face that made Ricky’s blood boil and it was the guys that got in Ricky’s face that he loved dealing with because fuck them, someone needed to knock them down a few pegs.

Rarely did things escalate to being physical, at least rarely did they come to blows. If someone was being crazy Ricky simply hooked their arms behind their back and dragged them off. Drunk people weren’t exactly known for their ability to be good fighters. Sometimes though, oh sometimes someone took a swing at him without much warning and that was why he was currently sporting a bandage across the bridge of his bruised as fuck nose. The asshole had been wearing a ring. It was a good thing his nose hadn’t been broken because there was only so much restraint Ricky had you know? People weren’t perfect and he was trying to be good but it was so hard when people were fucking awful. All things considered, he’d handled it pretty well. At least he thought so. Restrained the guy and tossed him out, no blows thrown on his part even though he’d wanted to break that assholes jaw into pieces.

Other things had happened throughout the week, but the paled in comparison to the soreness in his nose. Ricky was just glad it was over, so glad, and while he had half a mind to simply sit at home with the cats he had decided to keep his promise to John. He had no idea if the other man would even be at the beach or if he’d be off with his school or whatever the hell he had called it, but Ricky needed fresh air and if John wasn’t there he’d just throw some rocks or something at the water.

Ricky arrived about the same time he had the last time he’d been here. He doubted that John would actually show if he came during the day, and besides Ricky really didn’t want to deal with anyone else and it wasn’t very likely that he’d be picking anybody up with a giant bandage across his nose. He was happy to find that the beach as mostly cleared out, and it was by pure chance that he stumbled upon a rickety pier that looked mostly unused. He wasn’t really sure if John would be able to find him there, assuming he even showed, but Ricky really just wanted to be as far the fuck away from anyone else as possible, and so he’d walked the length of it and sat down at its edge. He’d taken his boots and socks off so that he could actually hang his feet down, let them touch at the surface of the water. Cold, it was cold, how did John live in this shit? Whatever, it didn’t matter. Ricky wasn’t sure how long he planned to stay and wait, but he figured it couldn’t hurt to smoke a cigarette or two during the mean time. With that thought in mind he fished the carton out of his pocket, placing one of the cancer sticks between his lips before lighting it with his zippo. It was a bad habit to have, but that didn’t mean the first drag didn’t ease his jumbled nerves.

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posted Oct 13 2017, 08:21 AM ( )
John had popped up on the beach almost every day for the past week since he and Ricky last met, scanning the shores briefly for a familiar face before disappearing back underneath the waves.

God, it sounded so needy, didn’t it? Like he was pining for a man he’d only met once in passing. But Ricky had been a friendly face on land and god had he needed one of those after a series of negative run-ins that had him turned of setting foot on sand for a little while at least. He wasn’t even sure if Ricky would make good on his little ‘promise’ to come again, and he couldn’t even bring himself to fault him for it. Humans could be just as skittish of things that were different than them than merfolk were of land. Sometimes they waved wars not even over how they looked, but what the other thought. Weird how they were so easily provoked, but some species were just that way.

He made his way around the beach in slow, lingering circles towards the end of the day. His tail trailed behind him almost like a long dress or veil would on a woman, creating barely any ripples in the rocking waters as the sun began to go down again and splash everything with bright hues of red, orange and yellow. He figured this would be the last time he’d come by and check, but then again, he’d said the same thing yesterday. He was doubtful he’d even see the guy and told himself to not get too hurt over it, not everybody wanted to be a friend. Every once in a while his head would pop briefly over the water, his golden hair blending in with the rippling, colourful waters at this time of day.

There were just a couple of lingering people on the beach on their sunset walks, but he had no intention to join with them at the moment. There was a little sigh of near dejection and he plunged back down, deciding to go a little further west on the beach towards a couple of old piers. Usually there was nobody there; people stayed away from abandoned places like that more often than not. Something about old, unstable places and being alone, he imagined, and he could sort of understand that. The rocks below them were covered in seaweed and there was little to do but gaze out towards the vastness of the ocean and ponder your place in life. Romantic, right?

