all hallows’ is the area encompassing both all hallows’ church and its cemetery, an area of pure hallowed ground. the church is of gothic architecture, with large stained glass windows and pointed arches. the cemetery is sometimes known as the ‘city of the dead’, and is divided into two sections: a grass field dotted with gravestones, and a necropolis, full of elaborate stone tombs. the path through garden cemetery is winding, akin to a maze, making it easy to get lost, especially within the necropolis. beneath the cemetery are crypts, even more labyrinthine than the path.
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a quaint cemetery that has become entwined with nature. it was largely made of stone, with tombs and cobble paths and underground crypts, but nature has grown alongside it in a beautiful way: moss and vines cling to the outside of tombs, while trees and flowerbeds line the paths. dividing the necropolis, as it has been named, from the church is the traditional field dotted with headstones, the occasional tree breaking the monotony.
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a large plaza near enough at the center of keystone, hawker’s row is a marketplace full of street vendors and performers of all kinds, lined by various restaurants. during the day it is a place bustling with activity and noise as people advertise their wares and perform music or plays. at night it’s a different place, quiet and serene with the only noise being the fountain water as it trickles from statue of a water serpent.
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little white liethe muttApr 12 2018, 11:38 AM
a rather grand city-based mansion that functions as an event hall, allowing people to rent it out for various events such as auctions, wedding receptions and banquets. out the front is a rather large driveway in which cars may drive through and drop off guests. the garden is also rather large, with lighting and gazebos dotting it, and the entry hall has an impressive staircase. a rather elaborate event hall, but an event hall nonetheless, and not as expensive as you may think.
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i hate you but it's nothing personal [c]
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paint it black
lapis/valka, mac/lorkhan
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blaze it
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coffee & cigarettes
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mr blue sky
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farting in one's general direction
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