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est. june 2015
travel to a city more wonderful and whimsical than you could ever imagine. as a haven for the supernatural, some several centuries old now, mythril city is filled to the brim with witches and creatures of all kinds. they live here in secret, content to make their own lives—yet in such a menagerie of creatures, it’s no surprise that there’s drama around every corner. chaos theory focuses on casual roleplay and member-driven plots, so come, join the chaos.


first opened as cherry city riot on june 12th 2015. reopened as chaos theory on june 11th 2016. forum conceptualised and led by valka and murk with inspiration from various tv shows and games. skinned by valka exclusively for chaos theory - do not rip or steal. banner art by swd3e2. icon macros come from fontawesome. customised code area made by nicole of shine. all characters, concepts and posts are intellectual property of their original creators and should not be stolen. theft will not be tolerated.

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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
aaron ambrose UNSORTED 31-March 17 0
ace blackburn FABLED 28-May 16 1
adam suzuki HUMAN 4-January 18 0
adam von steinhof FABLED 16-June 17 7
adilah verum UNSORTED 30-May 16 0
aella MONSTER 11-March 17 21
ailbhe strife MYTHIC 6-June 17 22
alastor hunt MONSTER 2-June 16 5
altair UNSORTED 8-December 17 0
ambrosia longshank UNSORTED 17-November 17 0
annalise leveque MONSTER 8-April 17 19
antonio di solone UNSORTED 28-May 16 1
apollo frey MYTHIC 12-November 16 6
aquila pace MONSTER 14-September 16 21
arik magnusson UNSORTED 20-December 17 0
armand verity HUMAN 25-December 17 2
artemis frey MYTHIC 28-May 16 56
artie seo MONSTER 28-June 16 9
ashe dermott MYTHIC 30-November 17 9
asher cermak MYTHIC 31-May 16 8
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