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»  annie are you alright?, are you alright annie?
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A lone dhampir youth wandered the eerie streets of Mythril's downtown after hours. Mom had sent them out on an errand for some late night shopping. She needed a new frame for her glasses and she had work that night so she couldn't be bothered to get them. Fortunately for her, her child was unemployed.

Purrin looked at the list then mumbled to themselves what they were looking for.

"Spicy chips... Wasabi... Mirin... Fish flakes..."

That didn't seem that hard to find, at least they thought it was pretty easy. They had a lot of time before sun up so they decided to relax for a little bit in the park. It wasn't gonna be a while until any public markets opened up anyway. It was around 2am and the earliest when fresh produce would be delivered to the public markets would be around 5am.

They looked for a vending machine and got themselves some cold coffee then looked for a bench to lounge on. They took out their phone and opened up a mobile game to pass the time. Just before they unlocked the screen, they noticed in the reflection a shady looking person standing a ways behind them. They were shrouded in shadows but the shape of a man was barely visible.

Purrin would have gone over to check it out if the darned bench wasn't so comfy. It was probably nothing worth having to stand up, get disappointed then sit down again.

honora zaghloul
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The night shift was always more comforting; she at least knew of that which bumped (and oftentimes grinded) in the dark. Day shift was a pain; lots of white collar crime between business that had far more money than sense. She’d take the grim-dark any day; it--at least--offered more humanity in the straightforwardness than the pettiness of daytime crime did.

Tragic part was that it was usually murder. Something gruesome, because nothing in this town was clean, few things in Honora’s long-lived life was. It chips away at you, yeah, but she always finds a reason to keep pushing forward. Sometimes, you simply have to.

Tonight was slow; for once, no cultists parading their dark rituals about, no crimes of passion between succubi and their bevy of thralls, just petty thievery that Detective Zaghoul turned a blind eye to. “Below my pay grade,” She offered as an explanation to a wide-eyed maneki neko, rolling her shoulders in the most Gallic of shrugs she had in her repertoire. “Don’t let a beat cop catch you, yeah?” The creature nodded jerkily, the shock of the moment making their movements akin to a marionette's, clutching the stolen parcel of food before muttering half-parsed “thank yous” and escaping Honora’s half-lidded gaze.

Yikes. You try to do a nice thing for someone.

But now she’s plucking a cigarette from one of the many pockets off her peacoat, a faint thrill of a shiver brushing along her knuckles as she lights up, curling her hands around the lit end to shield the embers from the ever-present chill in the air. Sle slings her weight onto a nearby bench, only belatedly realizing it’s already occupied by someone furiously punching the screen of their phone. “Whazzat?” She gestures to the screen with the hand holding the cigarette, flicking ashes on the slice of bench between them.

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