The water was getting cooler at least, but not like the temperature changed much in the deep oceans anyway. Soon, nobody would be at the beach at all for several months and he would be left all alone without the option of land until it warmed up again. It wasn’t a terrible fate, surely, but still a slightly melancholy one to have one of his many options yanked out from under him.

It was only when he rounded the bend towards the pier did he pause briefly, seeing a faint silhouette with its feet dangling off the long edge, whirls of smoke surrounding their head. But it was a familiar face the closer he got, and he dipped underwater to approach him from beneath the waves and swirled around his feet that hung in the water. Ah, so he did come, same time as the previous encounter. He hadn’t come up close enough to see his bandaged nose yet, closing in with a little skip of his heart and a goofy grin on his face because his friend had come after all.

John flicked his tail up, brushing Ricky’s feet and lower legs with his fin as if to tickle him. Really, it was another take on the previous flirty behaviour of touching each other’s fins, something apparently lost to humans as to their actual intention. Different body languages and all that, though Ricky had done a very good job of getting him all flustered the prior visit.

riccardo marino

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posted Oct 13 2017, 02:27 PM ( )
Ricky had no idea if John would even show up, and part of him felt a bit silly for being here. It wasn’t like he had any way to let John know he’d be here, which certainly made the weird game of cat and mouse interesting. It was also pretty likely that John had come up to check for him, noticed he wasn’t on the beach, and then went back to his school. There were a lot of ifs in the equation, but Ricky wasn’t about to leave just yet. He’d just lit a second cigarette. Besides, the sunset was at least pretty to watch. It was never something he ever really bothered to do, but the hues of orange and pink that bathed the sky and the surface of the water were nice enough to look at. Soon enough the waves would be inky black again.

His thoughts weren’t exactly hung up on whether John was going to show or not, even if the other man wasn’t here Ricky was happy to just be for awhile. He certainly needed it, he just needed a little while to remove himself from all the things that had irked him this week. The tension that had been steadily ripping through him at least seemed to loosen some from simply being anywhere else but the city. Weird how stressful big crowded places like a city could be and one not even know it until they were in a more open place, a place with actual fresh air without as much interference from city smog.

A long slow drag on his cigarette filled Ricky’s lungs with smoke, only to just as quickly be pushed right back out on a slow breath. His hand lowered from his mouth so that he could ash it into the water. Whatever fish were hanging out near the pier must have thought the ashes were food, because he could see little air bubbles forming around the ashes as the fish came to the surface to swallow them up. ”Don’t fucking eat that.” Not that his words had any effect, and it wasn’t long before the fish finished their makeshift meal and retreated back to safety underneath the pier. Great. Next time he ashed the cigarette he did it on the pier beside him. Not ideal, but he didn’t want fish to get sick because they were eating remnants of his poor decision.

A sigh escaped him, leaning back against one had as his eye moved along the surface of the water. There was no sign of John, at least not that he could see, and when his second cigarette was reduced to nothing but the filter he squished it down against the pier before setting it down. He’d pick it up when he left, though it seemed like the few other visitors that came to this pier hadn’t offered the same courtesy. Other cigarettes were shoved in between the planks, a sight that made him frown. With his cigarette gone, Ricky was about to climb back up to his feet, or at least attempt to put his boots on but before he could pull his feet back something brushed up against them.

The only part of his feet that was really touching the water was the soles, they just barely tapped the surface so when he felt something brush up against them he jerked. ”ACK!” Startled, understandably, it was then that he jumped back just a bit, only enough so that he could lift his feet out in front of him, as if whatever had touched him was going to try and drag him under. Again he found himself skimming the surface, though this time he was able to see someone swimming in tight little circles not far beneath the water’s surface. It was a bit difficult to make the shape out considering the water distorted it, but Ricky was able to make out the darkly colored fin as well as the body it was attached too, even if under the surface it looked more like a strange sort of blob that almost totally blended together.

