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members only. this here is our ‘general board’ which can be used for any ol’ discussion you can think of. guests can’t view the board, so you don’t have to worry about possible theft of templates or graphics, which we’re allowing you guys to store in one of the sub-boards if you want to, as well as make little user shops!
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KISMET DIVIDED: an AU Lovel...iotaToday at 09:35 am
GUEST FRIENDLY & INVISIONFREE/JCINK AND PROBOARDS ONLY. if you’re looking to advertise with us, this is the place to do it, just be sure to place your advertisement in the correct board. please note that if you advertise twice, we’ll advertise twice. also, the affiliation thread can be found here if you want to affiliate with us!
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ACTIVITY CHECK 012enigmasFeb 8 2018, 09:19 AM
anything that’s outlived their use on the site can be found in this board. these include deleted characters, abandoned threads and completed threads, as well as anything out of character, such as old plot pages or announcements. if you wish to reclaim a thread or character, please contact a member of staff and we’ll get right to it.
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