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A Fateful Journeyvoltaire mckennaJun 20 2018, 07:29 AM
separating mythril from the rest of civilisation is a region ‘affectionately’ nicknamed the wilds. there are very few roads and manmade structures, leading to a largely rural landscape. the wilds are mainly forested, with small meadows where the woodland gets thinner. off in the distance are the mountains from which the river faye flows from. travelling through the mountains will eventually lead you to the appalachian mountain range. hidden throughout the wilds are various landmarks, leading to an untamed wilderness full of surprises… and creatures.
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thread roulette 30annalise levequeYesterday at 05:05 am
looking to go beyond the reaches of mythril? like somewhere in the united states, or somewhere else in the world? or even to another realm? this is for you; any and every location that isn’t mythril can be found lumped into this board here.
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thread roulette 26zhou xunJun 21 2018, 06:56 PM
perhaps you're looking to thread in the past, or in an alternative universe, or maybe you're looking to thread a phone call or im conversation. in both cases, this is the board for you. just be sure to specify details in the title, description or in the post itself!
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