It was John, or at least he figured it had to be, and the sudden startled racing of his heart was eased. ”You scared the hell out of me,” he grumbled, dropping his feet back down into the water, though instead of just letting them dangle he kicked at the surface, sending little sprinkles of water skipping against the small waves that rolled along. He doubted John had heard the words since water had a way of distorting things, but it didn’t really matter.

john doe
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posted Oct 13 2017, 05:40 PM ( )
It was a relief that Ricky decided to show up after all, or rather, a relief that the stars aligned just right and put them in the same place at the same time. John had already decided that if he couldn't find him today that it would've been a lost cause and he might as well not bother anymore. Despite being friendly, he knew that not everybody wanted to be a friend, so to speak. As humans sometimes did tend to do, they were kind on the surface but not so much so just underneath their skin. Maybe it was just the polite thing to do among them, especially if they weren't ever going to see each other again. Upsetting, sure, but not exactly uncommon and he'd just have to come to terms with the idea if he wanted to befriend them.

But the blonde merman didn't have to be so disappointed for long. Out in the distance was his newfound friend and he swam over to greet him with a brush of his fins against his feet, at least, the parts that were touching water. Little flecks of something speckled the surface of the water, only to be quickly gobbled up by the small fish that made their shelter near sheltered outcrops like piers and rocks. Little save havens, similar in the way that merfolk found caves or sunken ships or large corals to hide in when they slept as a group.

John reached up, brushed his fins against the soles of his feet in a bit more of a 'convincing' flirtatious manner. Better than grabbing at his pants, he thought, but evidently Ricky didn't think so when his feet were quickly pulled away with a yelp. So... was that a no?

The merman frowned a little; well, that was certainly a very adverse reaction to a little harmless flirting. He hadn't even been that brazen or forward, just a little touch was all and usually it would have even gone unnoticed if he were courting another merfolk who understood these little ques. It didn't cross his mind that for humans who usually had nothing under their own two feet but their shoes, having something soft and vaguely slimy touching their soles from the deep unknown was more than a little unsettling and Ricky's reaction was likely very justified. Could've been just a fish, could've been a damn sea monster there to drag him down.

He didn't hear his little grumble, just continued to swim around in circles until the surface of the water rippled with splashes as Ricky kicked up water. With a tiny indignant huff, John rose higher up towards the air and this time he flipped his tail much like a whale would, slapping the surface and sending a decent amount of spray Ricky's way. Not enough to completely soak him, but definitely enough to give him a fine misting and a good startle. Only then did he finally surface with a triumphant smile.

"You could've just said no!" He made a little whine of it, though he didn't sound particularly distraught over the fact that he'd been 'rejected' from a gesture Ricky probably didn't even know he made. "It's about time you arrived, though. I almost gave up on visiting this beach."

With that, and after Ricky would stop splashing, he'd float himself a little closer to look up at the man only to have his grin disappear and a brow raise itself. Ricky's face was... not looking so good. There was a bandage across his nose, but it did little to hide the purple and sickly green-yellow bruising and mottling that happened to the surrounding skin. "Hey, what happened? What's up with your nose?"

riccardo marino
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posted Oct 13 2017, 08:19 PM ( )
Unfortunately for John, Ricky really had no idea that his little fin tickling was some form of flirting, and to have something totally alien touch at the more sensitive parts of his feet was definitely a shock. Maybe Ricky was still a bit ticklish, not that he’d admit it. Once he realized it was John the worry that it was some weird eel disappeared, and instead he simply assumed the merman was playing a joke on him, much more harmless than the one Ricky had perceived him to playing the second time they’d met. He’d take a bit of feet tickling over, you know, someone pretending to kill themselves for a laugh.

His gaze followed the moving shape under the water, swimming lazy little circles. It was graceful in a way, but Ricky didn’t have much of a reference point for it. John could be the clumsiest merman of the bunch for all he knew. Either way, it was still interesting. What wasn’t so interesting was the splashing that came as John came closer to the surface, darkly scaled tail slapping at the top of the water and sending droplets in his direction. He wasn’t as surprised this time around, but still lifted a hand to keep the worst of the spray off his face, letting a huff as he did.

