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 you would have to lose your mind, w/ adilah
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PLAYED BY beck !
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he's not particularly lost so much as shambling along, unconcerned with direction. the forest bears down on him, dark and foreboding beneath the oppressive swell of the clouds. it all conspires to make his skin crawl, even more so than it does while the skin knits back together, mottled black and blue and then fading quickly and efficiently away into green and yellow. it grounds him more than it ought, the last ounces of the pain being dredged out as he limped along, hip refusing to align correctly until the rest of his body finished knitting together or he stopped slumping along.

between one moment and the next, mind still turned to dark and dreary things, he notices them there-- a figure, sat amid trees and bushes, a carefully placed centerpiece to the clearing he's stumbled upon.

dom is borderline baffled by it; with the promise of rain sure to come, he'd have thought no one beside himself would be stupid enough to be out here, yet here they are, sat looking for all the world as a statue. he can hear the in and out, the compression of their lungs-- but had he not been so magically inclined, perhaps he actually would think them inanimate. there's something off putting about their appearance, about the way the air crackles with tension even as they sit and meditate. and dom, well. dom's still a little too punch drunk, looking for trouble and a reason to scrape himself back together again. anything to avoid the way the clouds remind him of then. he snuffles, considers his words for all of five seconds, and then calls out, voice a sharp contrast to the silence that permeates the clearing. "hey, would you happen to know where the hell the nearest town is?" he offers a shit eating grin, even if it's not as blinding as it might have been on a better day.

adilah verum

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sometimes, they just needed to get away from it all and clear their mind. cities, although nothing new, were noisy, now so more than ever. the stress from keeping a secret as big as the one they had would build up. of course, it was nothing new, but without being in any active combat, it was harder than ever to relieve that stress on a daily basis.

it was harder than ever to continue believing that what they were doing wasn't something their entire being would condemn them for.

when things got to be too much, adilah would leave for a short amount of time, two or three days at max, and sit somewhere out in the woods to meditate to clear their mind. except, on this trip, something unexpected was to happen.

which is how we get to the present, with adilah sitting on the ground, legs crossed and seemingly unmoving, their ever present blindfold placed on the ground near them. their eyes flicker open at the noise of someone shuffling through the woods, and at the words shouted at them, they take a long moment to debate even responding. their morals, however, win out, knowing that they can't just ignore someone asking for help.

they shift, getting to their knees and slowly standing, stretching out stiff joints from sitting for so long. "i do happen to know. would you like me to give you the directions or direct you there myself? i happen to need to be heading back there soon anyways."

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// notes this is a stiff post because new characters are always hard to get into a good style of writing at first, pls forgive me
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