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telltale heart [c]kyrie avilaYesterday at 04:24 pm
as the heart and soul of mythril, it’s no surprise that downtown buzzes with activity at all hours of the day. it’s the center of commerce and business in mythril, with a multitude of stores and clubs making up the commercial side. over on the business side, the landscape is dotted with high-rise office buildings that overlook the silverspoons district. the river fey snakes through downtown, leading to a variety of businesses built on the river banks.
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little white liethe muttJul 19 2018, 04:09 AM
formerly part of silverspoons, keystone has since transformed into a district of its own thanks to urban renewal initiatives. nestled between silverspoons and meadowside, this now-lavish district has street performers and vendors lining its cobblestoned streets outside the public areas, such as the museums and arts quarter. this is the culture center of mythril, and it’s no surprise why.
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Hypnoticniryn ekyouToday at 12:31 am
located at the edge of the city, it’s no surprise mythril’s former industrial district has metal as a common material to its various structures, of which workshops, warehouses and factories make up a large amount. silverspoons has turned into mythril’s slums, though you’re more probably more likely to visit some of the trade shops, of which weapon and ingredient shops are common. crime runs rampant here in silverspoons, making it a very undesirable place to live.
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thread roulette 13kiana meadowsJul 19 2018, 04:55 AM
located furthest from the sea, mythril’s residential district has that small-town feel despite being the largest district in mythril. the atmosphere is tranquil and relaxing, allowing for families to live in peace here. along with housing, there are small businesses dotted around, including convenience stores, takeouts, even clinics and salons.
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A Fox and a StickyueJul 17 2018, 02:34 PM
praised for its refreshing atmosphere, delphin bay is a popular destination for residents and tourists alike. lining the beach is a promenade that contains shops and restaurants, including alejandro’s, a restaurant known for its cheap but good food. its beaches aren’t like the caribbeans, but they’re definitely sandy. on a small island connected to the beach by a bridge is candy island, a rival to coney island, and at the other end of the bay is kings’ way, the neighbourhood for mythril’s upper-class.
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for all the unspecified mythril locations, including housing, the subway and educational campuses.
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