When he noticed John moving a bit closer to the surface, as though he actually intended to come up, Ricky stopped the movement of his feet, letting them fall back to skim the top of the water. The shit eating grin on John’s face was the first thing he noticed once the man’s head bobbed above the water, though his words did give Ricky just a bit of pause. No to what? To being tickled? ”Most people aren’t huge fans of their feet being touched.” More importantly they weren’t fans of having their feet touched while they weren’t able to see whatever it was that was touching them. Honestly that “fear” probably applied to all parts of the body. It was easy to mistake the leaf that fell into one’s hair for a spider until it was swatted away and discovered to be nothing more than a harmless plant.

He was glad to hear that John hadn’t given up on coming to this beach yet, and he gave the other man an all too pleased grin. ”I told you I’d come by.” Maybe John just thought he had been lying? It wasn’t really uncommon for people to do that, to say they’d “be back” or “send you a text” and then never do it. He’d done it a few times himself when it came to clingers, but Ricky liked John enough to at least keep his word on this. It was a good distraction if nothing else. The other man’s presence was a pleasing sort of thing, relaxing, but perhaps that was because of the carefree demeanor he put on. It was a stark contrast to most of the people Ricky ran into.

The water rippled just a bit as John coasted closer, his movement sending tiny waves with it. If not for the soreness in his nose, Ricky might have completely forgotten about how busted it up it was, and when the ever so pleased grin slipped of John’s face as he asked about Ricky gave a nonchalant shrug. ”This?” A hand lifted to gesture rather vaguely to his face. ”Some asshole kid punched me at work. Drunk off his ass trying to get in some girl’s pants. Told him to knock it off and he flipped out. So now I’m rocking this look until it heals up.” He could hear the slightly...nasal tone to his words, and a grimace crept its way over his face. ”Don’t worry about it.” Said only because he could see just a bit of concern in the way John’s brow furrowed once he seemed to realize how busted up his nose actually was. ”It looks worse than it is.” He’d dealt with far worse pains in his life, so a busted nose was nothing to stop him from getting on with his day.

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posted Oct 13 2017, 11:48 PM ( )
It was probably a universal given that John had no idea Ricky was freaked out instead of simply spurning his advances. For a guy who was so brazen himself, it just seemed to John that he didn't take reciprocation well. That was fine, he supposed, even if he thought it was just a little weird how he reacted. Not once did it cross his simple fish brain that apparently it meant something completely different and Ricky just didn't like having his feet tickled by a weird, slimy fin.

So as any sort of halfway decent being would, he backed off and didn't touch at his legs again. At least, not with his fin as he huffed and pouted rather jokingly about it up at the other. Maybe some other time, when he got to know him a little better. Or maybe it was context, and Ricky would need to initiate it. He didn't know and really, wrapping his head around the intricacies was beyond what he wanted to bother with on that particular day. Maybe he just didn't like fin touching, and another way about it was in order. But why was he even thinking about flirting with a human, anyway? Surely, as he said before, it would never work out even if it were just playful.

"Well, I'm not a human feet scientist." But at least now he knew that people were weird about their feet. Or was he taking it too literally? He wasn't sure and at the moment he wouldn't try untangling it, he was just happy to see Ricky around again even if he knew it would probably only be brief. If anything, John would grow skittish of hanging around near land so long and decide to flee back to deeper waters.

But of course, jokes aside, John did look a little worried over Ricky's bruised nose. He knew what an injury looked like, damn it, having had quite a few during his long life of shark hunting, squid shanking and boat dodging. That one incident with a sailor's net had traumatized him for long enough that he didn't resurface again for a solid twenty years, maybe more, and he still bore those crisscrossed pale scars across his body. He wondered if humans scarred the same way, even, but he hoped not. Ricky was already 'rugged' looking without a terribly crooked nose, or so he thought.

"Your voice sounds really weird, too." He pointed out, highly unnecessary but oblivious as he usually was. Considering merfolk noses were less useful than their gills, he didn't realize that injuring one's nose changed tone so much. "But... does it hurt? I think I'd have something to help." Surely it would hurt, as any injured body part did. And when he spoke about getting something to help, he didn't mean layering seaweed on his face, either.

Merfolk tears were a valuable commodity, and most of them had a few sitting in their pouches at any given time. Sailors loved them for their healing powers and their ability to prevent seasickness, but these days they were extremely rare among both land and sea dwellers considering merfolk made themselves scarce centuries ago. He was fairly sure it could help heal Ricky's wounds, though. Short of having the whole thing broken, it looked minor if not nasty. "I mean, I promise I won't make you chew on a puffer fish or something, but you're bruised pretty badly."

riccardo marino
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posted Oct 14 2017, 12:26 AM ( )
His nose was throbbing, little waves of pain hitting his face every time he breathed through it but it wasn’t something Ricky had a mind to fix. It would heal, and from what he could tell it hadn’t been broken so it wouldn’t be much more crooked than it had been in the first place. His nose had been broken more than once in the past, whacked just a bit too hard during a fight or two. At least the breaks always seemed to be on opposite sides, and Ricky had just convinced himself that the crooks cancelled eachother out and made his nose look a bit straighter. Not so true, but while he was confident in his appearance it wasn’t something he fretted over. No time for that, no desire for it. He had other things to busy himself with and he wasn’t some sixteen year old girl.

All that being said, he really didn’t want John worrying about it. Bruises healed quickly enough, and from the looks of him John had taken a thrashing or two in his time, so it honestly kind of puzzled Ricky that such concern seemed to pool in his eyes. Weird. If John were some other person, a regular human, than Ricky could understand, but surely John had seen his fair share of injuries, especially since he’d bragged about fighting sharks in his time.

When John mentioned his voice sounding weird, Ricky snorted and then immediately winced as a fresh new wave of pain hit him right in the face like a fist. His first instinct was to pinch at it, try and cut the pain off or something, but he caught himself before he could do that and make it twenty times worse. ”I’m aware.” His tone just a slight bit terse, though not so much frustrated with John and more the fact that he was sitting here with a busted nose being fretted over. At least John’s concern wasn’t overbearing? Ricky had rather fond -- obnoxious at the time -- memories of his mother’s concerned fussing over injuries he’d turn up with. She’d start spouting off in Italian, the words mixing with English in a slew of what felt like gibberish.

”It’s sore.”The edge in voice tone leaving just as quickly as it arrived. He wasn’t upset with John, and he gave a rather apologetic smile with the softer tone of his voice. As soft as it could be consider how gruff it tended to be, nasal edge included. As for what remedy the other man had for him...Ricky wasn’t sure if he was eager to chance whatever it was he had to give. His first thought was, honestly, that the other man would bring him some sort of sea creature to rub on his face. Maybe that’d work for merfolk but not so much regular humans.

He didn’t want to just spur the offer, because John really didn’t have to try and help. There was no reason that the other man should, but he seemed to want to and he was being so damn earnest about it that after a moment Ricky let out a low sigh. Admittedly he was a bit curious, and so after a short pause he lowered his eye to John’s face, giving him an almost weary sort of once over before speaking, ”alright man lay it on me. It better not be gross.” If John had some cure all that would ease the ache in his nose he’d take it, but it’d mean he’d need him back somehow. Leaving things like that always made him feel weird, favors should be paid back with favors and this was certainly a favor.

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posted Oct 16 2017, 09:30 AM ( )
John was a particularly empathetic individual and though it may have seemed somewhat weird to Ricky that he’d care so much right off the bat, it was just par for the course. Besides, having a screwed up nose wasn’t much fun and he imagined that would be fairly universal. John had gotten into a row or two in his time, perhaps not with other merfolk as he had the big and dangerous creatures of the sea and he knew how much that shit hurt. But unlike so many humans apparently, merfolk banded together and took care of their wounded during those times, and John had been preened and fussed over by dozens before he got better.

So he’d extend the favour and make sure Ricky healed somewhat faster, and he grinned as soon as he ‘accepted’ his invitation to help. At least there wasn’t some sort of resistance or fuss; he didn’t want to force the other man into something he wouldn’t like but at the same time, he wanted him to get better. Despite it being only the third time he met the other blond, he did quite care. "Wait here. I’ll come back with something, and it’s not gross." Whatever ‘gross’ was to humans, anyway. If the fin touching was of any indication, their definitions of ‘gross’ differed a lot.

With that, John disappeared beneath the softly lapping waves once more and was gone in a dart. Despite being a rather nomadic species who never stayed in one place for long, the individuals in a given school still had things. Small things, of course, just what they could carry on their ventures. He’d be sort of horrified and quite nervous to find that humans had so many things in their homes that they couldn’t carry away on a whim. When he surfaced, he left the things that he had behind in the water. They were pretty standard; carrying packs, smaller pouches, all with things for survival inside. He’d stuffed it into a nearby rocky outcrop underwater, and he was quick to find what he needed before carrying it back to the surface.

Surfacing once more, John had that same chipper grin on his face as he reached out and held what looked like a small, sand-polished shard of glass with a string tied around the middle. It was a very distinct, marbled looking white and streaked with clearer bits of green, as if a bottle had been smashed and the pieces rolled over and over by the ocean to create a matte, smooth little shard. The small sting that it clung to looked to be plucked from some sort of netting or fishing line, not exactly the prettiest thing but enough that it could be wrapped around a wrist or worn as a necklace.

"Wear this." He said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "It won’t heal you up instantly, but it’ll definitely shorten the time it takes your nose to get better. It might stop hurting by tomorrow morning, though." At least he hoped that was the case, but it should have been. Merfolk tears had a charge of about two years and this one was relatively new. They were somewhat rare for merfolk themselves, near impossible to find for humans so they were oftentimes hoarded. He could probably afford to give this one to Ricky until he felt better, though.

riccardo marino

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posted Oct 16 2017, 08:53 PM ( )
Humans were very much unlike merfolk when it came to helping eachother out. Ricky had beaten the piss out of people with a crowd watching and doing nothing more than once. He’d also been on the receiving end of those ass kickings a few times because, you know, don’t throw rocks if you live in a glass house and all that. People were more likely to stand around in shock and awe rather than step in to help, and Ricky had exploited it more than once. Witnesses weren’t a thing someone in his former line of work wanted though, witnesses could rat you out and witnesses could get your name around town. So sometimes he had to deal with that too. Not something he liked to think on too hard. There was a big fucking list of things Ricky didn’t like to think about.

He wasn’t used to people wanting to help him patch up an injury. He was used to taking care of himself, and he considered himself to be pretty good at it. It was just something that was ingrained into him. The people around him had seen weakness and preyed on it like vultures flying over a dying animal. They’d talk of being family, but that was hardly the case. It was, perhaps, more comparable to a pack of starving feral dogs. There was loyalty as long as you could pull your weight. Loyalty as long as your trigger finger worked and you didn’t miss. If they saw that you were weak they turned on you. Broke you down until you were the pack bitch and that was something Ricky would never be, never was. He’d been strong because he had a family to take care of, a mother who couldn’t make decent money and a little brother who had just wanted to go be an artist or some weird shit like that.

John wanted to help though, and while Ricky couldn’t really wrap his mind around it, declining kind of would have felt like kicking a puppy and so he had accepted the offer even if he was a bit hesitant. He’d have to make it up to him or something, do something so that they were even or whatever the hell. He doubted John saw it that way, saw his inclination to help as doing him a favor, but Ricky still always got that weird little itch when it came to things just being given to him. He didn’t need any fucking handouts because someone felt bad that his nose was a bit busted up. He didn’t want pity.

He had to remind himself that it wasn’t pity that spurred John’s desire to help him, it wasn’t a favor that the other man would hold over his head. Those things were behind him now, he didn’t live that life anymore. He didn’t have to go around paying debt he felt like he owed out of fear that it’d be used against him. He made a habit of not needing favors anyway because there was always someone asking around, always someone poking their stupid fucking nose where it didn’t belong and the last thing he needed right now was for his name to hit the ears of the wrong person. Head down, he kept his head down and went about his business. Kept his name out of the wrong mouths, because trust he knew which ones were the wrong ones. He hadn’t settled down in Mythril without doing some poking around, he knew who the fuck he needed to stay away from.

John certainly wasn’t one of those people though. John was...detached from all of that and perhaps that was why Ricky felt at ease with the other man around. At ease enough to accept his help with something as menial as a busted nose, and as the other man dipped back beneath the water to retrieve whatever it was that he needed, Ricky couldn’t help but wonder just what it was he was going to come back up with. Admittedly, Ricky didn’t believe John when he said it wouldn’t be gross because he was certain that the things humans and merfolk considered to be gross were different. The last thing he wanted was that so earnest face to hold out something like a sea urchin with weird fucking instructions with it. Yeah just suck on this urchin and your nose will heal! No thanks.

When John did resurface with what appeared to be a...necklace Ricky couldn’t help the incredulous look on his face as it was held out to him. He was supposed to wear it? He squinted some as he looked at the little charm, or what he perceived to be a charm, and frowned ever so slightly. He really didn’t understand all this hocus pocus stuff that came with the supernatural creatures in Mythril. Even so, he reached out to pluck the shoddy looking necklace out of John’s eager hand. ”What is it?” He honestly can’t help but ask, holding the necklace out in front of his face so that he can look at it a bit better. It’s pretty, but it seems more like a charm that someone would give a pretty girl to get her attention or something.

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In a way, there was plenty he could do to help Ricky with just a broken nose and he wouldn't expect diddly squat back from it. Being merfolk on top of John just being goddamn John, he just liked to take care of things and had a whole lot of empathy for when anybody was even remotely injured. Ricky's nose sure wasn't broken, but he looked like hell and had apparently had one shitty week and so he'd be more than happy to give him a little pick-me-up. Goofy golden retriever indeed, he probably was a little too intense for the other man even if he didn't realize it and came happily splashing back to hand him the little chip wrapped in fishing line.

The item he handed Ricky didn't look like anything special. If anything, it looked like junk to most anybody but the merfolk and perhaps some experienced, old timey sailors who knew the legends of finding polished 'beach glass' with weird streaks in them. They were coveted because they were so rare, especially during the modern era where the majority of the merfolk retreated to the deep seas. Getting one to cry on a dry surface was an even higher feat; they were a toughened lot and coaxing one onto sand or stone just to bring them to tears wasn't something that could be farmed. Still, the merfolk themselves had just a slightly easier time of it, and John had brought one of his own to Ricky's aid.

Of course, a little singing could also do wonders. It may not ease the pain a terrible amount, but a few endorphins pumped into the brain by the right song could potentially put the man's mind at ease. Was it weird for humans to sing at each other? He couldn't imagine why it would be, but then again, merfolk culture practically evolved and revolved around their voices and their ability to produce song.

Ricky looked incredulous at best and he did sincerely hope that he'd take it. There was a small breath of relief when he did, picking it up and holding it up to the light so it caught the glint of the sun. Just barely, the surface looking worn and clouded by sand but pretty enough that it'd catch someone's eye. "It's a merfolk tear." John said as if it were obvious, reaching up to hook his fingers over the edge of the dock and pull his upper body up on it. His tail continued to flick back and forth in the water, fanning out in the same peacockish way it had the last time he'd seen the other. If he didn't like fin touching, then perhaps a bit more of a display was required? Was that what humans needed? More courtship? Lots of questions, none he asked out loud.

"They're pretty hard to get so, you know, be careful with it. Should still have a charge of a year and a half, those things usually last about two years." He was quick to explain, resting his chin on his forearms, a soft smile remaining. He always seemed to be happy about one thing or another. "If you wear it, you'll heal faster, and I guess you won't get seasick if you go on boats a lot."

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Ricky knew so little about the supernatural world honestly. He knew it was out there, knew there were things poking around even in his apartment building, but nothing had ever come to get him. He didn’t know the ins and outs of it, he’d only found out about all of this by pure accident. At first it’d been a bit of a shock, a bit rattling, but the feeling had passed quickly enough. Some people might have chosen to live in fear of vampires or zombies or whatever the hell else was out there but Ricky couldn’t be bothered with that. He had enough boogiemen to worry about, might as well a few more to the list. He wasn’t going to let the fact that some of those non-human creatures could be dangerous keep him from simply living his life. He’d worked his ass off to just be able to live and fuck anyone or anything that thought they were going to take that away from him again.

That being said he had no idea what the item he was holding in his hand was, and he found himself confused by it, confused by the instructions to simply wear it. John was quick enough to answer his question though, but Ricky grimaces at the chipperly offered answer. ”It’s a what?” Asked as if he’d misheard John because surely he had. A tear? A merfolk tear? Tears didn’t try down into glass. Humans tears didn’t at least, and Ricky had to remind himself that John wasn’t human. A point that was only driven home further when the other man lifted himself up to rest his torso on the dock, tugging himself up so that his tail hung against the water, fin splaying out just beneath the surface of the water. John certainly wasn’t human, and Ricky honestly didn’t have the energy to pick about the whys and hows of how this “tear” would help heal his nose.

He can’t help but chuckle a bit when John tells him to be careful with the little charm, not bothering to ask what the hell he means by charge or that it should last a year and however else long. It was just easier to accept the words as truth, and so the necklace is promptly slipped over his neck, the charm coming to rest against the exposed part of his chest. He could hide it if he buttoned the last two buttons on his shirt, but the necklace doesn’t look like it's worth much, not worth stealing. At least on first glance, and first glances are really all people get when they meet Ricky.

If the little trinket is rare though it just means Ricky is going to have to do something worthwhile for John as thanks. What the hell did merpeople even like? Fish, probably, but he’s probably got plenty of those hanging around. ”Thanks,” he settles on for now and before he could stop himself he lifts his hand to tousle John’s hair. Unsurprisingly it's wet beneath his hand, and it isn’t so much a tousle as it is just flickering around wet hair and getting sprinkled on himself, but Ricky still grins even when flecks of water hit his shirt and pants. ”I’ll make sure it doesn’t get lost.” That much he could definitely promise with certainty. Losing it would mean he'd really need to make it up to him. As if to drive the point home he gives John’s head a pat before dropping his hand into his own lap.

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Ricky didn't seem to quite comprehend what it was at first. Merfolk tears were difficult to come by, as they needed to land on a dry surface and then dry out themselves to turn into those little drops of glass. Tears shed in the sea were lost, as they incorporated themselves with the water and simply washed away. Evidently Ricky never seen or heard of them before and he wouldn't quite blame him considering he didn't even realize he was merfolk when they first met. Chalk it up to a certain type of ignorance, but not one he could really hold against him.

When he explained, it looked as if Ricky took his words plainly enough. It wasn't as if they had to do a magic ritual to get it to work or anything, but the power drained from these crystals over time until they were useless and so if he thought that thing was gonna cure an upset stomach on high seas in five years, he would be sorely mistaken. John watched with that same vague smile as the other slipped it around his neck where it hung against his skin. By human standards, it honestly looked like a useless piece of sea glass junk, or something you'd buy at a touristy souvenir store for a couple bucks to bring home as a gift. Apparently, merfolk were like magpies or cats. They just liked the shiny stuff.

Much to his surprise, Ricky reached out and John seemed to shy from his hand for a moment before he allowed his damp hair to be tousled. Obviously it was damp and probably rather stiff feeling from a lifetime in the salty ocean; couldn't exactly get large, poofy hair from all those minerals, after all. His own clung to his skin and face, though without a doubt it would be at least down to his shoulders if he allowed it to dry out, something that he'd never really done before. Half an hour wasn't long enough for everything to air dry after all, and before then he'd usually retreat back to the water.

"What was that?" Was it another way humans flirted, by touching each other's hair? It didn't exactly come natural for John; merfolk didn't really do that. Hair tended to float around in a mass in water and for those with long hair, it got messy and tangled very quickly if one decided to mess it up for fun. Ricky was fascinating to him, mostly because he'd been kind where everyone else had either been indifferent or rude. Maybe it was even a little creepy, even if it came from curiousity more than a malicious intent.

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